Friday, February 13, 2015


(Last Minute!)
Nail Art Inspo!

Just one more sleep away before we all wake up to celebrate the day of love!

If you're stuck into your pampering tonight and need some nail inspo, then here is
my little input for you. However, if you're after some seriously creative attention grabbing
pointers, then I highly recommend checking out Pinterest, trush me the inspo there is
definitely not lacking! Just make sure you don't get too distracted gawking and forget to
actually paint your own! (Speaking from experience here!)
Featuring -

I painted each of my nails in the classic romantic red from Maybelline in
'Keep Up The Flame' and applied a few coats of 'Glitter It' over the top on my
signature nail for added glamour and romance.

The finish off this V'Day nail art, I applied 5 of the silver embellishments onto my
signature nail over the top of 'Glitter It' whilst it was still wet so as the polish dried it
made the little stones stick! I then used the end of an old liquid liner wand/brush (washed
of any black liner remains of course!) to dip into 'Glitter It' for just a tiny drop to make these
cute little red hearts stick to each of my remaining nails. :)

I love having my nails painted. They don't have to be fancy or professionally done.
Just having some colour on them makes me happy and lifts my mood.

What are you up to tonight? Are you doing any V'Day beauty prep?

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