Thursday, June 5, 2014

Home Heaven

Just in case you've been loving under a rock... or in another country,
and you haven't heard of or checked out the still relatively new sister site
to the mega popular Beautyheaven, then let me clue you in!

If you're strictly into just beauty, go check out and sign up to Beautyheaven!
That place is a goldmine of endless information, how-tos,  videos, reviews and
all the most current and new and exciting products, brands and gossip a girl
can handle. 

....why are you still reading? Have you gone over to BH and become a
member? No? Then go, go, GOOO!! 
Oh, what's that? You're already a member? 
What clever readers I have! ;)

Now onto HH or HomeHeaven
I am honestly stuck with which site I love more.
Being so passionate about beauty and home related stuff.
It's impossible to choose!
HH is so full of handy info, tips, tricks, how-tos,  recipes, products, 
reviews and inspiration, it's even better than Pinterest!
I can easily get lost clicking from one link to another on random
topics which catch my eye. Their content is always fresh and up to date, 
and there is always something new learn & read.

A little while ago I entered one of HomeHeaven's competitions to
win a Mystery Prize pack and this is what arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

Eek so exciiiiiited!!!!

Are you a HH or BH member?
Do you prefer one over the other?

Love Candy! 

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  1. What a lovely prize Candy! Massive congrats to you xx

    1. Hey Gemma! How are you? Thank you so much. xo 💖

  2. Congratulations Candy! Gosh it's always so wonderful to win something, but a mystery prize is even more exciting, and what a beaut mix of products there hon, well done sweetie ♥ I'm a member and a huge fan of both sites - just wish I had more time to explore all the hh delights :-)

    1. Hey Kat! :) Thank you for stopping by, it is always so lovely to see you. :) Yes I was very surprised and very excited when it all turned up. Brightened by day completely! There is so much on both sites it is so hard to keep up with all that goes on on both. xo

  3. Finally I have just worked out how to get to your blogs candyfairy, piggybacking through kats blogs to find you. This is all too technical for me to follow sometimes. :-/ I've loved all your beauty videos on BH over many years so am excited to now being able to see on here as well.
    Big congratulations for the mystery prize. What is the orange item on the right? I am loving HH and really enjoying the site. Honestly, you practically need to sit on (in my case) computer all day to keep up to date with everything.

    1. Oh hi Mandy!! Wow, how lovely, I am so glad that you have found me! Such a pleasure to have you here! :) Thank you for the congrats, the orange item it a little juicer which I am still yet to use, I really need to get in a review all these items sometime soon as well, there is never enough hours in the day it seems! Take care! xo

  4. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. To find out what it is & to answer the questions I asked you:

    1. Hi Taylor! Aw thank you so much, that is really sweet! This is actually my second or third nomination, I really should get around to doing this tag very soon! I have seen so many other bloggers tagged, I think it is going to be a challenge to find someone who hasn't yet! What a great little award to get though! :) ox

  5. Congrats, great prize from Homeheaven! Have you had a chance to use the juicer yet? If so, what do you think?