Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soup Project - Radiant Return

As a stay at home mother of 2 plus a husband, a cat who thinks she runs the joint plus a bird who insists on having its feathers shed all over the house even though it (I say 'it' because we have clue of its gender...) is confined in its cage. I know all too well the struggles we go through to try and fix, clean, scrub, bleach and soak our household items and clothes to help to keep them looking like new. It is a daily test and I have a lot of experience with all of the above and have tried what feels like a trailer load of different products that promise to take my washing from drag to fab. 

As an active Soup member I was recently selected to partake in a trial and review of this new and improved Radiant washing liquid, powder and powder capsules range. A run down of the products are;

Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours Powder
Sensitive Powder
No Sort Powder
Black wash Liquid
Powder Capsules

I am required to test all of these new products over a four week period, and then submit my review on how they all faired and what my family and friends who I've shared them with also thought about them as I was sent more than enough to share around. :)

Also sent in the pack as you may have noticed in my photo at the top of the page, there is a navy piece of cotton material I am required to let get as messy as possible and keep washing it with the Radiant products to see how it lasts. Will the colour fade, will any stains stick? Etc... Then at the end of the trial, I have a stamped envelope ready to post the material back to Soup and they say they have something special planned for it and everyone else's who have participated. Very exciting, I am really looking forward to seeing what they do! I have seen quite a few different bold coloured material pieces on Instagram getting a work out already with the hash tag #radiantreturn 

Here is a few ways I've been using mine! :)
As a baby bib...

As a picnic blanket for my 2 year old.

Some fun facts about Radiant & washing!

- 12% of people never sort their washing! (Are you guilty?)
- This range contains anti dye transfer polymers & whitening enzymes to help prevent greying in whites, anti fuzz and keeps your colours looking bright and sharp.
- The anti dye transfer polymers means you don't need to sort your washing! You can wash whites and colours together and the colours won't bleed into each other, pretty amazing!

Have you tried this new range or heard or bought it yet? What washing powder or liquid do you recommend?

Interested in joining Soup to have to chance to trial, review and share you opinions and experiences about different products? 

Simply sign up here!

*I was in no way shape or form paid or required to write this blog post. 
*I do not get anything if you sign up using my link. They simply donate $1 to my nominated charity.



  1. I love soup!!! but i haven't received a project in a long time :(

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. I know your frustration, I didn't get my first invite till I after I was signed up for about a year or so, not sure how they choose people. Just pot luck, I spose. Might be worth emailing them?