Friday, June 27, 2014




Seems so strange to already be saying goodbye to half the year!
Is it just me, or do the months fly by faster and faster?

Anyhow, after doing these empties posts for a few months now,
I have finally restrained myself into keeping all of my empties until
the end of the month instead of taking a photo and then throwing them out
straight away so I can make a collective photo of everything all together.
I think it looks better this way because I can sit back and see how much
I've achieved in using up throughout the month and even though it doesn't
look like much, it really is a lot of work to work through all these!

Dove Face Care Toner
I've found using toners do a great job at removing any excess
makeup and making my pores close up tighter so I've really enjoyed using
this bottle up. Dove products are gentle on your skin too which is nice, so
no stinging like some toners tend to do.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar
I love using this soap both for hand washing and also handy to have in the
shower as well. Non drying and lashes up into a super soft foam.

Rimmel GlamEyes Liquid Eyeliner
My favourite kind of eyeliner.
Liquid, black and with a super fine application brush.
I'll be keeping the brush to use for nail art as it is perfect for drawing
small designs or applying small arty objects.

ModelCo Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara
Sad to see this one go. Makes my lashes twice as long!
Definitely a lengthening mascara. Keeps lashes thin but makes
it look like you have millions of them! Love the look it gives.

Amele Smooth Intimate Shave Sample
A clear gel, works nicely and smells good too.

Britney Spears RollerBall & Perfume Duo
Had this for far too long! Used up the gloss end centuries ago!
Noticed there was only a small amount left in the perfume roller ball,
so quickly finished it up this month.

Garnier Olia After Colour Care Conditioner
This came in my box of hair dye I used early in the month.
LOVE it! Made such a difference to how my hair felt and how
shiny and soft and sleek it looked.

Pure Zone Foot Therapy Foot Cream
Found this in the back of one of my bathroom draws and
thought it was the perfect time to use it up as I've been wearing socks
to bed and around the house lately with it getting so cold.
So this has helped the product really sink in and give my feet a little TLC.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor Refill Blade
I think I mention one of these in just about all of my empties posts.
Still love it.  I have a new razor I'm keep to crack open soon,
but I want to try to use all of my blades for this razor up first.
Watch my video review below! :)

So eight products plus one sample isn't too bad!
Hopefully I can beat that next month.
 I still have plenty to work through!

Love Candy!
Let's follow each other!


  1. 8 products plus one sample is an awesome job!! I also love the rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner, I would have to say rimmel makes my favourite eyeliners, such good quality!

    1. Thanks Monique! :) I'm afraid I don't think I'll have many empties by the end of this next month as I'm mostly using new big products that are going to take forever to finish.... ah! :p

  2. Good job finishing all of them up! xx

    1. Thank you Jasmine! xx It is a challenge but a fun one, weird how satisfying it is to throw all those empties away finally! haha! :)