Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nail Polish

~ Nail Polish Collection & Storage ~

A little while ago I shared a picture on my facebook page of a nail
polish storage rack I was waiting to receive from eBay.

Well, fast forward a month later and it finally arrived yesterday,
all the way from China! :)

I absolutely LOVE it, although it sadly doesn't hold all of my collection. 
I have been watching a huge acrylic one for around the same price
on eBay from an Australian seller for a while so I might just have
to save up again and snag it so my collection can be displayed
and stored out and up on the wall where I can see it all the time.
It makes me happy to see the rainbow of shades each day! :)

The rest of my polishes are still stored in my makeup draws
which if you're interested, you can have a snoop either in
my makeup collection video or makeup storage post linked
at the end of this post. :)

I am happy with my current lipstick storage setup, 
so I decided to use this small acrylic lipstick holder to house
my smaller bottles.

As you can see, everything is currently sitting pretty
on black glitter... that is the glitter from one of my weekend hauls.
It is not quite finished yet, but it's so far looking amazing and I 
can't wait to share with you my little home decor DIY once
it all completed and eventually do a room tour. :)

My OPI Nail Polish Collection!

My Makeup Collection & Storage! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Candy!

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  1. Looks amazing Candy - love the design and the black shows off the pretty polish colors (whoa you have some seriously gorgeous fleuros!). Damn shame they don't all fit in but hey your collection is probably still growing right? Two of these would look fabbo on your wall hon ♡