Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Heart Benefit! ♡

I am a huge beauty addict and I love a wide range of brands, cheap and not so cheap.
Recently, after trying a few of their most popular products, I have to say, this is fast becoming up there with my top favourite brands of all time! I adore their whole design concept and wide range of products they have on offer. They really have thought of it all from primers to tints to highlighters and lip gloss, which mind you looks good enough to eat! I can't get enough and use my small collection of products all the time.

Here, I'd like to share with you what I have and a little about each! 

Hoola Bronzer
The most perfect matte, buildable shade.
I love to use this to contour and just to add extra colour and life to my face.
Looks so natural, a must have from Benefit!

Hervana Blush
A unique, beautiful, swirl of blendable soft blush shades to add a gentle flush to your cheeks.

Bene Tint
This multi purpose product is lovely. If you want the most natural tint, this will do it.
As a liquid blush and lip tint in one, just add a little of this to your lips and cheeks
and it will liven up your whole face whilst still having you look totally yourself
 and completely natural. Easily buildable to create your desired tint.

Sun Beam
This is such a stunning liquid bronzing tint.
Works in much the same way as Bene Tint, giving you a sun kissed natural dewy glow.

They're Real! Mascara
There is something magic about this product.
The unique wand design aside, my 
It is like I've adopted someone else's lashes with this one.
Not only do my lashes grow twice their length, they are also
volumeised and stay perfectly separated!

Which Benefit products are you favourites that you'd recommend I try?


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