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BB Cream and Concealer in Medium
This handy 2 in 1 product is so convenient to have in your makeup bag because it doesn't take up as
much room as two products PLUS is contains a sneaky little mirror inside the cap which also saves you
even more room because you're not also having to carry around a compact mirror. So really this is kind
of a 3 in 1 product! 

When I received this in the shade Medium I was a little worried because usually in almost all kinds of
makeup products I always go for light or close to that. However when I swatched this and then blended
it into my hand it didn't appear as dark as I had imagined it would be so relief set in. Once applied to my
face it was actually a pretty close to perfect colour match! The BB Cream which is the bulk of the
product which is contained in the tube goes a long (and I mean looong) way! You only need smaller 
than a pea size amount of product to cover your whole face which gives you a light coverage with all
of the benefits of a BB Cream. (Moisturising, skin perfecting, priming, smoothing, concealing and 

The concealer which is ironically concealed in the product's cap is there handy and ready to use so you
don't have to go digging through your makeup bag to find it. This concealer is super thick but blends
easily and does a pretty good job at hiding any spots or redness. Similar to the BB Cream, initially it
appears a bit orange when first applied but don't worry once it is all blended in it looks just like your
skin colour. Or it did for me at least, phew! :)

Available in Fair, Medium & Medium Deep
RRP: $12.95

Eye Brightener Pen
This is the first eye brightening pen I have ever used. I have used under eye concealers in the past and
most have worked great, however I am in love with the illuminating effect this particular product gives.
I often have late nights as a mum of two toddles, plus working on my blog and Youtube channel and it
doesn't stop there! My husband and I also run our own business so things are always super busy and we
are always staying up late working together to make sure things get done. Needless to say I don't always
look bright and wide eyed in the morning or during the day for that matter and I'm not ashamed to admit
I need a bit of help and products like this one make an amazing difference!

Same as the BB Cream, a little goes a super long way with this Corrector Pen!  RRP: $9.95

I am lucky that my eyes don't get too dark underneath them, however you can tell when I haven't had
enough sleep and since using this pen it really does conceal the slight purple tint and when used on
the lid of my eyes it also hides any veins showing through the thin skin on that delicate area. 
Another great trick is to use a tiny spot of this blended on the inner corner of your eyes to really help to
open them up so they appear slightly larger. This is a step which helps me out a lot as my eyes are not
naturally as large as I would like.  

High Definition Finishing Powder
I have to admit I have been pretty hopeless when it comes to finishing powders and makeup setting 
products in the past. I just haven't been bothered to use them. Boy have I been missing out!

RRP: $9.95

Designed to create camera ready skin, I only wish I'd started using this years ago when I first began
making Youtube videos and continued through until now as you really can see the difference it makes 
to your skin. It completely soaks up any oiliness without looking like I have dry skin. The formulation 
doesn't cake or set into your creases or pores, it just makes everything look smoother and even so the
best version of you can really shine through. I LOVE this stuff!

Boe Professional products are available to purchase exclusively at Big W Australia.

Are you a Boe loving girl? 
What are your go to base products?
Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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