Monday, June 9, 2014

Garnier Olia

Garnier Olia

Permanent Hair Colour

4.0 Dark Brown


My hair is naturally quite thick, long and dare I say just beginning to show signs of going grey with the odd stray popping up and giving me a fright every now and again, more often than I'd like actually. So dying my hair has started to become something I would like to do as often as needed to keep it all one colour!
I have recently tried this in the shade 4.0 Dark Brown which is pretty much my natural hair's colour. My hair was slightly ombre and therefore slightly lighter towards the bottom half of my hair from a previous hair dying job some time ago.
I love that this hair dye is much different than any I have ever used.
It contains much friendlier ingredients packed with flower oils (sold me right there!) and no ammonia which I find from past experiences with it in other hair dye to be strong smelling, harsh on the hair and sometimes irritates the skin.
This particular hair dye was so easy to use.
The instructions were clear and simple to follow.
Very uncomplicated with everything clearly labeled and packaged sleek and with class.
My hair took to the formulation of the dye with ease. I had no irritant effects, stinging or burning.
The dye didn't stain my skin or make a lot of mess.
My hair seemed to soak it right in and there results are really quite beautiful.
My hair's overall feeling and look has really transformed into what I feel to be how my hair would be naturally at it's best.
It is so much shinier and smooth.
I feel like the silk and shine multi-application conditioner provided really helped with that along with the actual dye itself.
The few grey hairs I have are completely gone, you would never even know they were ever there. (Thank you!!!) 
I am really, really happy!

Did I happen to mention how my hair smelt like a big bunch of flowers not only during but after the application was completely rinsed out and my hair dried?
Must be all those natural flower oils, how luxurious!
As good as a salon visit, only I get to do it at home! 
Much more convenient!

I used 2 boxes as I mentioned at the start of this review,
my hair goes all the way down my back way past my shoulders and is quite thick and this amount sufficed sufficiently. :)

Watch my video review below!
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Have you tried Garnier's Olia?
What shade are you?

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*This product was kindly sent to me for trial from BeautyHeaven
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  1. Your hair looks great! I love the Garnier Olia! I love that it doesn't smell like 'hair dye' and it left my hair feeling in great condition!

    1. Aw thank you Imi! :) Yeah, I was so surprised there was so 'dye' smell as well which was great because that has to be the most annoying part of dying your hair, trying not to breathe! haha!

  2. Great Review.Your hair looks lovely.
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    Do leave me a comment once you follow and ill follow you right back.