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17 - 18 AUGUST!

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Priceline is at it again with one of their quick 2 day sales and this time it's all about hair.
Time to stock up on all of your haircare products, hair brushes and hair accessories!

I feel like I blog and make videos quite a bit to do with hair accessories, hair styles and hair tools
so here I am with what I would recommend picking up at the sale if you're keen to tell Priceline to

I have been using this on and off between this and my Evoke straightener over the past couple of
months trying to work out which I prefer. At the moment this one in winning the battle! It just seems
to make my hair that little bit more straight and smooth faster. It is a little bit fiddly with the whole
steam function where you have the option of putting water into it to add the steam factor, but it seems
worth while and it's just a bit fun as well. Watch my how to use/review video here!

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream
Ever since discovering the first classic iconic L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil a few years ago (Watch full
review video here!) when it comes to using hair oils in my hair I have never looked back! Hair oils
I find just work that much better, especially for dry and damaged hair like my own.
This product is made up of a mix of six different flower oils making the scent and thus your hair
smelling ah-maaazing! Can be used on both wet or dry hair to tame frizz, smooth and nourish
hair deeply improving it's condition more and more with continued use.

This has been my go-to for everyday and lazy days to just throw my hair up and out of my face and
out of the way! During Summer this was especially my best friend, giving me an effortless style and
relaxed look without being too scruffy. Think more elegant, soft ballerina messy bun. To get the look
be sure to watch my hair tutorial video right here for how to get the look!

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Heat Protect Cream
I have been pretty slack over the past few years and when I ran out of my old heat protectant spray I
just never got around to purchasing a new one. Boy has my hair paid the price for my negligence!
Luckily I was gifted this product at a recent blogger event and have been using it religiously every
time I straighten and blow dry my hair! Not only does this do the obvious in protecting your hair
from heat up to 230 degrees. It also helps to smooth your hair and keeping it that way for longer.
I can definitely see a huge difference since using this, I am now kicking my butt for not using this

Having slowly made the tricky transition from deep dark brunette to medium/light blonde over the
past year or so I have tried quite a few different tone correcting products which promise to strip the
brassy and horrible yellow tones. I picked up this duo in a recent Beautorium event over on the
website Beautyheaven and am so glad that I did! These are by FAR the BEST blonde toning
products I have ever used! I can see a difference after just one wash! If you want to maintain your
best blonde then I highly recommend picking these up in the sale. I'm going to!

Since I have almost used up my bottle of the Fudge shampoo mentioned above, I have to again give
thanks to Beautyheaven for giving me the opportunity to try something new to maintain my best
blonde possible with this product by ProVoke. So far so good! I really REALLY need to do my roots
though! (If you have seen some of my recent videos you would probably have noticed!) I have used
this a couple of times already and the results have been just as good as the Fudge. I will be DIY-ing
my roots sometime over the next few days so I will see how it goes on freshly bleached hair.

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Leave In Treatment
Of course all hair needs a little extra TLC from time to time, especially when you are constantly
using heat and product after product on it on a daily basis. My hair has become quite dry from the
lightening so I have been using a lot of hair oils and treatments to pack the moisture and nourishment
back in. I have been using this Extraordinary Oil Treatment 1-2 times per week over the past six
weeks and can definitely notice the change! 

Using this in my shower along with the L'Oreal product mentioned above is this 3 Minute Miracle
treatment. Again I used this 1-2 times per week and have been using it for a few months now.
The overall look and feel of my hair has really changed for the better. My hair is almost back it it's
old pre-lightened healthy self because of this. It is not just a pretty bottle, it is also pretty, no - really,
really good!

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Cica Cream
This product is great because it can be used on either wet or dry hair which means I never have to
think about it when I go to apply it. I love that because, well who really has time for that?
This is great to repairing the hair's damage like split ends and breakage. It also protects the hair from
the everyday elements. Don't be fooled by the plain white cream, it is packed full of something called
Cicamide which can instantly soak into each hair strand giving you immediate results!

Will you be shopping at the sale?
What's on your wish list?

Let's follow each other! 

*Some of these products may have been sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Monday, August 15, 2016



Aren't subscription boxes just the funnest? If I could sign up to every single one I probably would!
I can't get enough of that anticipation and surprise when one arrives in the mail. I LOVE no knowing
exactly what might be inside and having all the new products to try is me in my element.

I have reviewed quite a number of different boxes in the past including a few Bellabox's and I just
love when they release their limited edition boxes because you always get so much more in them.

You can pick up this box which has Bellabox teaming up with Vogue to produce an awesome choice
of skincare, haircare and makeup valued at $115 for only $49.95!

Get yours for a very limited time right here!

I have previously used and reviewed the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum and loved it,
actually I have also used a hand cream of theirs and remember that being completely gorgeous as 
well and since I have heard so much of this product ever since it came out a few years ago I cannot
tell you just how excited I am to finally own my own little bottle and to be able to use this on the
regular! Yay!

Interesting to discover this brand has been around since 1828! I have never heard of it!
Meant to be both soothing, moisturising and repairing to the skin. I love any skincare product
which contains honey, so most likely I am going to love this one!

I have never owned the full size of this product, however have tried a few of these samples in the
past and quite liked them. The product is smooth and gives a nice matte finished. Once I run out of
primers I would definitely be purchasing this. 

I actually already own this product, having received it in another box some time ago!
This is a product I don't believe gets enough praise as it really is lovely. The shade is just right and
you can easily build up the amount of highlight you are looking to achieve. It is firm but not hard
and doesn't dry out or become too soft to use. 

Here is a super luxe product I am drying to soak my skin into! Elizabeth Arden is well known in
having an exceptional reputation when it comes to anti-ageing skincare. This puppy retails at full
size for $96.00 so this is definitely a special treat for me. 

Bobby Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (Deluxe Sample Size)
What an absolute treat to receive this Bobby Brown mascara! Such a popular high end brand which I
adore. I am very much looking forward to using this mascara as from what I can tell it looks like a nice neat formula and basic, non complicated brush.

Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum (Deluxe Sample Size)
When it comes to skin repair, I feel like skin being the body's largest organ can always do with some
kind of targeted repair. Weather it be from sun damage, acne scaring, wrinkles and fine lines to dark 
spots, dehydration and sagging. This product is great for all of these things. I cannot wait to get into
this. Slowing down that ticking clock, that's the goal!

Neon & Co Hair Treatment Oil (Deluxe Sample Size)
Creates shine & eliminates frizz? Yes please! My hair is lacking shine and as frizzy as ever with 
the amount of hair dying I have been putting it through lately! Treatment oils are my hair's best 
friend right now. I own so many hair leave in moisturisers which are great, however in my
recent experience I have been love hair oils and finding them to work a little better for me in
regards to taming the frizz and putting the moisture back in especially.

What are your thoughts on this Limited Edition box?
Will you be signing up?

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*This box was kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
- I have included this video over at Fabulous & Fun Life's blog link up 'Monday Makeup Madness!' Check it out!

Friday, August 12, 2016



You know, we've all probably got our go-to hair brush right? The one you always grab without 
thinking and just rake that thing through your hair at a million miles an hour every morning before
heading out the door hoping for the best and that your hair will stay sitting right for the remainder
8-10 hours of the day? Well, I'll admit, I have that one brush and do that too. Always rushing and
never thinking about the damage I might be doing to my hair as I tug and pull through the knots just
so I can get on with my day. My hair is long, thick and damaged, time to stop being so mindless and
show it a bit more love and respect. After all it frames my face and thus my selfies! :D

Desatta Detangling Brush to the rescue! I have recently added this little hand held device to my daily
routine to help with the dry knots which somehow intertwine themselves around like a spiders web
throughout the night. Humph! Been working a real treat though! The brush consists of three bristle
levels and 440 of them! They are made with a special gel which combats static and makes the brush 
last so much longer than any of your regulars do.

This Rose Gold design is completely stunning as just about anything which is Rose Gold these days
might as well just write sold all over it as I will definitely buy it!

This currently retails for rrp $34.95 and is also available in the mini for $29.95
Or if you just have to have both you can also get the duo in a pack for $59.95

Dessata Detangling Hair Brushes are available to purchase online directly from their website in 
a wide range of colours and designs.

Dessata are currently offering FREE SHIPPING when you put FREE at the checkout!

So how would you like to win your very own?!



- - - Dessata Bright Chrome Bronze Duo Pack! - - -

Comes delivered straight to your door in a beautifully packaged gift box and consists of
not only the original size but the mini version as well! One for everyday and one for travelling or
to keep in your handbag. You might also like to keep one handy in your car or desk at work for
handy touch ups throughout the day!

Good Luck!

T's & C's
- - -
- Open to Australian residents only
- If under 18 please get your parent or gardians consent before entering
- Fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter
- Giveaway open from 12/08/16 - 28/08/16
- The winner will be sent x1 Dessata Bright Chrome Bronze Duo Pack
- Winner chosen fairly and squarely through random.org

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
*All photographs (aside from the Dessata Bright Chrome Bronze Duo Pack images - These are credit to http://www.dessata.com.au& video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



I looooove me a good subscription box! Getting that little thrill when it arrives in the mail and 
opening it up not being 100% sure what I'll find inside is a great thrill and a treat which does not
happen often enough!

A few months ago I attended the ever famous Aussie Bloggers United event here in Brisbane and 
amongst the endless amount of goodies galore we were fortunate enough to lug home with us was 
this Good Green Box! Needless to say I was super doper excited to see what was inside!

I love that this box is all about being green and supporting those brands who follow suit.
 I like to think I have a close bond with the earth, being an earth sign (Capricorn) and all. I am also a 
strong believer in the Fae, so being kind to the planet and doing my little part is important to me. :)

So let's just see what we have here! Seven different products all together. Some I have tried before 
and others are completely new to me. Not disappointing at all, I like the look of this array of choice!

Manuka Biotic Naturally Purifying Face Cleanser
This cleanser contains Witch Hazel & Green Tea Extract, Manuka & Kanuka Oil as well as 
Glycerine. This cleanser is said to be both antibacterial and anti ageing. I like to sound of that!
Sad it is only a small sachet, however keen to try it out and happy to know I can purchase this 
directly off the Good Green Box website is I like it as well as other Manuka Biotic products.

Vegesorb Moisturiser
I am excited to learn that this is actually not only an Aussie company, it is also a Brisbane company!
So nice to discover a brand so close to home.

This product contains natural almond and apricot kernel oil, which soaks right into the skin so easily
and does not just stick to the surface. It is also colour and fragrance free, great for sensitive and even
babies skin.

WotNot Facial Wipes
This is a product I have used many times before. This is the perfect makeup remover wipe. So gentle
on the skin and doesn't strip the skin either. Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. 

I like the shape of this wipe. It is a good medium size and thickness with just the right amount of
 moisture. Certified organic ingredients and 100% biodegradable! 

Beauty and the Bees
Madagascar Island Flowers Soap - This smells completely gorgeous, like a huge bunch of mixed
florals. It is quite a strong scent for such a little sample soap size, but it is so nice I can't stop smelling
it! Contains a mix of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rose & Marigold. Does that not sound just so lovely?

Beer Shampoo - Here is an interesting product for you! I have heard about people using beer as a 
rinse in hopes of more shiny hair. (Haven't tried it, but apparently is works!) This one is gender
neutral and contains Tasmanian Beer, Olive & Caster Oils, Coconut, Beeswax, Leatherwood, 
Essential Oils, Tasmanian Hops & Mount Wellington Spring Water.

MooGoo Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner
Here is a brand I feel is making traction in the market as I seem to keep seeing it everywhere lately!
Looking into it, it looks like a great brand actually and I am so excited to try it for the first time!

Can be used on both wet or dry hair which is so convenient for me being a busy mum. I can easily 
just pop a pea size amount into the ends during my morning routine as I start the day!

Contains Vitamins E, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Milk Protein, Olive Oil, Water, Fragrant Oil & more.

Sanctum Gentle Face Exfoliant
I am familiar with this brand and I am fairly sure I have tried a sample of this product before.
I love facial and body exfoliants and use them almost daily as I feel like me body builds up dead skin
cells quickly and I love the feeling of fresh new smooth skin after a good scrub. Makes such a 
positive difference to the appearance of my skin!

This product is 100% naturally derived and contains a mix of crushed walnut, loofah, shells and rice
bran. Sanctum is a strong believer of testing only on humans, not animals! Love! 

Suvana Natural PawPaw & Acai Balm
Here is a new brand to grab my attention. This lip balm is super moisturising and great for those
winter chapped lips! Can be used anywhere on the body and can also be used to treat minor burns,
cuts and grazes.

Contains a mix of 100% all natural goodness including - Beeswax, Coconut & Castor Oil, Stevia,
Cocoa Butter and Papaya Extract.


So there you have it! Which product do you want to try the most?

The Good Green Box can be purchased for the prices below.

One off box - $25.00
Sign up for 3 Boxes - $70.00
Sign up for 6 Boxes - $130.00

FREE Shipping Australia Wide.

Sign up here!

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*I was gifted this box at a Bloggers United Event in Brisbane
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipsticks!

I love makeup and when new products come along it is very exciting and fun for myself and beauty
lovers alike. But when it comes to lipsticks, my weakness when it comes to makeup I get weak at the
knees. My lipstick draw in my makeup collection is so bright and colourful it makes even the most
dark and dreary mornings better and lifts my mood. Playing with shades, texture and different 
creative packing - I'm like a kid in a candy store!

These six brand new shades, each perfectly suitable year round in my opinion and each shade 
cleverly selected as the most popular and most worn classic hues world wide.
Starting from top left - Red-y Set, Go! / Spin All Spring / Woke Up Like This / Better & Brighter / 
Glow-Rious Pink / Pink Rules

This is the kind of selection of shades where everyone has their go-to. Mine being wearable pink.
Then there are those who always wear red or coral or nude. All are within this collection.

The shades are actually quite sheer with the pinks being especially subtle but still buildable if you are
after a bit more colour. My pout swatches below are coming up a bit brighter with the flash on. They
are almost like a tinted balm with all six shades containing a lovely hint of shimmer in them. Very
beautiful and recommended for that more natural I'm not wearing any makeup, makeup look.

Starting top left - Spin All Spring  / Better & Brighter / 
Glow-Rious Pink / Woke Up Like This / Pink Rules / Red-y Set, Go!

Left to right - Better & Brighter, Woke Up Like This, Glow-Rious Pink, Pink Rules, Red-y Set, Go!, 
Spin All Spring

I am loving the simple and feminine silver and pink casings. Totally my style and the colours
are truly beautiful and feel super smooth upon application.
These new Sheer & Shine lippies can be purchased from all the regular places where Rimmel 
London is normally found like Priceline, Big W, Woolies, Coles, Chemist Warehouse & Target.
RRP $13.95 each!

What do you think of this new collection of Rimmel London lippies?
Which shade is your favourite?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own