Sunday, November 30, 2014




Organic Care Vanilla Ylang Ylang Moisturising Body Wash
Loved this! Massive bottle which I shared with my kids. (Hubby wasn't a fan of the scent, but
he's a guy so pfft, what does he know! ;) ) Smells soooo yummy! Would buy again!

Dessert Treats Tropical Hula Body Lotion
Happy to finally be using up my Dessert Treats products I've had for forever!
This was ok, but I wouldn't want to use or purchase it again. Very, very sweet scented
and apparently you can taste it! Ew, no!

Aroma Body Essence Tea Tree Oil Walnut Shells Foot Scrub
This was too runny for my liking and not rough enough to do much scrubbing to my feet,
even though most would probably say it is quite course, I like to really give my feet a good
scrub, so I used this as a body scrub as well.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Shampoo & Conditioner
I actually really did notice a difference after using these! My hair was a whole
lot less frizzy once left to dry naturally. Not many products can do that to my hair,
so props to this stuff!

Eminence Organic Skin Care Naseberry Body Lotion & Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturiser
Loved these! Gorgeous and creamy! Smelt great too!

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo
I have a billion little bottles of these Pantene shampoo & conditioners!
They're ok, but I've used many other brands and products which feel much nicer.

Schwarzkoph Brilliance Colour-Shine Conditioner
I found this laying around my bathroom and assume it's left over from a hair dye job
some time ago! Thought I'd better use it up! It was pretty good too!

La Mav Hydra Calm Cleansing Creme & Bio VA5 Daily Wrinkle Smoothing Creme
Love the cute little sample pots these came in. I enjoyed the product as well. Felt
very luxurious and calming.

MOR Belladonna Body Butter
Very strong in scent, but gorgeous none the less!

EmerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser & Phytocell Cream
Lovely products to use. Shame they're such small samples!

Eslor Soothing Refiner & Cleanser
Quite a nice product. Managed to get a few uses out of the sachet.

Vagisil Feminine Wipes
Yeah, so these make great wipes for cleaning up underneath my son's messy high chair
and other grubby messes left behind my 2 little terrors!

Ah! So this mess makes a little more room for the damage I've recently done
online and in store!

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some of my new additions + much more fun stuff!

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~ FACE ~
Dr.LeWinns Ultra R4 Ultimate Lift Serum
Such an effective product that will make your skin radiate with youthfulness and hydration.

Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur
Makes all of my little imperfections disappear before my very eyes! Love this stuff, makes
for the perfect primer applied over your makeup! So different and interesting and works brilliantly!

~ BODY ~
Strongest working product ever! Nuff said!

Beautiful product and soaks right into my skin and makes it feel incredibly soft, smooth
and youthfully hydrated! Australian and all natural too!

~ HAIR ~
If there was such an award for the best smelling product, this would surely win, hands down!
Has an unexpected yummy, moreish scent which makes my hair smell like coconut!

I am going to have to ask Santa for a back up of this because I am going to be so sad and lost
once it runs out. I love it so much, best thing my hair has devoured in a long time!

Very similar to the Velour Lips in Ma-Li-Boo. Such a gorgeous hot pink shade.
Definitely a favourite shade of mine for the lips, day or night!

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in Berry Bomb
Smells exactly like a purple grape lolly without the taste unforunately. Gives a tiny
tint to your lips whilst feeling super moisturising and doesn't ware of as quick as most other

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Top Coat in Gold Carat
After purchasing the silver version from the same range and falling in love with that,
I just had to add the gold to my collection as it's one coat coverage is phenomenal!

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Mi-A-Mee
This has fast become my go-to coral lip shade for the Spring and coming into Summer.
Extremely bold colour and exceptional staying power!

Which products made your favs last month?
Are you interested in trying out any of my favs?

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Thursday, November 27, 2014


~  O  P  I  ~

Nail Lacquer

(From The Recent Priceline Sale!)

Who can resist a cosmetic sale, let alone picking up some beautiful OPI polishes for a
fraction of the RRP! These gorgeous new additions were just $6 each! 
Regular RRP is $19.95! Total steal!

If you missed out, you missed an awesome sale! But don't go spending all your hard
earned cash full price on all your wish list items just yet! Priceline have these amazing
40% off sales twice a year I hear. Besides Christmas is just around the corner and we all
know what that means? No, no, not Santa! (who might bring you everything you ever
dreamed. - Not likely!) I'm talking about end of year SALES!

Can I hear a Wooohoo?! *silence*
Okay, okay, well I'm excited and I'll be asking Santa for cash and gift cards.
I have been a good little angel after all! ^-^

Blue My Mind!

Purple With A Purpose!

Did you pick up any OPI polishes at Priceline's recent 40% off sale?
I wish I'd picked up a nice red, I realised afterwards half of my OPI collection
is pink and various varieties of glitter and the rest are mostly blues and purples!
Next time, next time!

Which one of these shades do you prefer? I can't decide!

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~   S  C  U  N  C  I   ~

Quiff Comb

Hair Style!

I'll admit, this is not a hair trend I have ever been a big fan of nor ever even tried.
But when something a little different lands in front of you, you just gotta give it a go, you only
live once and life is too short for the same old boring hair everyday, so I gave the Quiff Comb
a chance and here is the result. (See pic below!)

Using this hair tool and creating this hair style was actually a whole lot easier and quicker than
I had thought it was going to be! All I did was take a few inches of hair from the top section
as if I were to create a half up half down style and simply placed the Quiff Comb underneath and secured the hair with a
Scunci hair elastic into a messy little knot instead of pinning back with the bobby pins supplied.

Upon inspection of the result as I looked into the mirror I was quite surprised at how much I
actually really loved the finished look! It didn't look as weird as I'd first thought it might and since it was so quick and easy to use as you
save so much time and damage by not having to tease any part of your hair, this would
 be a great hair accessory to turn to when I want or need to create something in a hurry
but don't want to look boring!

This is such a versatile hair tool, you could get really creative and make lots of different hair styles!
I have seen just about every single celebrity try this look at some time or another for some extra
volume and height and it so so comfortable to wear as it is so light so there is no 'top heavy' feeling.

Available in both brunette & blonde varieties!
RRP: $9.95

Are you a fan of the Quiff Comb look?

Check out the massive range of hair accessories
on Scunci's official website!
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*This product was kindly sent to me as part of Scunci's Styling Team
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


~    R   E   X   O   N   A    ~


Shower Clean


RRP: $14.73 (45ml)

Meet the best deodorant of all time! My holy grail, favourite and daily companion for my
armpits! This stuff retails a little more than your average run of the mill stick or spray, however
it is worth every cent, believe me!

For starters just in general I prefer a roll on or stick deodorant just because they last so much
longer than a spray, I have 100% control to where the product is being distributed. (eg. directly
onto my armpits and not on my clothes!) Plus this design is more environmentally friendly which
I am all about at the end of the day! This doesn't feel wet or sticky and does not leave any
white powdery or chalky marks on your clothes or skin!

This deodorant is designed to stop you sweating and provide maximum odour control no matter
your level of concern. From busy mums like me, career men and women, teenagers or athletes.
This antiperspirant deodorant will get you through anything! It is seriously the strongest, most
effective deodorant I have ever used and cannot recommend it highly enough!

With clinical strength wetness protection and motion activated odour protection,
Rexona Clinical Protection will keep you dry and smelling fresh for 48hrs!
It also deeply moisturisers your skin which helps with any skin irritations from shaving.

When applied at night after or even before showering before going to bed, the formula
is actually activated overnight as you're asleep, so there is no need to apply in the morning!
This product protects your skin so well that even showering won't wash it away, so as you
can imagine keeping the sweat controlled is a breeze for this little star!

Watch My Video Review Below & Please Subscribe!

Do you have a holy grail deodorant?
Let me know yours in the comments below!

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Monday, November 24, 2014


~    K   E   R   A   S   T   A   S   E    ~

Discipline  Range


With Summer fast approaching my hair needs to go and sit over in the naughty
corner and have a stern talking to and some serious discipline!
Whenever it becomes humid, with even the slightest amount of moisture in the air,
my hair goes manic and it becomes a nightmare to control. >_<

So it seems this new Discipline haircare range has come into my life at the most perfect time!
My hair has now been fully disciplined!
 How lucky for those unruly, cheeky little, drive me crazy strands!

RRP: $42 (250ml)
This very pretty, pretty, shiny rose gold and peach packaging has me totally sucked in and
drooling from first glance! It just looks sooo....oh what's the word - expensive & luxe!
No joke, it even smells expensive & completely salon luxe! It doesn't even stop there,
just wait until you use this stuff. (and seriously you like totally will because after reading my
review of this entire range you will be completely sold! ha!) ;)

It feels so nice to massage into my crazy, kid, play doh, glue, grass, mud and god knows 
what else gets up in there from day to day smelling hair that my kids put in it with their grubby
mitts! To be able to unwind with a hair pampering like this after my usual crazy day is just bliss!

Thank you Kerastase!

RRP: $48 (200ml)
We all know one is not complete without the other, and the above Bain Fluidealiste's sister is this
Fondant Fluidealiste which picks up where the Bain leaves off giving your hair instant strength and
smoothness as it soaks in and detangles.

It says to use this on towel dried hair and leave in for 1-2 minutes but I just use this whilst I'm still
showering. I squeeze out as much water as I can from my hair and then apply a generous
 coating of this down the bottom end of my hair beginning from around where my ears
 are and working the product down toward the ends. Once I've detangled my hair, this usually 
takes me a good few minutes because I have so much of it, the product has been left in
 long enough and then I thoroughly rinse it out.

RRP: $60 (200ml)
This stuff is the icing on a very luxurious hair cake! :)
The rich, thick, white texture is so creamy and smells totally a-maze!
Seriously, a relaxing treatment masque that doesn't feel heavy or like it's weighing my hair down
as it rests in there soaking into every strand is exactly the kind of pampering I love to indulge in!
(Not to mention quite hard to find!)

In conjunction with using both the Bain Fluidealiste and Fondant Fluidealiste together with this
Maskeratine, collectively they are creating hair magic! The difference in my hair overall is obvious!
The frizz and annoying static has gone away and instead I am left with smooth, soft, shiny, 
deeply moisturised, lust worthy angelic looking hair!! Oooh!

(Keep scrolling for pix below!)

~ RESULT - Total Hair Make Over! ~

Have you tried Kerastase? 
How do you keep you hair looking it's best?

If I have intrigued your interest be sure to check out the Kerastase website for more 
products and info! 

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


~     R  E  A  L      T  E  C  H  N  I  Q  U  E  S    ~

Mini   Brush   Set   Trio   !

Yes, I have been living under a rock and this is the first time I have ever bought
myself some Real Techniques makeup brushes!

Recently had a mega good sale which included these oh so popular brushes
(and now I know why, the quality it amazing!) and with postage only $4.14, this haul basically
only cost me my spare change of $3.44 after all the discounts I took advantage of!
They ship via Australia Post and it only took a few days to arrive.
They promptly sent me an email with all the tracking info only a few hours later!
 So top points for communication and service!

Mini Brush Trio Includes:
 x1 Mini Foundation Brush
x1 Mini Face Brush
x1 Mini Shading Brush
(Ah, I just love the colour shiny tin colour of the handles!)

The rumours are true! These brushes are so incredibly soft and every single one of those shiny,
smooth little hairs aren't going anywhere! I can't stand makeup brushes where the scratchy, harsh
fibres fall out all over your face and land in your eyes and go up your nose!
No thank you! >_<

Even though I only purchased the mini brush set, I highly recommend purchasing it if you
have never tried these brushes before because they're a great way to start off your collection.
They work perfectly and are so easy to use. Plus they are the perfect travel size! ^-^

So if you are thinking of making an order for some new brushes or anything from
for that matter be sure to enter my rewards code CJK569 at the checkout to receive $5-$10
off your very first order!  

Do you use Real Techniques makeup brushes?
Do you have others you recommend?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


~ C h r i s t m a s    G i f t    I n s p o ~ 

Hands up if you have not started your Christmas shopping, or even thought about it all
that much because your life is just too busy already? (I mean, where do these cray cray festive
people even get the time to put up their tree already?!)

Well, this describes me in a nutshell! Who knows if I'll even get Christmas cards out this
year. Somehow time always seems to slip away and I end up posting them frantically on xmas
eve! Pointless right? >_<

So, with everything 'Christmas' being thrown in my face everywhere I look lately, it got me
thinking.... I should start thinking about what I am going to gift everyone and make a list!

Than I had a lightbulb moment! (Yes, totally shocking, let me tell you!)

Wouldn't a subscription box make the perfect gift?!
I think so and let me tell you why...

1.) There are plenty to choose from!
Beauty, fashion, food, pets, eco, mens, babies, kids, etc!
There is something for everyone, even those annoying people who have everything!

2.) They're affordable!
You can purchase just one box or a whole years worth!

3.) Everybody loves fun mail!

4.) Each box is a surprise!

5.) If you are on the receiving end and don't like what's in the box, it doesn't matter
because you haven't wasted your money, but still got the experience! 

Subscription Boxes I recommend!

Is this something you'd like to receive or would give as a gift?
Which are your favs?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


~   J   E   R   G   E   N   S   ~
                                                                                    Since 1901! 

Be   Beautiful   From   Head   To   Toe  !

Jergens Daily Moisture
RRP:$5.99 (250ml)

Funny story - You know when before you use a product for the first time, you snap open
the lid and take a whiff? Well, whilst taking my usual sniff I must have stupidly given the bottle
a little squeeze and lucky me in turn received a pop of lovely smelling moisture cream straight
up my nose! Why do these thing always happen to me?

The formula of this product is light, white and a bit creamy. It's lightly scented citrus which mostly
fades after application but lingers slightly. I have been loving this because it soaks straight into
my skin and doesn't leave it feeling slimy which is essential in this heat at the moment!
When if gets super hot like it has been lately I have been known to skip moisturising because
some creams just seem to suffocate my skin not letting it breathe and in turn makes me feel
even hotter than I already am and like I am just sweating it off because it's not soaking in.
This product however feels so light that as soon as I've applied it all over my body each morning
I can get dressed straight away without feeling like I'm getting the cream all over my clothes.

This product has an illuminating blend and silk proteins which I think gives my skin a healthy
looking glow! I have in particular noticed a huge difference in the skin on my knees which is
prone to always looking dry and white. My skin in this area now looks and feels like the rest of
my legs. Smoother, softer and looking radiant!

Also available in 100ml, 400ml & 650ml bottles!

Jergens Natural Glow
RRP:$10.99 (221ml)

I never go out in the sun to obtain a 'healthy glow' as I am too health conscious and I just
won't do it! I do however love a 'fake healthy glow!' :) This is where I love using products like 
this new Jergens Natural Glow because it gives you a natural looking tan gradually without looking
streaky, orange or like you've just painted it on! I have been using this daily on my hibernated super
white legs and body for about 2 weeks and I started to see a noticeable glow after about the 3rd
application. My skin looks like it now matches the scorching hot weather we've been having lately!
Golden, fresh and my most favourite benefit of a good tan - looking noticeably more toned even
though I haven't stepped foot into a gym! :)

The formula of this is white and creamy. Thicker than the Daily Moisture yet it is just as easy to
apply and also soaks right into the skin. It is lightly scented and I adore the smell! 
Contains a gorgeous mix of ingredients including a bunch of skin benefiting oils which I have
been loving lately including - Avocado & Jojoba oils as well as flower extract and caramel, yum!

I have been applying this at night after showering to ensure my skin is freshly buffed and my
legs shaved, etc before application to achieve the best looking result possible, and it's working!
My skin doesn't exactly look like the flawless Jergens ambassador Cheyenne Tozzi, but it
is getting there, mostly! ;)

Also available in Medium To Tan!

Have you tried Jergens?
Which products do you turn to when it gets super hot?


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*These products were kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs & opinions are my own

Monday, November 17, 2014


~ P R I C E L I N E  4 0 %  O F F  S A L E ~

              What did I order?

So I caved along with the rest of the beauty blogger population and took advantage of
Priceline's two day only 40% in store and online sale and made an order!

It is likely that I will share my haul again once the order arrives, so I can take pretty pix
and such, but I just thought I'd let you all know what I ordered for ideas and inspo for your own
order, just in case you haven't given in yet. Or maybe you're thinking of making a second order
because you keep thinking, seeing and hearing about more products you didn't think to add to your
cart before! 

I know there are a lot of us out there!! ;)

Anyhow, on with my list! I can't wait for it all to arrive and to play, play, play!
(As you will see I clearly have a weakness for lip products and nail polish!)

+ Postage - $9.95

Sale Total - $59.82 (including postage)
Amount Saved - $33.25! :D

Have you made an order yet?
Let me know, I'd love to hear what you're getting!


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Thursday, November 13, 2014


~ F O R E V E R  N E W ~



If you know me then you know that Forever New is like my most favourite fashion store, ever!
I can't just walk past it, I have to go in and do some damage. Their range of fashion, accessories,
footwear and jewellery scream my name and the quality is second to none. Their prices are a little
above average, so I prefer to shop their sales because that way you save yourself a bucket load!
Usually half the full RRP price!

So here is what I picked up recently both in store and online.
Enjoy! :)

Rani Small Bag - Black ($34.95)
Camilla Clutch - Black ($19.95)
My current handbag definitely needed an update and with the matching clutch and leopard print
inside, well I just couldn't resist the classy pair with matching gold hardware!

Ingrid Woven Front Printed Tee ($34.95)
Paired with just about block colour I think this tee is going to get worn to death this season!
I think this would work casually with denim shorts, skirts or even jeans on cooler nights.
I can also see myself wearing this tucked into a dressy skirt or pants for a weekend bbq or dinner out.

Ariel Crochet Shell Top ($34.95)
I think this will be perfect to wear throughout Spring and Summer paired with some while
jean shorts or a flirty, flowy cream knee length skirt.

Princess Alicia Phone Case - Crystal ($9.95)
If I ever claim my mobile back off my toddler, this will look super pretty, especially for taking selfies! haha! ;)


Have you picked up any bargains lately?
Where do you like to stock up when there are sales?

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