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Duo Bronzer - This Duo Bronzer is uniquely packaged containing two bronzed tones perfect
for contouring and highlighting the face year round. One half has a medium to dark toned chocolate 
brown which I find blends easily into the contours of my face giving it natural dimension and tone. 
The other half holds a golden bronze shimmer to highlight the areas of the face where the sunlight
naturally hits. (Tops of the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose, cupids bow. - Also makes for
a killer eyebrow highlight as it looks subtle and natural, highlighting them and helping to open up
tired eyes without looking too glimmery or glitzy! Added bonus is the handy mirror inside which I
couldn't live without, especially on the go!

Organic Self Tan - This product gives my skin a beautifully bronzed glow about two shades
darker than my natural self. I like to apply it twice over because I am naturally actually very light.
The 100ml frosted glass bottle is said to contain up to seven full body tans! I have been using mine
quite a lot lately and there is still loads left in there, so I don't see it running out anytime soon. If you 
love organic products which don't contain any parabens or synthetic or dying agents then this one's 
for you! TanOrganic products also don't give you that just fake tanned smell either. Instead their
products have a light citrusy scent about them which smells fresh and clean!

Self-Tanning Oil - Let me introduce to you the world's very first self tanning oil! Yep, pretty
amazing huh? This gradual tanning oil not only gives your skin a light natural glow, darkening slowly
after each application to give you absolute control over the shade you want, it also moisturises and
nourishes your skin each time. TanOrganic products are suitable for all skin types, even if your skin
is super sensitive. Made from natural ingredients including Borage Seed, Argan and Orange Peel 
Oils, TanOrganic is actually Eco-Certified so you can have a clean conscious when purchasing their

Oil Arganic Multi Use Dry Oil - This product is amazing and I this is the first of it's
kind I have ever encountered. This oil is interesting because it is actually a 'dry oil'. So once applied it
soaks directly into the skin instantly moisturising and prolonging your instant tan, leaving your skin 
feeling completely dry and non greasy! As a multi useful product, this can also be used on stretch marks, acne scaring, 
cuticles and even in your hair to tame and prevent frizz and fly aways.

Luxury Application Mitt - Having some kind of application mitt when applying fake tan
quickly became a necessity for me after my hands became a dirty looking streaky orange one time
when I was in a hurry and didn't bother being careful and wasn't worrying about the consequences of
my actions. Invest in this Luxury Application Mitt and it will be your self tanning best friend! It is so
velvety soft and makes applying TanOrganic Self Tan & Self-Tanning Oil a breeze as the application
is spread out perfectly even and makes it appear so natural and completely even.

Tan Erase Exfoliating Glove - When it comes time to remove my fake tan or my 
exfoliation before hand hasn't been done quite well enough and my tan is fading a little too obviously,
then it's time to bring this baby out to play! This glove fits my hand perfectly and gives my skin a
good scrub down without being too harsh or scratchy. This glove is so handy and durable. It can be
used over and over again on wet or dry skin which makes it totally convenient as well!

Watch my video below demonstrating & talking in more detail about the products mentioned above!
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  1. Wow these products sound fantastic! So good to see more organic products entering the market. The packaging of these are super beautiful too!

    1. I agree! :) Don't forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win all of the above products! ;) Good luck lovely! xx