Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Empties 2014

~ May Empties 2014! ~

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Softest wipes EVER! 
Love them, perfect!

Classic brand. Classic cream.
Sample pot. So handy and works wonders. 
A cream I can count on.

Received these from PinchMe
Another Nivea product all used up.
Sample sizes. Do the job well.
Smell nice and fresh too!

Used these up from my trial with L'Oréal. 
Loved them and they smell great!
I have so many shampoo and conditioner bottles
at the moment, (don't ask me how that happened!?)
so I am keen to get in a finish up a few more different brands
of bottles I have stored away half used.
Hopefully I can feature some in next months empties!
Read about my L'Oréal trial team experience here!

Used up the shampoo of this last month and finally
finished up the matching conditioner this month!
Great brand and wonderful product.
Still have a few more bottles to get through.

Second tube of this all gone.
Haven't had a single break out, surprised and very pleased!
I'm onto the scrub version of this now and a, loving it
even more!
Read my mini review of the Clearasil scrub here!

It's time to say goodbye to my second bottle of this thick, creamy,
ever so yummy smelling body wash.
I love it, but I'm also keen for a change, you know how it goes...

Used up two boxes of this beautiful dye.
Trialling it as part of the BH VTT. 
Won't give away too much yet.
Full review and video to come!

What empties have you finished up this month?
What product are you excited to start using next?

Hope you had an amazing month of May!
Just one day to go before we begin a brand newy! 
Can you guess what I might be blogging about tomorrow?

Check out my previous empties posts below!

Love Candy! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hello and welcome to another 'Nails Of The Day' post! :)

With the weather apparently being warmer than it should be at the
moment,  I took that as a good enough excuse as any to paint my
nails to suit the warmer weather, since here in Qld it is Sitting
in the high 20s.  Quite a beautiful temperature actually. 
Having lived 11 of my life in the far north, this kind of heat
to me is almost sweater weather! 
I'm loving these cooler months, who's with me?
I hate the scorching Summer heat and being sticky and sweaty all the 
time trying the cool down. Ew! 

I do however love Summer hues. Bright, fun and colourful!
I picked these two nail shades up in my Beautorium haul
recently and decided to try them out.

Mode Hot Pink in Babe'n

Mode Fluro Orange in Lust Lovin'

Pink and orange have often been slammed as shades which
when put together clash majorly. However, they are two shades
I think actually look amazing when done well.

This is my first attempt at ombre nails,
so don't judge me too harshly!

I absolutely love this nail effect and don't think
they turned out too badly. :)

What is your favourite nail trend?

Love Candy! 

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Make The Most Of Your Cheap Jewellery

My Jewellery Saving Tips & Tricks!
(For costume jewellery)

I feel like I haven't done many fashion related posts and when it comes
to jewellery, especially the cheaper costume style, I am a bit of an expert.
Having worked and managed a store full of the stuff some years ago.
I have had plenty of experience and learned a lot during that time,
 before we moved to the big smoke and had our little kiddly winks! 

The most common cheap jewellery is made out of the following materials.
Copper & Plastic.

Copper is a pliable, soft metal that is cheap and can be made into any shape.
The down side to this is that is tarnishes easily and a lot of people's skin
can get a negative reaction to the high nickel content contained in it.

As you have most likely experienced after wearing your cheap silver
or gold jewellery a few times, it most likely has started to discolour
and doesn't look all shiny and new anymore.
This can be extremely frustrating and annoying especially if 
you're on a budget and want to make the most out of your jewellery
cheap or not.

The main factors which cause cheap, copper jewellery to tarnish are -
Best to try to avoid your jewellery getting into contact with these elements.

My top tips are.
*Remove your rings when washing your hands, swimming or doing the dishes, etc
*Avoid wearing cheap jewellery when playing sport or working out.
*Store your jewellery away in jewellery boxes. I recommend what actually works best are keeping them in clear snap lock plastic bags.
These keep your jewellery free from all the elements in the air which age your jewellery prematurely.  
Do this and your cheap $2 earrings will still look like new years later.

This brings me to my next big tip - Maintenance! 
If you begin to notice your silver turning gold or your gold turning a yellow tone,
then it's time to invest in some polishing cloths.
I recommend cloths over a liquid solution as liquid jewellery cleaners are
made for cleaning and maintaining real silver and gold, so best to save
it for your expensive treasures as the liquid will only damage your
cheap jewellery, ruining the silver or gold coating turning it to rust.

Cloths are amazing at removing any discolouration and bringing
your cheap jewellery back to life again.
Just do not wash them! Once they are dirty, just buy a new one.
If you wash it, you're also washing out all the cleaning agents in the cloth.

If your jewellery peice has lost its silver or gold coating
It's unfortunately beyond repair and there is nothing you can do
to fix it unless you get the copper re-dipped and with cheap $2-$5
jewellery, it just isn't worth it.
Cut your loses and chuck it out.

A great thing about copper is how soft a metal it is.
If you find the links in your costume jewellery or charms/pendants
falling off or coming apart, simple invest in a pair of craft pliers. 
They should cost you no more than $10 max and can be used to easily
repair your pieces. You'd be surprised how simple it actually is to do
if you just take a few minutes to try rather than just throwing something away. 
You can also easily remove some pretty stones or pendants off one or two
necklaces and put them onto some earring hooks to completely create
another jewellery peice without having to go shopping.
It can save you money too!
Get creative!

As I mentioned earlier copper jewellery can sometimes
leave a rash, turn your skin green or cause pain in piercings. 
The most common causes of the rashes are sweat.
The odd green shade most commonly noticed with cheap rings is caused by water.
Pain in piercings are due to people not being educated about cheaper jewellery.
Also known as costume jewellery, it should be treated like just that. 
A costume, to be worn for a few hours at
 a time, a day max!

Leaving copper in your ears, nose, navel or wherever on your body,
will only start to slowly rust from the moisture in your skin.
As mentioned earlier, water and sweat are cheap jewellery's biggest enemy!
Wearing cheap body jewellery is fine, but don't treat it like your good stuff.
It is not the same and will not react the same way as silver, gold and copper
are completely different materials and there is a reason they're
worth what they are. 

Real gold and silver jewellery can be worn indefinitely 
and is unlikely to cause rash, irritation or pain.
Unless of course you're unlucky enough to be allergic.

The good news is, all this negatively with cheap, copper
jewellery has caused a lot of manufacturers to start
producing hypoallergenic copper jewellery, which
contains lower amounts of nickel which is the main culprit of 
people's allergic reaction to copper.

Just be mindful though that these claims often don't make all that
much of a difference, so don't get sucked into pushy sales assistants,
trying to convince you you can wear their body jewellery 24/7.
I don't recommend it.

Another positive with costume jewellery are all the other wonderful
and beautiful, creative materials they're made from.
Plastic, semi precious stones, wood, glass, ribbon, the list goes on!

These materials are much easier to look after and often last a lot
longer without much looking after.
I love plastic because it will never tarnish. It might fade if left stored in the sun,
but for the most part it's great. Doesn't discolour your skin or irritate.
Colour shades available are endless and come in millions of styles
for all ages and occasion.

Semi precious stones are gorgeous, but are often over priced because
of their name, but are pretty much worthless.
Don't get sucked in!

Wood is one of my favs. A timeless material that lasts.
Never fades, discolour or irritates.
Comes in beautiful styles and tones and suits all skin, hair and eye colour, etc.
Can also be worn with just about anything!

I've seen some really creative and beautiful prices made from glass,
but the downside is, it's glass and can break.
Obvious more fragile, but if you can get your hands on real
glass beads over plastic, the difference is huge as glass ones have an
incredible shine and never scratch or wear easily, therefore lasting longer.

Ribbon is a really versatile material.
Added to necklaces and linking brackets won together can add a subtle, 
feminine touch with minimal effort and can be switched and changed
around with different sizes, colours and even textures.
One of the cheapest materials and easiest to DIY.
Even wrapped around your hair/head can create added, effortless glam
and make any old hair style instantly more interesting.

So that pretty much sums up my tips, tricks and advice on caring for
and maintaining your cheap jewellery.

I love how interesting and creative jewellery can be created
and really add something special to and complete an outfit or
overall look.

Watch my How-To Jewellery video below!

I hoped this post was somewhat useful!

Love Candy! 


Monday, May 26, 2014

How Do These Beautiful BB Creams Compare?

As you can see, I am a big fan of BB (Beauty Balm) Creams! 
This trend seemed to have exploded into the market over the past few years and I am guilty as charged of being sacked into the craze.
I have tried many of them and these are just some of my favourites from a few brands I truly love and believe deliver premium results.

I recently wrote a whole blog post dedicated to the L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Cream.
If you're curious to see my before and after pix and thoughts on that, you can check it out here.

ChiChi Super BB Cream in Light
I absolutely adore the ChiChi brand. Their products are so much fun and this one is no exception.  The smell makes my skin subtly perfumed without irritating my senses. The packaging is my favourite out of all my BB Creams and the coverage is amazing! 

I love this more so in the warmer months as it's actually a bit dark for my
natural skin tone. It has a reasonable amount of SPF which I really appreciate 
in a face product, especially if I'm wearing it when the sun it at its harshest.
Watch my review for this BB Cream below!

Maybelline was one of the first brands of makeup I ever bought and wore growing up and it has always remained a firm favourite.  I love the Tiffany Blue shade on the packaging and the fact that it contains 2% Salicylic Acid which aids in preventing and treating acne prone skin is a major plus to me because that is exactly what my skin is. 

This was the first BB Cream I ever tried and it still remains a firm favourite.
The colour blends into my natural shade flawlessly and it looks so natural and feels light and moisturizing on my skin.

I love to wear this on days I know I'm going to be in a lot of photos or if I'm filming a video. As the title states, it really does transform your skin to be photoready all day long. It stops that annoying, unflattering shine I often get on my face throughout the day, especially when it is hot. It completely conceales minor skin flaws including redness and fine lines. I love this and highly recommend it. 

I love Bobby Brown,  as a premium brand, their products are totally lost worthy and I only own a precious few, but with this BB Cream,  I don't feel like it delivers as well as it should, especially for the steep price. The SPF factor is brilliant, but the coverage is not very good in my opinion. 

I feel like this BB Cream received a lot of negative reviews when it was first released, and I'm unsure why. I have been very pleased with the appearance of my skin when using this and the pump dispense is awesome, although you only need about half the amount it puts out, so you only need to press the pump down about half way. The only downside I found was the light shade was actually quite dark. Mixed with a lighter foundation, concealer, sunscreen or moisturiser though, it lightens it up nicely and works well.

Watch my review below!

Do you have a favourite BB Cream? 
Do you wear foundation more or combine both?

Have a beautiful day!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for a fresh new post!


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Love Candy!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Clearasil Daily Face Scrub

Daily Vitamins & Extracts
Daily Face Scrub!

Recently I was fortunate enough to win a tube of this
the beautiful Sarah over at the All Her Pretty Little Things Blog!

I absolutely love this scrub as well as the wash also available in this
cleansing range so today I am going to share with you my thoughts
and some info on the product.

What I love most about this scrub is that it is quite abrasive but feels
absolutely amazing on your skin! The formula is super thick and very
creamy and smells so fresh and feels very soothing. 

You don't need to use a lot of product for each use, so this
product is excellent value for money as it will last you ages.

Click here to shop this product!

Does your skin benefit from a good scrub?
What is your fav face scrub at the moment?

Thank you again Sarah for hosting such a fun little giveaway
and of course for picking me as the winner!
I am very grateful!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & I hope you'll enjoy the week ahead.

Love CandyFairy!


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Thursday, May 22, 2014


That's Heart
Eyeshadow & Blush

It's here, it's here! :)
Created by popular youtube beauty guru That's Heart
in conjunction with BH Cosmetics is this super cute, adorable
makeup palette! 

Available periodically on Ozsale for $15
plus postage shipped directly from the US.

I've been inspired by Hearts many videos, but mainly by
her home decor and fashion style. This palette though I have to say
is as adorable in person as I expected. :)

The colours are that of a great variety with loads of shimmer
which I love but don't look OTT and are very workable for both
day and night looks. There is also a handy little heart shaped mirror
which I'm sure with come in very handy as I usually do my makeup 
in the car as the hubby does most of the driving & with the kids
securely strapped in the back seat, I am free to make myself look
somewhat human again without too much interruption or having
to worry about my lipstick being swipped by my little miss almost 3!

In order from top left
All 8 shadow's
(Oops I missed the brown next to the black! But trust me it is beautiful!)

Who are your favourite youtubers and what kind of videos
do they make?

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You can find That's Hearts youtube channel here as well.

Have a fab weekend & stay safe!
See you next week!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014



How-To Thick & Full Pony!

My Step-By-Step Guide! 

Step #1
Gather the top section of your hair just the same as
you would if you were creating a half up half down hair style.

Step #2
Pick up your Scunci thick pony tool and place it
underneath the gathered section of hair.

Step #3
Gather the rest of your hair up around the tool like you would
to create a normal pony.

Step #4
Reach for your snagless Scunci hair tie provided in the kit
and tie it around all of your hair. 

Step #5
The black elastic will hold not only your hair,
but the Scunci tool securely in place as well.

Step #6
Make sure you cannot see the Scunci tool poking through
your hair and you're good to go!

I love the look of fuller, thicker hair as I think it just makes it look so
much healthier and a little more glam. :)

I love sporting this look for something just a little bit different from my
normal routine.

What is your go to hair style?

Inspired by this style?
Why not shop this hair accessory right now!?

Watch My Video How-To Below!
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Thank you for reading! 
Stay tuned for more hair style how-tos coming soon!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I'm beginning to come to the realization that I am addicted to nail polish. 
So if you've been following my blog, you might have noticed
I've begun to post a NOTD once a week.
This is a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge for me as it makes
me think of something interesting to do with my nails and 
it gives me an excuse to actually paint them.
Like I need an excuse! ;)

Here is what I've been loving this season for Autumn!
These shades scream Autumn to me as they represent the colour
of the changing leaves. They remind me of nature and make me feel
kind of like a nature faerie. If you haven't realized it yet I am kind of
obsessed with all things mystical and fae. Hence my username. :)

NOTD Featuring:
Sally Hansen Magnetic in Kinetic Copper
I didn't bother using the magnetic effect as I feel
this polish shade is beautiful enough as it is!

OPI in Just Spotted The Lizard
Used on the tips of my nails

OPI The Living Daylights
Used on my ring finger feature nail

What polish shades or trends are you loving this season?

Thank you for your continued support!
Hope to see you here again tomorrow.


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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mitchum Clinical Protection 48hr Deodorant!

Mitchum Clinical Protection 48hr Deodorant


- Men's & Women's -

Over the past few weeks the hubby and I have both been
trialing and enjoying the benefits of these new 
Mitchum Clinical Protection 48hr Deodorants. 

I have been trialing in Pure Fresh & Powder Fresh scents.
Here is my review and thoughts below. :)


I am not usually a big sweater, but I definitely need to use a good deodorant daily! Being a busy mum, I am always rushing around doing something and I need that protection. Plus I find I sweat the most if I'm in a stressed or nervous situation. I have no time for leisurely sporting activities so I was unable to test these out in a full on sweat session, but I can tell you they did work for me, totally and entirely!
I much preferred the Pure Fresh scent over the Powder Fresh. Even though the Powder Fresh scent was pleasant, I'm not a big fan of the powder kind of scent. I much preferred the fresh, clear and clean kind of scent the Pure Fresh gave me.
Both performed the same. They kept me completely stink free, so to speak! ;) I applied once a day before going to bed usually after my shower. I did try it a few times before showing as it says it lasts in the shower and works whilst you sleep, but I much preferred just applying it before bed as it felt a bit weird to apply deodorant and then shower and wash the area straight afterwards.
Overall, very impressed and love the packaging! Fun and easy to use. I would buy in the future, although I'm not a fan of the hefty price. Although I would probably purchase without question in the humid Summer months.

My husband has been trialing two of the men's scents in Clean Control & Sport.
My husband has been trialling this deodorant in both the Sport and Clean Control scents over the past few weeks and as a man who wants and needs to smell fresh throughout the whole day working in an office environment being surrounded and dealing with people all day long, it is imperative he has a deodorant that lasts the distance. This deodorant did not fail!
He applied this each morning as apposed to the suggested night time application, as he just isn't used to this kind of procedure. None the less, it still worked brilliantly anyway.
He preferred the Sport fragrance over the Clean Control, but found them both the same in terms of performance.
Was easily applied and didn't leave any residue transferred onto his clothes. Only slight complaint was that his clicker which pushes the deodorant out was slightly tough and didn't turn smoothly which was a slight annoyance.
Overall he was really impressed and would use again and purchase in the future.

Watch my video review below!

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Thank you! xo

Thanks for reading/watching!
See you tomorrow!

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*These products were sent to me to review for Beautyheaven
*This blog post was not required as part of the trial 
*All opinions are my own 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Home Decor - Updated Kitchen Items

The kitchen is a space in my house where we spend quite a lot of time.
It's the first place we stumble to, sleepily, blurry eyed each
morning begging for the jug to hurry up and boil so we,
(ie, the husband and I) can begin to function properly for 
our busy days ahead.
It's where we eat, feed the kids, the cat and there is
always cleaning to do and catch up sessions are often had
there with whoever happens to be visiting or staying over that day.

So naturally in my current obsession with home decor
and upgrading all of my old, teen/early 20s pink/rainbow/glitter/cupcake
themed childish decor items. This past weekend 
was time to do some minor little upgrades.
These little ventures make me so happy!
As a SAHM, I'm a bit old fashioned in a sense 
in that my home is my little nest and I want
my family and I to be as comfortable as possible
as the kids and I spend the most time here whilst the 
beloved Daddy works his butt off elsewhere.

Only minor changes where made,
but I feel like they have made such a huge difference!

We replaced our two bins.
One regular & one recycle as I'm a big believer
in recycling as much as I can.
I saw these advertised in K-Mart's recent catalogue
and as I have been wanting to replace my old wheelie bin
style pink & purple bins for some classy looking stainless
steel ones for quite a while, I just had to go and check them out!

They had a few different styles and sizes to choose from.
I liked the tall, skinny, round stainless steel ones that where there,
but hubby spotted these and thought they where nicer.
I had to agree and I love the little push button which opens the lid,
whereas the round ones lid opened with a foot pedal.

These were 38 litre Homemaker brand at $39 each which for stainless steel
 bins is a great buy,
as they're usually a whole lot more. I have been looking for a while and
had been expecting to pay close to $100 each! 
Silly really, when you're talking about a bin here!

The other item we upgraded was the old microwave.
25 litre, also the Homemaker brand for $95.
This I had owned since before the husband and I had even met! 
That's going on at least a good seven years now, it was time for
it to go! Not only that, it was beginning to rust on the inside and
the plate in the centre only turned on occasion when it felt like it.

I love this because not only does it match the new bins we bought,
bit it also matches in with the rest of the kitchen. 
The oven & dishwasher also sport the same stainless steel finish.
The fridge will be the next upgrade as it is white.
We'll have to wait a while longer to do that though as that's
quite a big purchase and there are more important places
for money to go at the moment.

My husband being the handy man he is actually built this shelf for
the microwave to sit on here where normally the fridge is
designed to go. Our fridge is a two door which makes this space much
too small so that is why our bins live here instead.

We have very limited bench space and the new microwave was
threatening to take up even more of it than our last so we both
agreed the wasted space shown here beneath the cupboard and the
bins would be the perfect place to put a shelf for the microwave.
Only hurdle is we rent, so we had to be careful not to put any holes
in the walls. 

I'm really happy with how it all turned out!

Let me know what you think?


Stay tuned tomorrow for another blog post!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How To - Achieve Natural Looking FAKE Lashes!

Fake Natural Looking Long & Full Lashes!

Some time ago whilst browsing beauty blogs and Youtube videos 
I stumbled across what I believe to be a pretty
clever and skillful beauty trend.

Today I'd like to share it with you! :)

I actually filmed a video tutorial showing
you Step-By-Step on how to achieve
this illusion. You can watch that below.

In general applying false lashes takes
a bit of practice before getting the hang of it.
The same goes for this method of application.
So don't feel disheartened if at first you don't succeed.

Try try again!

It will eventually become a fast and easy way
to achieve beautifully, envious looking
lashes without the cost of getting them
professionally applied at a salon.

Step #1
Most of us beauty lovers already own some kind
of false lashes amongst our masses of stashes.
So grab your pair of choice.
Smaller sections of lashes may be easier to
apply for beginners or you can cut your
full Lash set into smaller sections and apply 
one at a time until you have achieved your desired look.

Step #2
Here is the kicker!
Instead of applying your fake lashes to the top of your natural
lashes, you are actually going to apply them below.
The same place where you would tight line your upper
lash line. If you regularly do this, you will probably
find this step much easier as you already have some
experience working with this delicate part of your eye.

Step #3
Because you have applied the lashes below your natural
lash line, there are no visible false lash line to be seen.
Your lashes should appear fuller and longer.
To fool everyone into thinking you were born with natural
long and full lashes, you could leave them just like that,
or apply mascara and other eye makeup as usual
and be on your way! :)

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Let me know if you have tried this before and any tips 
you have to share.

Thanks for reading/watching & have a beautiful weekend!
See you all next week!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NEW Colgate Toothpaste


When it comes to toothpaste, I usually just grab whatever is on special,
or if it claims to whiten my teeth, I'm there!

So a few weeks ago we ran out of the paste and so in
our usual state of rush shopping on a weekend with
two impatient kids in tow, I rushed down the beauty isle, 
(I'd much rather have taken my time to drool for at least a few minutes!)
and just grabbed a large tube of a different brand that looked like
pretty good value. 

Now, it isn't the brand or the poor toothpastes fault, 
but I cannot for the life of me stand anything artificially
orange flavoured! 

No matter if it's toothpaste, Vitamin C tablets, lollies, ice blocks,
Etc, I just hate the taste. So of course out of all the
multitudes of minty toothpastes I go and 
pick up the only orange flavoured one! Doh!

So for the next week following I was stuck
concentrating on blocking out my taste buds
each and every time I brushed until we 
had a chance to get back to the shops.
(We are very busy people you know!) ;)

The following weekend finally rolled around 
and as we were going about our usual shop
there in an end isle, staring me in the face,
was a toothpaste that ticked all the boxes for me.

Cheap, $2!
Minty flavoured! 
Pretty packaging. 
(Because that is so important!)

Being the chocolate, sweets, ice cream, coffee with cream....
(need I go on?) lover that I am, it is lucky for my
teeth that this contains a sugar acid neutraliser
or I'm sure I'd probably be paying for it before too
long. And we all know how costly that can add up to fast!

Fast forward two weeks and I no longer
need to force my taste bubs to take a hike 
each time I brush, I am loving the minty taste!
Makes my breath fresh for hours,
my mouth feels clean and the whole 
process is back to its pleasant even 
pampering feeling again. 


Have you tried this yet?
What is your toothpaste of choice?

*This is not a sponsored blog post!