Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TRESemme Keratin Smooth


Expert Selection

Keratin Smooth

7 Day System!

~ Review! ~
When it comes to my hair, I feel as though I've been cursed through my mother's genes.
She and I share the same naturally thick and frizzy prone strands.
If technology had never evolved when it
comes to hair care and tools, I would be doomed to look like a fuzzy wuzzy, cray cray
cat lady or something the like. I need my hair tamed on a daily bases or it runs totally WILD!
Think young Herminie from the first Harry Potter movie and that's pretty much
my hair before I start it tackle it with about a billion products each day!

So in saying that I was very curious to try the NEW Keratin Smooth range from TRESemme'.
Just seeing the word Smooth already has me sucked in and eager for results asap.
So with this 7 day smooth system, I was pretty impressed at how fast and effective this
range has worked for me. It sure had it's work cut out for it!

This range is designed to be used in conjunction with your hair straightening tools
to activate their thermal technology in the formula for salon perfect results.
This is an amazing technique that I have never heard of nor used before
 and I think it is so awesome because it really feels like I'm the hair dresser
at home, in charge and in total control of my own hair.
Keratin Smooth Shampoo
7 Day Smooth System
NEW w/Lower Sulfates!
RRP: $10.99 (250ml)
This shampoo has a lovely light fragrance and shampooing my hair was a relaxing treat.
It lathered up well with only a small amount needed. About what you see in my image
below. As you can see it is a white and creamy formula. I found after towel drying and
then once my hair was completely dry my hair felt softer as well as free from any frizz it
usually spots with about a million fly aways everywhere! Kept my hair clean and non greasy
for about 3 days before I needed to wash again.

Keratin Smooth Conditioner
7 Day Smooth System
NEW Thermal Technology!
RRP: $10.99 (250ml)
The formula of this conditioner as you can see below is similar to the matching
Keratin Smooth shampoo, however this conditioner as with most is a little thicker.
Using this was too easy! I just massaged it into my hair, mostly concerntrating on the ends
which need the most TLC and it easily detangled my hair and made it feel silky smooth!
Contains a beautifully light fragrance much the same as the 7 Day Smooth System Shampoo.

Keratin Smoth Heat Activated Treatment
7 Day Smooth System
NEW Thermal Technology
Lasts Even Through Washes!
RRP: $10.99 (120ml)
This salon quality product is anyone's dream hair product! You seriously need to invest
in this if you want to simply have straight, well behaved hair all the time!
I use this the following day after washing before straightening my hair and it is amazing!
My hair usually looks alright after burning the crap out of it with my straightener. However
when using a bit of this in my hair before straightening, it just cuts down the heat time in half!
My hair is already looking much better from the Shampoo & Conditioner alone, and then using
this as well just tops it all off. My hair remains straight, smooth and frizz free for up to a week!

What hair products are you loving right now?
Have you tried this range?

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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions, experience & photos are my own

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