Monday, June 30, 2014



Home Decor

Lounge Room Update!

Ofelia Blanket White
This beautiful throw caught both mind and my husband's eye at exactly the same time!
Boy and I glad he has good taste! Well, at least if I like it, he usually does too.
I actually had my eye on this the last time we browsed Ikea. I just didn't think we had
anywhere to put it. As you'll find out by the end of this post, it now has it's own pride of place!

Hampen Rug Black
Deciding on a new rug wasn't easy. We both knew a white, fluffy, shaggy style rug would
look amazing, but we both also knew it would never stay looking nice and white. 
Not with young kids and a black cat anyway! So that dream will have to wait.
We already had this same rug in green, but with me wanting to steer away from bright
colours, we decided black would probably work best for us and for the price I 
figured if it doesn't work in the lounge room at least we haven't spend hundreds and thousands
on it and it can always go in the bedroom where the colour scheme is pretty much focused on
black and white. Luckily, I think it worked out ok in the lounge. 

Krakris Throw White/Grey
I spotted this as we were lining up at the checkout and thought it was not only
an amazing bargain, but could possibly also look pretty good as a throw on the couch.
So for only two bucks, it's not a big risk to take just to see. I think it ended up working out
pretty well and with the weather getting colder, having a few throws on the couch is a pretty
good idea!

Friheten Corner Sofa-Bed Skiftebo Dark Grey
Ever since my husband, as good as his intentions were, came home one day with
an old, worn, dark bottle green leather couch, I have secretly been dying to get rid of it
and get something like the one below. On Saturday, my dream came true! :)
This rather large purchase was not planned. We were simply just getting out of the house
for the day and were going to just browse the shops when we mistakenly somehow wound up
at Ikea. We should have known this would be a dangerous choice of location to 'browse' but hey
he was driving, not me! ;) None-the-less, we first spotted a pretty decent looking two seater, simple
looking couch for $99 and were just going to get that as we live in a fairly small unit and don't
have a lot of room and getting rid of our current generous two seater plus the two matching massive
recliners and replacing then with this would have worked out well and given us a lot of space back.
BUT, then we kept on walking didn't we! Well, really what choice do you have in Ikea but to keep
on following those little arrows on the floor. Then we spotted the one we ended up purchasing below.
Is also comes in a tan and a hot pink which we almost got, but I really wanted to steer away from
bright colours and focus more on neutral tones. So we both agreed this would be perfect.
It also pulls out into a sofa bed which is what we've always wanted because we regularly
have the in-laws visiting and it would be nice for them to have this bed to sleep in rather than having
to hike up all the stairs and stay in my daughters double and having her bunk in with us for the
night. It also holds storage space underneath, bonus!

Eivor Ord Double Quilt Cover & 4 Pillowcases in Black/White
As soon as we passed this bedding on display my daughter instantly raced up to it and yelled
"Mummy, Daddy! Look! Look! ABC bed! .... so she gets up onto it and says with the sweetest,
most innocent smile, "I like ABC bed." :) Obviously we both couldn't resist and this is now
covering her bed and I must say looks much nicer than I originally thought. 

Lounge Roon Update!
(Sneak Peak!)

I'd like to build it up a bit with a few more cushions.
I have my eye on some already as I'm working on a lust list, I 
might post later this week.

What's your decor style?

Love Candy!

Let's follow each other!

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  1. Amazing haul!! Im yet to go to Ikea but I honestly can't wait. Love what you chose, especially that black rug!! x

    1. Thank you! I wasn't completely sure about the black rug, I was thinking of something with a pattern, but I couldn't find anything I liked so we settled for this. At least it was cheap! :)