Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Delicate Decadence Collection!


I am one of those people who feel naked and 'not ready yet' unless my nails have been painted and 
I have some kind of makeup on before leaving the house. Even if it's just bb cream, lip balm and
mascara. Being a girl is the best fun and I love having the freedom and passion to be able to do these

So if you're anything like me then you'll love these Sally Hansen 2-step gel nail polishes which are
made up of half regular nail lacquer and half gel formula which gives you the shine, bold colour and
long lasting result of an expensive professional gel manicure without the need for an LED light and
these are WAY easier to remove! They glide off just like normal nail polish which is much gentler on
your nails at the end of the day and keeps them strong and healthy.

This new collection of shades from the 'Delicate Decadence' collection consists of 6 shades.
Mauve-olous and Wine Stock (not pictured) as well as Plush Blush, Regal Rose, Pink Up and
Prince Char-mint. (Front top left to right pictured below)

These polishes give a beautiful shine even on their own without the gel top coat, however I have
found using the top coat makes all the difference in making these last twice as long and gives an
even higher glossier shine. Highly recommend not going without it!

Sally Hansen nail lacquers are available to purchase from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Target,
Chemist Warehouse and Terry White Chemists Australia wide for a current RRP $16.95 each. 

What nail colours are you flaunting this season?
Have you ever had a gel manicure?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Thursday, November 24, 2016



Serum7 Anti-Ageing Skincare

Serum7 Regenerating Night Cream 50ml - $34.00
Ah night cream. You know how I love my night creams and this one is up there with the best I've
tried, especially for this bargain price, it's not too bad at all!

The products available in the Boots Laboratories Serum7 skincare range are targeted to younger
skin types. Being almost 33, I feel like this range it quite well suited to me and the results I have
been experiencing have proven that to be the case. Also available for those older and with more
defined skin ageing concerns such has deep lines and wrinkles, Boots has created their skincare
like called Serum7 Lift.

The brand Boots Laboratories has actually been around for 160 years, originally the company was
 founded in the UK, it has only just began to be available here in Australia over the past few years.

The deliciously rich cream is white and thick, however it isn't overly thick nor does it feel heavy on
 the skin. I have used much heavier other night creams and this one does not have that suffocating on
 the skin feeling.

This product is said to work really well on even really sensitive skin, however I would try a tester out
in store first if you get the opportunity as this product does have a perfumed fragrance to it.  I don't
mind the scent, it is quite to my liking and my skin isn't at all sensitive so I haven't had any problems
with it so far. Just something to keep in mind if fragrances happen to rub you the wrong way
generally as the scent does linger for hours after applying.

Serum7 Beauty Serum - 30ml - $36.00
This milky white serum has the same fragranced scent as the Serum7 Night Cream above and is a
wonderfully hydrating anti-ageing product! I have been using both of these products together for
some time now and my skin feels amazing! This serum it suitable to be used both day and night.

I am a bit of a skin hydration freak and use both a daily moisturiser and serum together before
applying any makeup. Even though I do this using both of these products (even a thin layer of the
night cream in the morning) it doesn't give me that oily sheen or feel greasy or heavy.

These products make my skin nice and smooth and feeling soft. It gives a nice base for applying
makeup and it doesn't sweat off as my skin seems to absorb it within a few minutes.

I honestly really love using this serum because not only does it make a killer makeup base and keep
my skin well hydrated and looking dewy, fresh and young day by day, it has also faded my fine lines
I had appearing around my eye area and even those drier looking lines I could see making their way
across my cheek area. That was a shock to discover and quite scary as I always try to hydrate like
crazy! However now I can't even see them anymore and I put it down to using these two products
together over the period of a few months.

When it comes down to it for me at least appearing younger comes down to a few simple steps!
- - -
- Hydration inside & out multiple times a day!
- Eating healthy, fresh, regularly & organic if/when you can.
- Be sun smart! Thats, slip, slop, slap & wrap!
- Don't sweat the small stuff. Manage your stress in a healthy way & try to keep those levels low!

This UK brand is available to purchase from Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.
Do you use a night cream, serum, daily moisturiser or all three?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own



Under $10.00!

Everyday Budget Makeup Products!


I love love love makeup! To be fair, I do tend to concentrate more on creating myself a clear and
healthy base by focusing on my skincare routine, however when it's time to let loose and have some
fun, in my down time there is nothing more I love to do but play with my makeup stash. Usually with
my 5 and 3 year olds digging their little hands into my drawers faster than I can say don't draw on the
mirror with that lipstick! (Too late!)

Basic essentials that are crazy affordable and actually worth your money are few and far between.
Recently I discovered this brand called Colour Theory which has an impressive range of products
and colours which are hard to resist and all locally available to purchase from your handy Amcal

_ _ _

Colour Theory Nail Polish in Apres Ski - $4.00
This berry bright tone is a fun shade I like to wear mainly on my toes. I seem to stick mainly to the
pinks and neutrals lately when it comes to nail polish. However on my toes I tend to be more daring!

The formula of this polish is quite good for such a bargain budget buy! I only needed to apply two
neat coats for complete pigmentation with the polish lasting nicely before chipping after a good few

Colour Theory Nail Polish in Cashmere Kisses - $4.00
This barely there soft pink is more my kind of everyday flavour. It is so classy and elegant. I just
adore the girlie polished effect it has to my over all daily look.

Colour Theory Jumbo Lip Crayon in Rosewood - $8.00
I honestly am not sure why I don't own more of these types of 'Lip Crayon' type of lipsticks. They
are not only a nostalgic shape which reminds me of the many hours spent colouring in colour books
on my bedroom floor with very similar looking crayons when I was young. The design of these
lip products are also very cleverly thought out in my opinion as they are such an easy to apply shape
to apply to the lips. (Use in conjunction with a matching lip liner like the one below for a longer
lasting, more defined lip shape.)

Colour Theory Lip Liner in Red-Y Steady Go - $6.00
When I use this with the Rosewood Lip Crayon above, the two together are the perfect match! So
take not if you're after a classic red lip duo, this is a brilliant buy! Not only is this product a complete
bargain, the product itself if so smooth and doesn't dry out your lips at all. I like to line my lips for a
slightly fuller effect and then fill the rest of my lips in lightly with this, then I will go over them in a
blotting motion with the lip crayon. It gives the most amazing sexy pout! You need to try it. :)

Colour Theory Colour Corrector - $10.00
This little baby is something I now use every time I wear my makeup! Colour correcting has always
seemed a bit complicated to me, as I feel like my skin tone has always been pretty even. However
this colourful blend has a mix to combat all of those pesky skin issues we might not even realise we
have until we can see a positive difference once we're actually using a product like this!

With a blend of green which fixes redness which I do occasionally get popping up on my neck for
whatever reason is a complete mystery to me. There is also pink to brighten and lighten the skin,
purple for uneven under tones and orange which also evens the skin's tone and lightens darker areas
like freckles, sun spots or dark circles. Blended all together with the white powder it works great at
setting makeup and can additionally be used as a primer! Clever little thing! I am just loving this
right now!

Colour Theory Eyeshadow Palette - $10.00
There is something creative and addictive when it comes to eyeshadows. They're like a paint palette
for grown ups in powder form for our faces instead of just paper. I was a bit of a painter as a kid, so
I can see how the passion had led to makeup artistry, however basic I am with my skills!

This set is a gorgeous array of pastel to mid toned colours. I am liking these for my day time look
which is pretty simple but still a bit fun. As you can see from my arm swatch below, the shades are on
the lighter side, however when applied with a damp flat shadow brush and then blended with a
slightly larger fluffy one, the colours come out much bolder and are easily buildable.

Colour Theory makeup ranges in even more products including, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, tinted
moisturiser, mascara and more! Prices start from as little as $4.00 and a max of $10! You really can't
loose! Available Australia wide from you local Amcal Pharmacy!

Have you tried Colour Theory cosmetics?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Monday, November 21, 2016



Kerry Washington DC
Mini Collection

Fall/Winter 2016

I am a huge fan of OPI and their little mini packs! They are so cute and great to get a feel for the new
 shades they release and figure out weather it's worth purchasing one full size. This mini pack is a set
of four shades. Every now and then you will find OPI releases their mini collections in a range from
four, six or even ten different shades.

The four shades in this pack are called...
 'We The Female' - A blood cherry red. Sexy and powerful. This shade is my favourite!
'Pale To The Chief' - A barely there nude cream. Solid in colour, perfect for a classy occasion.
 'CIA = Color Is Awesome' - Bold, daring and mysterious! Love this rebel shade!
 'Never A Dulles Moment - Even bolder and more daring! Wear this shade to stand out in a crowd!

I love the red and pale pink shades and find myself reaching for these two shades the most!

There are a total of 15 shades you can find from this collection in their full size 15ml bottles.
The four shades mentioned above plus these ones below.

Stay Off The Lawn
Suzi - The First Lady Of Nails
Yank My Doodle
Freedom Of Peach
Squeaker Of The House
Shh... It's Top Secret!
Madam President
OPI By Popular Vote
Kerry Blossom
"Liv" In The Grey
Inside The ISABELLEtway

OPI nail polishes are great quality and worth the price! They dry quickly and the colour density is second to none. Always my first choice in lacquer. 

You can find OPI mini collections and all other full size shades available both online and in store at
Myer, David Jones and selected salons Australia wide.

The current RRP for this mini pack is $24.95
Pretty great value when you consider just one full size bottle of OPI retails for $19.95.

Which shade is your favourite?
Are you a fan of the mini bottles?

If you want to see more mini collections from OPI be sure to check out my reviews including
swatches on OPI Venice & OPI Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Friday, November 18, 2016



Natural Australian Cruelty Free Skincare


Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner
I love two in one products such as this one as cleansing my skin is probably the number one
priority in all of my beauty routine. Cleansing my face both morning and night is something I have
always done and will continue to do as this is the only way which works for me in keeping my skin
blemish free and clear of blackheads, excess oil and skin build up.

As much as I am well behaved with my cleansing I am more often than not slack with toning my skin
afterwards which is truly a flaw on my behalf and I know this because whenever I do actually
remember to tone my skin I notice a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin.
 Particularly my pore size and as the name suggests, it really does tone the appearance of my skin.

This 225ml is a fantastic large size which has lasted me months and still going strong! The scent is
gorgeous and natural and smells quite similar to the Lavender & Rose A'Kin Night Cream. - $24.95

Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Cream
This natural beauty comes in a 15ml tube with a screw cap at the bottom with a small narrow opening
for the product to squeeze out. The white cream is medium thick with a light scent. I found only a
tiny amount of product needed to apply to the outer corners of the eyes where those pesky crows
feet are beginning to appear and also underneath the eyes.

The cream only takes a minute or two to completely soak into the skin and feels slightly firm and
lifting as it does this which I found to be a really interesting sensation. I like it when I can actually
feel a product working and not just taking it's word for it or having to wait weeks on end to know if
it is actually making a difference to my skin.

In saying that, after months of using this eye cream I can really notice my whole eye area appears to
be firmer and less tired looking. The skin just under the eyebrows also seems slightly elevated which
I am most happy about as I have felt as though my eyes can have that hooded appearance at times. - $29.95

Lavender & Rose Antioxidant Facial Night Cream
This 50ml night wonder if luxuriously thick and creamy with a gorgeous natural light scent which is
more prominent than both the cleanser/toner and eye cream, however not crazy over the top or very
noticeable at all once you have applied the product at night and gone to bed.  

I feel as though this cream has a nice thick consistency similar in colour and texture as the eye cream
Although this night cream is thick, it honestly does not feel heavy or suffocating at all like some
heavy creams can. My skin is neither oily nor dry so I feel like this cream has been of great benefit
to my skin as it is suited for the 'normal' types like me.

Over the past few months I have woken up to softer, brighter and well rested looking skin whilst
using all three of these products together. For me they go together hand in hand and compliment
each other with their gentle and natural ingredients. - $39.95

Since I began trying out these skin rich products A'Kin have re-done their product's packaging so
be sure to check out the new product designs on their website or in stores!

A'Kin products can be found and purchased directly online through their official website as well as
in Priceline, David Jones and selected pharmacies and health shops!

A'Kin offer a wide range of products for all ages and skin types which are Australian made and
owned and completely cruelty free!

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Wednesday, November 16, 2016



Vivian Long PJ Set


I have been settling quite nicely into my new home over the past two months. The unpacking,
and sorting is done and navigating my way around a new town is finally beginning to become
familiar and really feel like home. Prior to moving however, was a whole lot more chaotic and
I had a LOT of de-cluttering to do! I moved around many times as a child and didn't really have a
lot of things back then. Fast forward to adulthood, a husband and two children later and living in a
place the longest I have ever settled down anywhere for a period of seven years and a lot of stuff
accumulates very sneakily and you don't realise just how much useless 'stuff' you have until you are
forced to go through every single things as you pack.

In saying all of that, I chucked, donated, gave away and sold what feels like close to about half of all
my possessions and that included half my wardrobe! Boy did that feel good! I'll admit it was daunting
at first and I didn't really know where to begin. I ended up going through my clothes about five or six
times over a period of a few weeks, getting rid of more and more each time, each time getting easier
to let go of things and seeing the brighter side!

Included in the de-clutter were a few of my old PJ's which I'd owned for far longer than I care to
admit! Now down to only a few comfy pairs for winter and summer. I now have come to own
my absolute favourite pair which are quite conveniently suitable for wear all year round!

Homebodii Vivian Long PJ Set - $89.00

Let's have a look at these super comfy and very pretty two piece set from Hombodii. Homebodii are
an Australian fashion label from the Gold Coast. You can also find this label in stores such
as Anthropology, The Iconic, White Runway and Revolve Clothing both in store and online.

My pick from this incredibly stunning range is called the Vivian Long from their latest 'Sleep Pretty'
collection. This floral set is made from a soft stretchy fabric which is breathable and keeps my body
 cool throughout the night. It features a button up front on the long sleeve shirt with a handy pocket
on each side. The pants are a little long on my 168cm tall frame, however sits comfortably around my waist with a gentle draw string elastic.

If you are interested in purchasing these pretty PJ's from Homebodii, be sure to take note of their
size chart as this particular set is quite a generous XS. I am generally a size 8, being smaller at the
top and slightly larger on the bottom. This XS is still very roomy and a bit long on both the arms and
legs. Not a huge deal to me, but just an FYI.

Homebodii offer a wide range of not only sexy and beautiful sleepwear, they also have a stunning
 range of feminine dresses, beach wear options and robes. There is even a 100% organic range!

What's your PJ style?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product has kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Friday, November 11, 2016




Ultimate Base Set - $45.00
I don't own a whole lot of makeup brushes. I purchased some Real Techniques mini brushes a few years ago and loved them and still use them so I knew this was going to also be great quality and no disappoint! First of all I can't express to you enough how nice it is to use a full size makeup brush! They are so smooth and the orange colour on the handles are gorgeous! There is no grip, however I don't feel it is needed.

To put this trio together is a great idea! A face brush, face sponge and round precision brush are probably my three most used tools for applying my makeup!The face brush is perfect for applying foundation and powders. The fine brush hairs are amazingly soft and don't fray or fall out like some cheapies do!

The sponge is a clever shape and gets in all the tricky areas and blends everything out so evenly without leaving any streaks or lines. It also conceals pores nicely when used in a pat pat motion rather than swiping it all around the face. The precision brush I found to be a great shape to get a number of jobs done. It blends eyeshadow out like a boss as well as getting just the right amount of highlight on my cheek bones. I use this mainly for these reasons.

This set also comes with a travel brush purse where you can store your brushes for your makeup bag or to travel with. I personally am not into storing my brushes this way and just find it too fiddly. However I am sure many would find it very useful!

Miracle Sculpting Sponge - $16.99
Rather than just using any old or random shaped makeup sponge to apply your other makeup once your foundation is looking all smooth and flawless. You can use this very different and unique
looking sponge to apply things like highlighter and bronzer with more precision and control.

The curves and flat sides have their very own role to play on our pretty faces. The larger top end is
the perfect shape to get in there for contouring as it is slightly narrower than the orange base sponge
and I have found this works well to let you begin slowly with your basic contour lines by curving the
top end slightly to the top and then using the whole top end shape to buff and blend until I am
satisfied with my sculpting.

Turning the sponge around to the other end where it is smaller you'll find it curved with a flat bottom.
This makes for controlled highlighting curbing the need to overdo it as it is so tempting to do with
those pretty hypnotising shimmers!

Like with any makeup sponge and when using either foundation, concealer, bronzer or highlighter,
this same tip can be done for all. Use slightly damp with product for a dewy complexion or
completely dry for a matte look.

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge - $16.99
You don't want to be fooled into dismissing these little sponges as nothing special because they might
just save the day when you get into a makeup mishap!

I love the fact that there are in face actually two of these instead of just one in the pack because it
means you have a spare if you need it and quite more often then not I need to use both!

This eraser sponges are actually clever little makeup correctors! If I happen to have shadow fall out,
mascara smudging or I've tried too hard to exert my inner Jolie and have overdrawn my lips into
looking more clown than wow, then I can use these to fix up my mistakes with a little swipe or pat
pat here and there.

Each curve and flat edge has it's own little task. The flat side is great for erasing makeup mistakes or
mysterious makeup marks which has suddenly appeared. (Has anyone else ever sneezed immediately
after applying mascara?) Then there is the main round part of the sponge which makes up for about
90% of it which is a nice micro size for blending in those harder to reach and smaller areas of the face
like the eyes and nose. Finally the pointed tip which is said to sweep makeup. Personally I find the
tip works best at giving me a killer sharp outer wing whilst my eyeliner is still wet.

These sponges can also be used dry to pick up excess makeup like powder, eyeshadow, contour
creams and blush and use lightly damp in areas of your face you want for a dewy glow like cheeks
bones and cupids bow.
These and other Real Technique products are available to purchase directly from their official website

How do you apply your makeup?
Are you more into using brushes or sponges?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product has kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Wednesday, November 9, 2016



All In One Face Cream



Here's a fun fact that is sure to blow your mind. At least it completely blew mine and took me by
surprise. Bee Venom is the big new trend in anti-ageing skincare! Say what?! I know right! How
bazaar you say? Well let me explain, and trust me it's worth a try!

Let me introduce to you Beenigma, a cruelty free New Zealand skincare brand which uses the venom
from bee stings in a safe and pain free environment for the bee in which they release a small amount
of their venom without loosing their stinger, therefore not losing their lives like bees normally would.

The powerful bee venom tricks the body into thinking it has been stung (Obviously this product is
NOT recommended if you have a known allergic reaction to bee stings!) without causing any pain
or inflammation to the skin, however mild tingling may be felt. Rather the venom actually contains
 anti-ageing properties including amino acids, peptides, enzymes and other replenishing proteins all
 working together which smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance or wrinkles and plumping up the
 skin giving it a more youthful and lifted appearance.

The other two key ingredients used in this facial cream are some of my personal favourites! These are
Manuka Honey, Shea Butter and Almond Oil. I have used all of these amazing ingredients in products before and just love the hydration, scent and caring nature and feeling each gives to my skin.

Manuka Honey (which I also regularly buy and eat on my toast most mornings) is a richer, darker
form of natural honey. On it's own this delicious sticky substance has it's own super powers including
being anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti-ageing. It also contains amino acids, antioxidants and
is one of natures more powerful skin healers which makes complete sense to use this for repairing the
skin in turn making it young again.

Shea Butter is soothing to the skin and also replenishing which I think is a perfect partner in this bee
venom cream. The Almond Oil is super hydrating and absorbs into the skin fast. It gives caring
nourishment to the skin.

This gorgeous blend of ingredients create this creamy yummy scented day and night cream which is
thick and white in appearance. This luxe 50ml white and gold jar comes with a small scoop stick to
help with application and avoid contamination in the cream.

Beenigma is available to purchase directly from their website for current RRP of $124.95 which
includes free shipping!

DISOUNT CODE! For 20% off enter CANDYFAIRY20 at checkout!

Also available is their 5ml travel size cream for just $17.95!

What are your thoughts on Bee Venom in skincare?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product has kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own