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Scunci Detangle Brush 
RRP: $14.95
I constantly battle with my hair on a daily basis. It just does not behave!
Before I begin the daily rituele of straightening, I have to get the ugly part done -
brushing and detangling! Urgh! :(

My hair is naturally frizzy and fluffy, so that in combination with being extra long,
it tangles easily. Because I shove it un-lovingly up in a messy bun before bed
each night, I pretty much look like I've been electrocuted once I take it all out
ready for battle by morning. 
So I was pretty excited to see how this brush would go on my hair, it
sure had a challenge ahead of it, that's for sure!

First of all, I think the shape and design of the brush is very unique!
The bristles feel massaging on the scalp, (even hubby tried it and commented
on how nice it felt!) and as I work my way up my hair, starting to brush from the
ends, it smooths my hair out and doesn't tug or get jammed, which is usually what
happens multiple times before it sorts itself out and even then, my hair seems to have
a life of it's own and detangles back together, god knows how before I can get my
straightener onto it to really give it a beating! 

So, what I am trying to say is, this brush is going to make your life so much 
easier and pain free! Give it a go, a worth while investment, it is working for me! :)

Scunci Girl Detangle Brush
RRP: $9.95
Anyone with a female toddler would probably agree with me that getting
them to sit still to brush their hair each day is usually a nightmare which involves
me chasing her around the house whilst she squirms and screams "No, no, no!" at me
as I try to convince her I am not going to rip all of her hair out. 

So when I showed her this pretty new pink and purple hair brush
especially just for her and said "Look, it's a heart!", she looked intently at it and firmly
corrected me and said, "No Mummy! It's a Y!" I stand corrected, apparently it's a 'Y'!
Regardless, it has made hair brushing time much easier on us both! 

The bristles are so much gentler on her baby fine hair and she doesn't squirm anywhere
near as much now. I'm not sure if it is because she loves her new brush... I think it is that
and the fact that it doesn't constantly snag in her hair whilst I use it. She even has a go
herself which is great, never too young to learn I say! 

The brush is just the right small size to fit into her tiny 3 year old hands and it is just a sweet thing I watch her watch herself in the mirror
 as she attempts a side pony and then promptly jumps
up and down in a spaz after concentrating intently for 5 minutes to wrap a hair tie
around her little strands of hair for which then I have to take over. 
Oh the joys! I just hope she doesn't turn into me when she hits her teens, then
I'm really in trouble! She is at such a sweet age right now, so many kisses and cuddles.
I don't want it to ever end... *sigh*

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  1. Aww the one for younger girls is so cute! What a great idea! xx

    1. I know, I would even use it if it were only a bit bigger! ;)