Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's On My Vanity! - Vanity Tour!

So today I thought I'd share with you my vanity, what I keep on it and in it. :)
I've seen lots of other people's tours and have found them great for ideas and inspiration.
So without further a due, here is mine!

When we first got our bedside draws home and opened the boxes, one of them had a tiny chip on one of the edges, very small, but still it bugged me, I had worked really hard to save for these, I had wanted them for a long time and they should be perfect for the price paid. So we had a new one ordered in and swapped them over. The four of us weren't all going to fit in the car, so my husband went to do it whilst I stayed home with the kids.

When he arrived home he actually surprised me with this beautiful matching vanity! Because he had to go to the warehouse, not the shop, it turns out the warehouse is where all of the damaged stock goes and is sold off cheap. My husband knew I loved this kind of style and saw the vanity there which was in a lot better shape than most other pieces. It just has a crack which you can most likely see in the photo above, just about the draw on the right. We just need to order a new piece of glass to replace it and it'll be good as new and a total bargain! :)

x3 Small White Photo Frames
My sister-in-law & family gave these to me for Christmas and I absolutely love them!
I just need to find some beautiful photos of my babies to put in them. :)

Nic Nacks
Candle/Mini Vase/Fake Pink Rose/Tiny Silver Trinket Box/Pink Bling Pen

Glasshouse Candle in Ilima Milk & Honey
This was in my box of goodies from Beautyheaven for winning the 2013 Blogstar Awards, best how-to video.  I don't want to burn it, but it smells devine! 

Swarovski Heart Necklace 
My husband bought this for me way back in 2008 on Valentines Day.  We had just got engaged and were on a cruise. Best holiday ever! 💑

Swarovski Trinket Jewellery Box
Can you tell I love Swarovski? This is a buildable stacking style trinket box. I just have the one though. You can keep buying and building as high as you like. Pretty cool design concept! This was my 2 year wedding anniversary gift from hubby.
Secrets Jewellery Boxes
As I am writing this blog post, I'm beginning to realize just how much my vanity seems to consist mostly of gifts from my hubby. I guess this has just ended up being where I store some of my most precious and sentimental pieces. 
I am in no way intending to brag, please keep in mind these gifts are spread out over the 7 years we have been together. My husband works extremely hard in order to be able to spoil me every now and again. He is very sweet and I am extremely grateful and lucky to have him in my life. ♡

3 Mirror Storage Draws
I bought this set of draws from Target here in Australia probably close to about 8 years ago! Way before my obsession with this style became apparent. 
If I recall correctly, they cost around the $30-$40 mark.

Crystal Lamp with White Shade & Diamonte Crown 
Starting off with the diamonte crown. This was bought on sale for $5 from a cheap jewellery store that I have just placed there cos it looks pretty. :)
The lamp itself was heavily reduced from Target many years ago because it was missing some of its hanging crystals. Think I only paid about $15 for it.

x2 Pretty Storage Boxes & Decorative Pillows
Until I get a matching set of storage draws for my clothes, at the moment I just have my PJ tops in the top box and PJ bottoms in the bottom box. 
The decorative sequin pillows were the ones I used to have on my bed. Now I'm unsure where to put them. 

I won't show you is in my draws as I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in my bras & underwear! Haha.

If you have any blog topic requests, please let me know in the comments below! 
I am trying to blog something new every week day so some ideas on what you're interested in as my readers, would really help. 


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