Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My Top 3 


Skin Moisturisers

Foot Works Cracked Heel Relief Cream
This super thick cream I find best to use at night right before bed or after
a warm shower or bath when your skin is at its best to absorb the cream.
Put on some wooly socks and fluffy slippers. (This keeps the cream from rubbing straight off onto your floor.)
 By morning your skin will feel so much softer,
smooth and intensely moisturised. Be careful though as I've found my feet to be so
smooth they're actually quite slippery when walking on the floor even though the
cream has been completely absorbed. Over time when used regularly,
(I try to do this at least a few nights a week) you'll noticed less rough, dry and if you have any
cracked patches, these will be looking much better and eventually disappear
completely leaving you will baby soft skin.

Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment
This super moisturiser has been made for extremely dry skin and can be used
on any part of your body. The formula is that of a super thick honey consistency 
without being sticky. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and is cruelty
free! Recommended to be an essential carry on item when flying. I have also
personally found it to be a life saver for shipped, dry and flaking lips.
Contains medical grade Lanolin, Manuka Honey, Vitamin E, Seed & Kernel
oils and Carnauba Wax! Totally love this, probably my favorite of the 3!

Atoderm PO Zinc Intense Soothing Care
I don't tend to find the need to reach for this product very often as this is
designed for extremely dry, irritated and broken skin which I rarely have.
However since it has become that little bit extra chilly of late, I've found my
skin crying out for moisture and I have seen that scaly texture rearing it's 
ugliness on parts of my skin, mainly my legs and arms, eek!
So I've cracked this baby out a few times and even used it on my 8 month old
as this is also completely safe to use on babies and children as well.
Double plus! :) This amazing cream strengthens the skin and helps it repair
itself whilst reducing redness and calming down itchy dry patches.
This cream does it all, I can't speak highly enough at how fantastic a job it does.

What do you use on your skin in Winter?

Love Candy! 

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