Thursday, July 31, 2014


~ Puretopia ~

Bioactive Solutions

Pure Treatment

Hydrating & Rejuvenating
Hair Mask!

If you're been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know the constant war I have
going on with my hair. I've always had long hair down my to my backside and even though
it's so much more work to look after and maintain, I love having the length and can't bring myself
to want to cut it short. My hair is also naturally frizz prone, thick and generally just painful to control,
which leads me to just shoving it up into a messy bun most days if I'm just at home and don't have to
face the big bad world.

I am constantly on the hunt and discovering new and innovative hair product to
help me out and to make life easier. Then is dawned on me recently that I've
been completely ignorant to a good old fashioned hair mask! Like seriously,
what is wrong with me?! I have such an endless supply of shampoos, conditioners
and serums, yet not a single hair mask!? I know I used to use them all the time.
I think I just stopped buying them ages ago when I decided I needed to down size
my product collection.

Anyhow, then I got the opportunity to try this Australian, 100% Sulfate free
beauty and realized what I'd been missing from my life!
I am rotating through a few different brand of shampoos and conditioners
at the moment and don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying them, but you
know, my hair still isn't looking exactly perfect... well it is now beginning to shine
a little brighter now that I've given it some extra special TLC with this luxurious tub of goodness!

This generous 250ml sized round tub is full of natural and moisturising
 ingredients including; argan, macadamia oils, almond oils, sunflower seed oil, flower oils
+ more! As you can imagine it smells delightful. More of a creamy scent than anything.
Which leads me on to the texture and feeling it gives to your hair.
The formula itself feels & looks just like a lightly natural smelling scented body moisturiser - only
it's designed just for your hair! It is a decent thickness which makes it good to work with when
you're applying it all over your hair so you're not wasting a heap of product that drips out of your hands. The deep moisturising properties in this product help to protect your hair from heat
styling. (Yup, that's me! Guilty!) So that's perfect for me!
This amazing formula actually aids in improving the elasticity of your hair therefore making
it stronger, less prone to breakage which limits dodgy looking stray fly aways which are in my
case weak hairs which have snapped from either brushing, styling and poorly
designed hair elastics.

Do you use hair masks? Tell me your fav!

Love Candy!

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*This product was kindly sent to me for review
*All opinions and photographs are my own

Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Physicians Formula Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Smokes
Used this to death and loved it! Bit more into browns and golds now
a days, but this little trio has served me well. A beautiful shimmery
mix of black and greys. Lovely quality!

Schwarzkopf Taft Styling Gel
Have to admit, I had a fair bit of help with using up this product with my man.
So I can vouch that this product works for both men & women! :)

Indio Renew Cream
Got quite a few uses out of this little tube as a day and night cream.
Quite a nice cream, I enjoyed using it.

Avon Clearskin Purifying Astringent
I've been sooo good at remembering to use a toner over the past few months!
Ever since I dove into my mountain load of products stashed away to see what
I should be using up to have something for these empties posts where I
found about 5 different barely used and un opened bottles of toners!
Doh! Always the best intentions when I purchase, then I get lazy or forget....
Loved this one. Avon products are so affordable and always seem to agree
with my skin and do a great job.

Neutrogena Acne Wash Foaming Scrub in Pink Grapefruit
Once I've shrunk down my product supply a bit more I would really love
to stock up on this one! The smell, ahh!! It is sooo good! The transparent light
pinky, peach, grapefruit colour is so pretty and it has a good amount of scrub
in it.

Mor Body Butter in Belladonna
Who doesn't love MOR products!?
This was such a small little tube it didn't take very long to use up.
The smell is divine, such a beautiful, luxurious body butter to treat
yourself with.

Mukti Botanical Cleansing Lotion
Only got one use out of this tiny pot, it felt highly moisturising
and creamy. A lovely feeling, smooth lotion which left my skin feeling
really soft and smooth afterwards.

Avon Foot Works Cracked Heel Relief Cream
One of my top moisturising creams which I recommend especially
during the winter months as it's extra thick and perfect for dry, hard
and/or cracked skin.
More about this product...

Bed Head Tigi Sugar Dust
A starchy, dry texture perfect for slightly greasy hair.
Revives and gives you a fresh, clean feeling when applied and worked in.

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
Great for greasy, acne prone skin as I found this quite drying.
My skin is acne prone, but not overly greasy, so I only used this a few times a
week as it was just too drying to use everyday for my skin. Foams up nicely though.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar
An all time, classic beauty staple and firm favourite.
Doesn't dry your skin out and lathers up into such a beautiful, soft lather.
Long lasting and smells subtle and clean.
More about this product...

Australis Black Eyeliner Pencil & Prestige Black Eyeliner Pencil
Dug these eyeliner pencils out of my collection and decided it was time
to say goodbye. They've had a good long life with me, but sadly many
other new and exciting rivals are competing for my attention.
These have both been superb pencil liners. Easy to work with,
I would repurchase again once I run low again.

Love Candy!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


~ July Favourites ~

Clear Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner
This also featured as a favourite of mine in my June Favourites last month,
and even though I've been juggling a few different shampoos and conditioners
this month, this one still remains a firm fav!

L'Oréal Paris Eyeshadow Palette in Northern Lights
I recently hauled this palette and haven't stopped using it ever since!
The shades are perfect to create a natural everyday look that is buildable
for also going out at night and the shades compliment my features really nicely.

Maybelline NY Superstay Better Skin Foundation in Light Beige
I've been trialing this for Beautyheaven recently and have been enjoying the results.
Goes on very smooth and looks and feels light whilst still providing a decent
amount of coverage. 
Stay tuned for a in depth dedicated review coming soon!

Puretopia Bioactive Solutions Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub
I've only been using this for a short time, but I already feel like this is a
worthy fav! It is definitely one of my more luxurious scrubs. Feels
very pampering and does a brilliant job at gently removing dead skin
build up leaving my skin so smooth and soft!

Maybelline NY Baby Lips in Mango Pie
Another MNY fav would have to be my baby lips, in particular this month
the Mango flavour has taken my fancy most of all. Once you get past the vibrant
and bright coloured packaging which I love, the formula itself is sheer and smells
amazing! I love to apply this throughout the day when I'm home or out and about
with the kids as I'm constantly hugging and kissing them! With this I don't have to
worry about any sticky or coloured lip product transferring onto them.

Organic Care Ginger & Lemongrass Antibacterial Hand Wash
I recently trialed this for Beautyheaven and it has made me realize how much
I enjoy using liquid hand washes as opposed to block soaps.
I especially like the antibacterial aspect of this product as I'm currently
in the middle of toilet training my toddler and needless to say we have been
putting this to very good use!

Scunci Pin Twirls
These are such a versatile hair product and are perfect for holding hair in
place without the need for any elastics or bobby pins.
Check out my tutorial here!

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
Only in the past maybe two years or so have I discovered the power of 
facial serums. I only wish I'd known how much of a difference they actually
make to your skin earlier. This one I've been particularly impressed with
lately. I've been using this for quite a few months and the results are evident
in my skins overall appearance.

Skin B5 Skin Purifying Mask
I'd never used a Skin B5 product before I tried this which I received
late last year in my Blogstar prize pack. 
As my skin is naturally acne prone, unless I keep it in check with products such as
this, it goes ballistic! If I just want a quick pimple fix, I'll just dab a little bit of
this on the spot and leave it on as long as i can throughout the day or night
and it clears the area right up. It's brilliant! 

Love Candy! 

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Monday, July 28, 2014


~ Follow Up Reviews ~

- Second time results!
Second Review #Dark Brown 4.0
Following the first time dying my hair with this hair dye in the dark brown 4.0, the second time around was a pretty similar experience.
The colour is almost identical to my natural shade so I have been happy with no noticeable regrowth. I haven't noticed the colour fading at all, which has been excellent. It covered my few stray greys, although when it came time to dye my hair again after a few weeks, some sneaky new ones had suddenly appeared. :*( So I don't know if that is from the dye wearing off, or just new ones growing.
I noticed after this second round, by the time I was ready to dye my hair again and the conditioning cream provided in the box had been long used up, only after using it again did I realize just how much of a difference it makes to my hair!! Looking back over my first video review, I think you can see the difference in my hairs texture before and after dying really obviously. My hair took to it so well, I feel like the no ammonia and flower oils also helped make such a positive difference in the dye itself. My hair became once again super smooth, soft and very shiny and healthy looking! It felt so good! Again I used two boxes to complete the job, using about 3/4 the amount of the second box.
Any slight drips onto my skin didn't stain and simply washed off in the shower. I didn't get light headed or anything like that from the fumes, because there weren't any. No irritation at all and I found it even easier the second time around after already using the product once before.
Super duper impressed & very happy with the results!

- Third time results!
Will Continue To Use!
This is my 3rd and final review as part of the Trial Team for this product. I've now dyed my hair for the 3rd time in the shade 4.0 Dark Brown which is almost exact to my natural shade.
I found for the first time I only used just one box instead of 2 previously as I found the colour hadn't really faded at all and since my roots were almost exact I didn't need much touching up. I did still have the odd grey popping through so I mainly focused on getting as much dye as I could manage soaking into those nasty little hairs!
Throughout this whole experience, since the beginning my hair has remained in a much better, more noticeable condition. I have really noticed the difference at how shinier my hair looks and it just overall feels healthier, I've even received quite a few compliments from family and friends at how good my hair is looking and what I'd done to it!! :D
I would love to see Garnier supply or release a larger tube of the conditioning treatment supplied in the box as I just LOVED it! If I could purchase a larger bottle of it or similar I would use it all the time!
I've decided to keep the upkeep and colour maintenance of my hair with this product as the colour really suits me and my skin tone. I feel like it is a big improvement from the two toned ombre effect I had going on before!
Will continue to use and purchase! LOVE IT! :)
*thumbs up!*

Watch my follow up video review below! 
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Have you tried any Garnier products? 

Love Candy! 

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* This product was kindly sent to me for review for the Beautyheaven video trial team
* All opinions & photographs are my own

Sunday, July 27, 2014



~ Puretopia Bioactive Solutions ~

Smooth & Renew
Gentle Exfoliating

Face Scrub!

(New Favourite!)

When it comes to my skin, what it likes, doesn't like and how I keep it looking
clear and young, I'll let you in on a few of my beauty secrets.

1. I never sun bake and rarely go out in the sun.
When I do I like to lather up with my favourite sunscreen.

2. I don't smoke, take drugs, party hard or drink ANY alcohol.
(I know it is ok to drink some wines and they can be quite beneficial in moderation,
this is just me and how I like to live my life.)

3. I try to get a good night's sleep every night.
I am still currently breast feeding so this is a bit of a challenge for me at the
moment, but taking a short nap during the day if you can manage it, no
more than half and hour can really give you a energy kick to tackle the rest
of the afternoon & evening if you've had a restless night.

4. Be active!
I am in no way interested in playing sports and going to the gym.
Almost everyone has no time for that these days as we lead such busy lives.
So I just make sure my mind is conscious of being active throughout the day.
I'm a stay at home mum of 2 kids under 5, so needless to say I don't have to think
about keeping active too much. 
I've noticed in photos when I'm active my skin glows as opposed to
appearing blotchy, tired and lack lustre when I'm not.
Watch my tips to keep active video here!

5. Consume healthy, natural foods - limit sugar!
I'll be the first to admit I love me a good sugar hit and as tempting as it is,
I never feel as good as I do if I eat for example an orange instead.
Oranges have always, always made me feel almost instantly better if I'm ever
feeling run down or unwell. They're an amazing fruit and give me much more
sustained energy than any chocolate bar or even coffee, which actually has no
effect on me. (As much as I love it anyway!)

6. Change your mind set to limit stress. 
This has been one of the biggest lessons I've learned to deal with in my life.
I am still battling with this on a daily basis, but the mind is such an incredible
organ, I feel like us humans could achieve so much more power and control of
 our lives if we just took the time to work on figuring out how to tap into it more
and in fact control it. There is room for us to evolve so much more!
It is difficult to explain, but basically the things that used to stress me out the most
I try to deal with it immediately, if I can't control it I find a positive in it and focus on that. 
It is incredible how this effects the world around me and changes my life!
Now, I know you might be thinking, what is this idiot on about, there is no
positive in this or that (Whatever it may be that you're facing) situation.
Believe me, I hear you! That is why it is such a huge challenge and a daily
battle to keep under control with your mind.
Anyhow, I could do a whole other blog post on this in more detail.
(If you're interested,  let me know!) :)
So my point?
 Living a stress free life, stops you using twice as many
facial muscles in your face by frowning and limits those worry lines
creasing horizontally across your forehead.
Limit the stress, limit the wrinkles!

7. Moisturise, Moisturise! Moisturise!
For me, this means moisturising my whole body from my hair to the soles
of my feet daily!
It is an effort, but a worthwhile one. I have often received compliments
on how soft and smooth my skin feels. So it must work.
I don't necessarily use expensive, high end moisturisers, in my experience
it doesn't make much of a difference. I just use whatever takes my fancy.
I am usually captivated first by packaging, then by smell, texture and then ingredients also take my interest.

8. Scrub a dub dub!
I love it when I have that little bit of extra time in the shower where I can
concentrate on buffing off all those dead skin cells with a good scrub!
I like to do this not only on my face, but my whole body as skin can build up
all over and clog pores if not taken care of. I find my skin radiates and is clearest
when I exfoliate regularly. I can get away with doing it about 3-4 times a week
without causing any irritation, depending on how abrasive the scrub is.
I use the harshest ones I can find on my feet, then basically the further up the body,
the more gentle exfoliaters I like to use.
At the moment I'm loving this Puretopia facial scrub as it gentle enough for me to
use on my face daily. The formula contains fine black and cream silica & limestone particles that leave my skin feeling super smooth and clean and fresh. It smells moisturising and refreshing with tangerine flower and it is 100% sulfate & paraben free! It contains panthenol, aloe, which soothes the skin from the scrub, pro vitamin B5 and glycerin.

Suitable for all skin types!
RRP: $9.95

Thank you for reading!
I hope you got something out of it and are somewhat inspired.

What are your anti ageing/radiant skin care tips?

Love Candy! 

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* This product was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own

Thursday, July 24, 2014


~ Native Box ~


Native Box also offer a great range of other boxes including,

Super Size

All packed full of a huge variety of Eco Friendly products!

To celebrate Christmas in July (why not right!)
let's take a peek at what's inside!

Peeled Snacks Organic Mango Pieces
RRP: $3.95 (40g)
Obviously these couldn't be resisted and we're quickly completely
devoured as soon as I opened the box by my husband and I!
They were so delicious, oh my gosh I want more!!

Cherry Brown Creme Mineral Foundation 5g
Warm Beige (Sample)
RRP: $29.95 (15g)
On first look, this foundation looked really dark for my skin tone, 
but when I switched it, it seemed to match my skin's shade quite well,
so I'm looking forward to trying it as it's moisturising, doesn't clog pores
and contains jojoba oil & sunflower wax.
I also love that is came with its own little applicator sponge which I know
from many years of trial and error gives you a more flawless finish by
diminishing pores, fine lines and other minor imperfections like acne
and scaring.

Piranha Australian Soy Crisps
Sweet Chilli Lime (40g)
Unlike some healthier chip alternatives, these are actually
full of zesty flavour both in the crisp itself and the outside coating.
They definitely haven't skimped on the coating, all the crisps
are totally coated in it which make them look even yummier!

Coconut Magic Raw Energy Bar
Raspberry (Full Size)
RRP: $4.20 (45g)
I've already eaten this (I couldn't resist!) and it was so yum!!
Who doesn't love raspberries for starters, the coconut reminds me of
a cherry ripe with the bar having the texture of a solid fruit slice.
Also contains dates, almonds, goji berries & cashews!

Vabori Olive Leaf + Manuka Honey Lozenges
(Full Size)
RRP: $7.99 (x15 per box)
There couldn't be a more perfect time of the year to have some of these
on hand both at home, in the car and in the purse. 
These give relief to a dry, sore throat & taste soothing and delish too.

Go Green At Home
Eco Toothbrush (Adult Medium)
RRP: $39.95 (Box of 12)
This has been cleverly crafted with a slight bend in the handle,
is biodegradable as are the bristles as well!

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Gentle Face Wash Serum 20ml (Sample)
RRP: $19.95 (50ml)
Contains essences of angelsword, bauhinia, billy goat plum, bottlebrush,
five corners, fringed violet & macrocarpa.

Morlife Goji Antiox Wholegrain Toasted Muesli
Sample (60g)
RRP: $10.95 (400g)
        $21.95 (1kg)
There is nothing I love more than toasted muesli for breakfast.
Usually with plain, natural yoghurt and added fresh fruit.
(Whatever is left over from the other fruit bats in the house!)
This contains oats, barley, rye, honey, rice bran straws, prime juice, goji,
macadamia, sultanas, sunflower seeds, linseeds, pepitas, dried cranberries,
dried blueberries, coconut chips, chia seeds + more!

Essentially Natural Coconut Flour
It is so weird I received this when I did, because that very same morning
my husband was actually talking to me about coconut flour as it popped up
in our random conversation! So this will be great fun to use. I'm not sure
how I'll be using it just yet, but I'm very keen to see how it goes and tastes!

Watch my unboxing video below!

Are you subscribed to any of Native Box's boxes?

Love Candy! 

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* This box was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


~ Native Box ~


Winter 2014

Nourish Our Kids
A free magazine for parents packed full of tips, tricks, recipes, deals
and more. A great read when you get a spare few minutes!

Wotnot Natural Organic Biodegradable Wipes
20 pack (Extra large)
I've used these many times, they're fantastic!
RRP: $2.95

Ayana Organics
Baby Bottom Cream
RRP: $19.50 (60ml)
Baby Butter
RRP: $33.00 (250ml)

Probiotic Solutions Anywhere Anytime
(Full Size) 50ml
All purpose, chemical free, probiotic based cleaner.
This cleverly concocted bottle contains a blend of ingredients
specifically formulated to stimulate your scenses, motivating
and energizing your body ready to tackle any cleaning job!
Cool! :)
RRP: $10.00

Care You Love
Persian Rose Face Moisturiser
RRP: $21.95 (Full Size 50ml)

Moltex Eco Nappy
(Generously Sized Newborn)
Get great discounts and freebies with your purchases when you sign up
to their VIP club!
RRP: $18.95 (Newborn x28 Pack)

 Vitarium 100% Naturally Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate
x2 15g each
Free from gluten, nuts, wheat, egg, yeast & GMO. 
RRP: $7.50 (200gm)

Rainforest Remedies Lemon Myrtle Lip Balm
5g (Full Size)
RRP: $6.50

NatraSan Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser
28ml Dermatology Tested!
Contains Kakadu & Vanilla
RRP: $3.50

Hello Fresh $30 off Voucher
I have received a few of these gift cards now and to be completely honest
I'm not all that impressed. I mean, their boxes look amazing, but to me,
they're way overpriced and with the cheapest box available being pretty much
double what the voucher is worth so it just isn't worth it for me,
 and their site not allowing you to redeem more
than one voucher per order, I think I'll pass. 

Estringsbags 100% Cotton Handle Carry Bag
Pink Cherry Blossom! 
(Also available in black, cream, orange, red & green)
RRP: $4.00
10% of every Pink bag sold goes to the NBCF! 

Watch my unboxing video below!

Which item from the box looks like something you'd like to try the most?

Love Candy! 

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* This box was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


~ Happy 3rd Birthday ~

My baby girl is a baby no more!
She turned 3 today along with her daddy who also shares this extra special day with her!
Gosh to think this time 3 very short years ago I'd just gone through 24 hours of labour! 
Gosh! All forgotten though as I saw and held her for the first time.

Her current obsession is Peppa Pig as with most girls around her age at the moment.
I'm no chef, but I gave it a crack today. Lucky daddy! He gets to share his birthday full
of PP, pink, sparkles, fairy wings and let's not forget Kinder surprise eggs!
(My daughters other obsession!)

My apologies for such a quick, short and late post today.
As you can imagine I just want to spend all my attention on two of
the most important people in my life today. :)

All my love to my daughter and husband, I love you more than ever!

Love Candy! 

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* Not sponsored! 

Monday, July 21, 2014


~ What's On My Bedside Table ~


Since there is minimal space on top of my bedside table and with my lamp 
taking up the majority of space, I prefer to keep it as clutter free as I can.
As you can see, I only keep the bare essentials. 

I have no idea where you can purchase these lamps as I was gifted two of
them from my mum years and years ago! I love the soft pink colour mixed with
the white shade and the flower is just a hair/brooch I added for an extra girlie touch! 

Baby Monitor
Three years ago when I was pregnant with my first, my workmates all pitched
in to buy me this baby monitor.  It been awesome, no problems with it at all.
I couldn't go to sleep without it by my side to keep an eye and ear on my little ones
through the night.

Clean Sweep Book
This book I have purposely kept here to keep me constantly reminded of all the
cleaning and de-cluttering I still need to do. It is an amazing source of tips and
tricks to help you clean and organize just about anything!!

Samsung Android Phone
I don't seem to have much luck with mobile phones.
My last two broke from my little miss dropping them. *sigh*
Hopefully this one lasts longer than a few months, I am quite liking it and
it's such a pain to change all the time. Am keen to update the case to a more sparkly
design though. :)

Have you done this tag?
What's on your bedside table?

Love Candy! 

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


~ Native Box ~


Hello and welcome to my blog as today I share with you the contents inside
Native Box's very first Beauty box!

Native Box also offer a subscription service for Beauty (for both male and female)
Mother & Baby, Vegan, Super Size & Classic!
Each packed FULL with a wide range of friendly products for your body both inside
& out. The boxes are delivered quarterly (One for each season throughout the year)
& range from $22.00-$47.45

I am big into the ethics and standards of these boxes as they simply tick all the boxes
for me and my family.

All Native Box goodies are... -

100% Natural
Eco Friendly
Chemical Free
Non Toxic
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Australian Owned
Australian Made
Not Tested On Animals
Cruelty Free

You simply can't get better than that!
A worth while 100% guilt free treat worth every penny!

Time to get nosey now and see what was in my box! :)

Seraphina Happy Go Lovely Body Custard
I have never hear of this lovely Aussie brand before, I can't wait to try this!
It looks so nice and this company donated a huge 20% of all their profits to 
animal and environmental charities! How generous!
RRP: $50.00!!!
(Sign up to their newsletter to go into the draw to win one of their Skincare packs!)

Byron Bay Company Teas!
(Left) Light & Refreshing Skin Tea
Lemongrass, Ginger & Peppermint
(Right) Calming Smooth Vanilla Flavour
Chamomile, Limeflower, Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon
RRP: $7.95 (10g Tin)
Other size tins & varieties available.

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle Exfoliating Natural Soap
(Guest Soap Size 40g)
This has a strong scent which reminds me of a lemon flavoured soother.
Quite refreshing and I love that this also contains super moisturising 
Macadamia Nut Oil.
RRP: $7.50 (Pack of 10)
RRP: $3.85 (Full Size 100g)

Care You Love Persian Rose Face Moisturiser
Cannot wait to lather my face with this so I smell like roses!
I have heard a lot of promising praise about the smell of this product, so I'm
really looking forward to trying it!
If you're keen to purchase you can receive 20% off if you let Care You Love know
what you love about their moisturiser on their FB page!
RRP: $21.95 (Full Size 50ml)

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Intensive Hand Cream 20ml
Contains: Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet,
Grey Spider Flower, Slender Rice Flower, Spinifex, Sundew & Waratah. 
Bonuses: Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly & Fair Trade!
RRP: $19.95 (Full Size 50ml)

x2 LaMav Organic Skin Science 
Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar
This product sounds so luxurious to me, just the word 'Nectar'
has me drawn in and intrigued!
RRP: $49.95 (Full Size 30ml)

Ettitude Pure Bamboo Multi Purpose Cloth
Can be used as an exfoliating cloth in the shower or used anywhere around the
house as a cleaning cloth. Suitable for washing dishes, floors, benches, etc.
Machine washable & biodegradable! 
RRP: $4.99 (Set Of 3)

Sanctum Pure Natural Therapy Hydrating Gel Mask
I have actually tried this mask before, so I know this is going to be awesome!
Shop with them online & enter NB1 at the checkout to receive 20% off your order!

Rainforest Remedies Lemon Myrtle Lip balm
Has that same scent as the soap mentioned above.
Perfect for that all natural look to help keep your lips protected all through the winter.
RRP: $6.50 (Full Size 5g)

Essentially Natural Therapeutic Rose Bath Soak 100g
Smells divine!! Cannot wait to soak it up in th tub with this beautiful blend.
RRP: $10.00 (Full Size 100g)

Stay tuned all this week to find out which other 
Native Box boxes I received this season!

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Love Candy! 

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*This box was kindly sent to me for review
* All opinions & photographs are my own