Monday, August 31, 2015



Unless you're extremely lucky or have been blessed with incredible genes chances are you're suffered
from the odd break out of two (or a hundred!) in your lifetime. I know I have had my fair share and
over the past almost 20 years I have tried and tested countless amounts of bottles, potions and tubes
to try and get rid of them for good! I do have a few holy grails which I will continue to use for as
long as I feel I need to and at the moment I am also using these - Dream Dots!

What has me loving these are how unique they are! They are not just another facial wash, serum or
even gel. They are patches! Yes patches, similar to that of a cold sore patch which a fellow fav
blogger of mine pointed out to me recently.

They are small, discreet and so easy to use! You just pop one on over that annoying angry spot
and sleep with it on overnight. By morning the spot will have changed from clear to a whitish shade
and once you peel it off you will see you zit calmed right down. Less red and puffy and over the
period of a few days it will disappear completely! Not bad when it does all this whilst you sleep!

Recently I had a break out around my lower cheek area and wanted to get rid of them asap,
especially since I have been on a bit of a filming binge lately and nobody wants to be distracted by
that in a beauty video! So I madly stuck about 5 onto my face at once and over about 2-3 days my
face was pretty much back to normal. Yay!


For details on where you can purchase yourself some Dream Dots make sure you check out their
website for more info!

Have you heard of or tried Dream Dots before?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


~  Yes To Carrots  ~

The 'Yes To' brand has been around for as long as I have been a 'Beauty Guru.' I first head about
them way back when I began watching other beauty crazed individuals like myself talk about and
review them on their Youtube channels and blogs and I thought they looked so good!

Fast forward a few years and here I am finally getting my chance to try them and to tell you all about
them! Hooray! 'Yes To' just in case you haven't heard don't only say yes to carrots. They also have
ranges of beauty goodness for your face, body, hair & even baby not only in the Carrots range but
also in a variety of other delicious fruits & veg including Blueberries, Coconut, Tomato, Cucumber & even Grapefruit!

Exfoliating Cleanser
I honestly prefer exfoliating cleansers over any other kind because I feel like my skin always needs
a good scrubbing to remove dead skin cell build up otherwise I can just feel the roughness on the
surface of my skin. This scrub is so so nice and it leaves my skin so smooth and ready for moisturising
with the matching Daily Facial Moisturiser. (See below) This product contains organic carrots as well
as Shea Butter and other 98% natural ingredients. RRP: $14.99 (Buy!)

Daily Facial Moisturiser 
Has anyone else noticed it getting hotter and hotter each year? The sun seems to be getting closer
and as I get older it just becomes more and more essential to me to take extra care of my skin. Not
only for appearance sake. The sun is the enemy when it comes to premature wrinkles, sun spots and
dull, damaged skin. It is important to me to look after my skin from the harsh UV rays to protect my
body on the inside as well. This moisturiser makes my skin look and feel amazing, it doesn't feel like
it's clogging my pores and I love that 'Yes To' products are cruelty free and this particular product is
97% natural. RRP: $23.99 (Buy!)

The 'Yes To Carrots' range is available to purchase from Priceline, Blooms Chemist, Amcal
& Guardian Pharmacy.

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Which is your favourite?
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*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015



Going through my teens, like most I suffered from acne. It all began at age 11 and since then has
been an on off relationship which I just can't seem to break away from. Even heading into my mid
thirties! I wouldn't have though I'd still be suffering from breakouts at this age, but yep, it still
happens, thankfully nowhere near as bad as when I was a teen, however still just as un-welcome and

Recently I have been using Real-U products as my main source in my everyday routine. They are
Australian and not just for teens as my skin has been benefiting from their range too! :)
The three products I have been using twice daily are these ones below which I will talk about more,
but if you're interested in the details of each product you can check out my image below of the back
of each product. All of their products are hypo-allergenic, free from harsh ingredients such as ones I
have been guilty of using in the past including benzoyl peroxide ad salicylic acid.


CLEANSE - Gentle Foaming Wash!
The first product I want to chat to you about is Real-U's Gentle Foaming Wash. This is the first step
in my new routine which I start with each morning when I wake up. You can really feel the difference
when you use use this product especially afterwards when drying your face. The ph balanced formula
which also contains Aloe Vera keeps your skin at a healthy moisture balance, so it cleanses without
drying whilst still being effective at removing the excess oil, dirt and built up polluteons from the air
which has a tendency to stick deep into the pores making them look black, large and gross! Like with
most cleansers you just add a splash of water to get the cleanser foaming up ready to work onto your
face. Rinse well and pat dry.

CONTROL + Face Gel!
This next step is interesting to me because normally I would use a toner now before moisturising.
So to use a Face Gel (similar to a Serum) was quite cool for a change and might I add very effective!
This Gel is specifically formulated for non teenage skin (that's me!) which still breaks out or is just
persistently naughty! I have used a product like this in the past and I don't know why I ever stopped
because to me, I feel like this product was the most beneficial to my skin when it came to killing my
nasty monthly spots. I especially noticed a big difference first thing in the morning after applying this
at night after a few days. My skin had really calmed down considerably!

HYDRATE - Lite Moisturiser!
I am actually not opposed to a thick, heavy moisturiser especially for a night cream. However this
Lite Moisturiser is perfect is you skin is normally extra greasy or oily and the last thing you want to
do is add even more moisture to it making you feel like a shiny egg. This moisturiser feels so very
light on your skin and it soaked right in that I even considered applying it again on a few occasions to
make sure I was really getting enough! This product is awesome because after applying I can go
straight onto starting my makeup routine without having to wait for my skin to dry and at night I can
go right to bed without feeling like my moisturiser is going to transfer onto my pillow.

These products are available to purchase from the Real-U website and currently retail for the prices
listed below!

Gentle Foaming Wash 100ml $15
Face Gel 100ml $50
Lite Moisturiser 100ml $20

The Face Gel is also available in smaller 50ml or 10ml sample size tubes which are priced below.

Face Gel 50ml $30
Face Gel Sample 10ml $5
How cute are the little Control+ Face Gel samples? Adorable! If you want to try anything from the
range this is the one I recommend the most and for just the cost of postage ($5) you can't go wrong!

Real-U is a thoughtful brand who really just want the 'Real You!' as the name suggests to shine and
have the confidence to be yourself without having acne holding you back from living your fullest life.

This is a topic I think most people male and female can relate to at some point in their lives and it
definitely rings true to me. I highly recommend these products since using them over the past month.
I only wish I'd known about them sooner especially when I was in my awkward teen years and when
I was very shy and my acne was just killing my confidence and making it worse.

Check out the rest of the range below! This is just a sneak peak, I suggest you head on over to their
website to learn more. :)

Do you or have you ever suffered from problematic skin?
How did you overcome it?
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015




It is no secret my eyelashes aren't exactly Kim Kardashian worthy, so when I recently had the
chance to try this newie from one of my all time favourite makeup brands - Rimmel London,
this cucumber scented wonder has had me channelling my inner diva ever since!

(Left- Before application! / Right- After application!)

Enriched with vitamins and cucumber to keep lashes conditioned and feeling soft and nourished all day, this mascara clearly lengthens and volumizes your lashes with it's carefully crafted multi length
brush fibres to reach right to the rim of your lash line on both the top and bottom lashes coating them
completely without leaving clumps or flakes.

Rimmel London's 'Wake Me Up Mascara' is currently available Australia wide from many leading
retailers including - Priceline, Big W, Woolies, Coles & Chemist Warehouse for a RRP: $17.95

What are your thoughts on scented makeup?
Recommend me a another top smelling one I need to try!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


~  HAIR & ME  ~

Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

RRP: $19.95

My hair has had a hard tough life. You name it I've most likely tried it! From every hair craze or
trend which come and go as often as I wash my hair! Teasing, straightening, back combing, curling,
crimping, dying, chalking, bleaching.... it's all been there!

My latest obsession of late has been gradually going back to blonde. I used to bleach the absolute
crap out of my hair in my late teens/early 20's admittedly completely damaging the crap out of it to
the point of it beginning to fall out! And even then I couldn't stop. I loooved being a blondie!

So I am going back! But this time instead of DIY-ing, I'm leaving it to a professional and visiting the
salon. I am a jack of many trades, lightening my hair safely and properly is definitely not one of them!

Even though I have been lightening my hair gradually, going lighter means hair is always going to
be under more stress than usual and that means lots of TLC is required.

That's where this Hair & Me Rejuvenation Treatment has recently stepped into my routine to help!

This treatment contains coconut, macadamia, jojoba and almond oils which sounds like a delicious
blend all in itself so I am sure I don't need to go convincing you on just how wonderful and
deeply moisturising and nourishing it is to your hair. Not to mention the smell! Omg, the scent
of this treatment is 100% delicious and reminds me of one of my favourite sweet treats - Coconut Ice!

Sooo, as a blogger it's my passion to talkabout and share this stuff so don't even try to stop me, 
I can't and won't so don't even try, it's impossible! (Just ask my husband!) ;)

To me, this oily mix seems ultra concentrated because I found even a small amount (about the same
amount you would use to shampoo your hair) to be sufficient to get the job done. Even on my long
and relatively thick hair, the combination of oils seem to coat every strand of hair completely.

(Left - My hair after a few applications. So silky smooth & healthy! Right - With the treatment worked through my hair.)

Once the recommended time is up (30-45 minutes) and it's time to shampoo the treatment out, even 
as I am rinsing I can feel the difference in how my hair feels. It is smoother and silkier as I let the 
warm water rinse the oils away. Feeling like most of it has fused into the cuticles of each strand.

Once dry it has been a whole lot easier to manage! I don't even straighten it as much anymore
because the main reason I straighten my hair in the first place is to keep the constant frizz under
control, but now there is a whole lot less of that I can give my hair a break and let my natural
waves be wild and free ... and they actually behave themselves! No really! Now I can leave my hair
out loose the whole day without having to shove it up in a high pony or messy bun half way through
because my hair has driven me crazy and I just can't take it anymore! 

(Hair & Me Rejuvenation Treatment coming out of the pack in the cold Winter air. Approx 8degrees!)

(Hair & Me Rejuvenation Treatment melted once warmed in your hand ready to apply!)

Vegan friendly & cruelty free! What's not to love?!

Hair & Me currently only stock a limited number of hair products, but since trying this one it's
clear to me their other products are probably worth a look at too!

Have you tried Hair & Me products?
What are your thought's on the benefits of hair oils?
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Friday, August 7, 2015


~  SCUNCI  ~


As we are beginning to finally head into the last end of Winter am I the only one thinking about
Spring & Summer? The sun, so warm on my skin, how I have missed you! Warmer weather to me
means getting outside a whole lot more and getting active again. Awakening from my Winter
hibernation in a way.

So to get us all in the mood here are some of my favourites from Scunci's active hair accessory
collection which I think are super fun, bright and totally on point when it comes to how to keep your
hair in check whilst working out. Weather it be at the gym, jogging, playing sports or if you're more
like me, just running around trying to get my everyday errands ticked off my list and keeping up with
the kids is my work out!

Here are my top 5 recommendations (they have a stack more so make sure you check out Scunci's
website if you don't see something your taste here, you might there!) with both me wearing each
piece and also some close ups to give you the best idea of the products. If you're still unsure you
can easily check these out next time you pop into Priceline, Big W or Target. :)
Active Visor $14.95
If you follow me then you'll already know all about this basic everyday staple because I actually
already dedicated a whole blog post on it which you can read up on here.
This is seriously sooo comfy, I was so surprised how much I instantly fell in love with it as soon as I
tried it on. Fits like a glove! Also available in Purple Space Dye Print.

Active Luxe Braid-Back Stretch Headwrap $9.95
I love this because it is a versatile piece. It's reversible! Below I am showing off the gorgeous hot pink shade which it is meant to be. However I have found it looking just as awesome reversed over to
the grey side and rocking it that way. Obsessed with this colour combo and it keeps all of my hair off
my face! Also available in Black & Pink and Blue & Pink.

Active Space Dry Headwraps $7.95
I don't know who else thinks like me, but I am always looking at different ways to wear accessories
to really get the most looks out of them. Below I am wearing two of the head wraps in Coral &
Purple. These are the most bright wonderful colours, I can't get enough! Brilliant to wear when
working out, I am all about fluros when it comes to gym gear, it's so much safer the more visible
you are, especially as a woman out running or walking alone.
Also available in Green and Black.

Active Luxe Basic Headwrap $9.95
Gotta love my basics and I LOVE colbolt blue! Ahh, just look at it! So beautiful! Also how cute are
the little 'U''s on all of these? This luxe basic is actually really soft to the touch and has in-built grip
on the inside of it so ensure it stay firmly in place and doesn't slide around even if you're sweating up
a storm! Also available in Black, Grey and Pink.

Active Printed Headwrap $8.95
It is so hard to choose, but this one probably tops the list in terms of my absolute favourite!
It just fits so well and I can't express how much I adore the floral hot pink print. It's nice to look and
feel a bit feminine when you're being all tough and stuff when you work out, right?! ;)
As much as I am now trying my hardest to keep hot pink just in my lipstick and my daughters room,
I just can't seem to completely shake the colour. I swear it follows me everywhere! (Not that I'm
complaining!) Also available in Blue Diamond Pattern & Lime Diamond Pattern.


You can purchase Scunci accessories in Australia from Big W, Target, Priceline and selected pharmacies.

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*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own