Thursday, October 22, 2015


~  September Empties!  ~

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Better late than never, welcome to my September Emtpties....even though it's half way through
October, what?! Gosh another month has completely escaped me! I seriously need to get me a time
machine or one that stands time still. My life is crayzay!


Nivea Pure Invisible 48hr Deodorant (Buy!) - Pretty awesome stuff. Sprays on dry and not powdery.
Great price over most others. Would def buy again!
Woolies Select Nail Polish Remover - Not fussed so long as it does the job and this does just that.
Great cheapie! Def buy again, however have tried the other variations in the green and I think it's
blue or yellow bottles? Can't tell the difference, they all feel/do the same to me.
Clever White Dissolving Whitening Strips - FINALLY finished the box! Yay! Goal reached! haha!
If you've been following my empties over the past few month then you'd know how I feel about 
these. I would highly recommend checking out PureSmile products instead. :) 


Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo (Buy!) - Reviewed this ages ago and finally got around to finishing
the bottle! Woohoo! Onto the next! This was a pretty good one for Pantene I have to say. Make a 
nice difference to my overall hair's look. 
TRESemme' Split Remedy Conditioner (Buy!) - After finishing up the matching shampoo last month
I finally caught up and finished off the conditioner this month! This stuff is great if you have trouble
with split ends. I honestly had them really bad and now they are completely gone. I feel like using 
this as well as having regular trims really helped! (Review!)
Suigo Shampoo & Conditioner - Sadly I didn't get a whole lot of use out of these sample size
bottles which were sent to me for review. However I did like them and after two washes my 
hair felt pretty spectacular! (Buy!)


Frangipani w/Jojoba Oil Body Wash - A random from a gift pack I was given for I think either
Christmas or my birthday? Was a pretty pink shade and bubbled up nicely smelling oh so yum!
Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar Soap - Loved the change from white to pink with this soap I have
used a million times before. My 4yr old daughter also is a fan. :) 


Britney Spears Curious Body Souffle - An old favourite but time to say good bye. I am still
working my way through my massive batch of moisturisers being very strict with myself and
making sure I lather up top to toe every single day! I think I am beginning to see some space in
my bathroom. Miracle! (Buy!
Frangipani Moisturising Lotion - I am not sure of the brand of this but it was super duper nice!
Smelt exactly like a Frangipani tree (Bliss!) and was shimmery like fairy wings. Just my style! ;)


Vagisil Intimate Wash 
Vagisil Wipe
The Body Shop x2
Revlon Photo Ready Prime + Anti Shine
ModelCo Double Sided Facial Wipes (Buy!)
Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer
Maskd The Green Mask

How do you go with de-stashing your stash?
Do you tend to hoard or use your samples quickly?           

Let's follow each other! 

*Some of these products may have been kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. I try and use samples, it just gets hard between trialling new products! #bloggerproblems

  2. I hear you sister! It definitely takes dedication. :) #lovemybloggerproblems