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Hydraluron Moisture Jelly


Are you one of those people who or have you ever thought it is just too darn hot to even think about lathering on a moisturiser in the sweltering Summer heat? I used to be that girl. In my teens and early 
20's I lived in TFNQ and hardly ever even thought about moisturising my skin as the feeling after
applying was either suffocating or melty and gross. 

Fast forward ten years (give or take a few) and living in a slightly less humid climate and more aware
of just how imperative it is not to skip this vital skincare step, I now lather whatever I can get my 
hands on from head to toe religiously DAILY!

Including my face and that is where this lovely product comes in. :)

I have been using this tub of 30ml Moisture Jelly over the past couple of months and LOVING it!
Having previously used Indeed Labs Moisture Serum & Moisture Mask I am very familiar with the
brand now and know it is one I can count on and trust.

I don't suffer from dry skin, however I am more than aware of the fact that ageing skin often loses it's
high level of youthful moisture and can often become dry and age prematurely if not taken care of 
with a little help from products such a this one.

This stuff goes such a long way. Like I said, I have been using it for months and still have a fair way
to go to get through the jar. You only need a pea size amount of product to replenish the moisture 
levels on your skin on your face and neck. I use this both morning and night and began to really see
results after about a week and a half.

My skin appears more youthful, like a flower just bloomed. Well kinda, it just looks all pretty and
new, like I just crept back a few years and my cheeks are all plump and rosey all over again! 
Something like that...

My skin is fairly normal. It isn't sensitive, dry nor oily. It just... is. And this works great with it!
The product soaks right in quickly and leaves my skin feeling softer.

Interested? You can pick this one up at your local Priceline or Terry White Chemist currently for
RRP: $39.99 (Buy!)

Have you tried any products from the Indeed Laboratories range?
Let me know your favourite below!

*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
*Not sponsored!

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