Wednesday, June 15, 2016




If you have been reading my blog for the past two years then you would know I have kept it no
secret about my constant teeth whitening battle. I am a coffee drinker. I wouldn't say I am an addict,
however those coffee beans stain and yellow your teeth over time no matter how good your oral
hygiene routine is.

I have been drinking coffee for about twelve years and during this time I have used whitening
toothpastes and gels, foams, whitening mouth wash and toothbrushes promising a whiter polished
shine as well as at home DIY whitening kits. Some of these methods I did find to be slightly effective
and I did see some improvement particularly with the teeth foam, however I had never, ever gone in
for any kind of teeth whitening treatment session before until I was recently offered to go to a
60 minute treatment session with Pure Smile. Getting a professional whitening treatment is 
something I have always wanted to do, however just never found the time to get around to actually
booking in for one. How could I say no?

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely and very friendly Veronika at their Garden City kiosk who
quickly made me feel at ease and welcomed me to my home for the next hour in the very spacious
and comfy white egg chair! (See above).

Getting straight down to business Veronika presented me with two different sized mouth pieces to
choose from to wear throughout my treatment. The difference between each of the plastic clear mouth
 guards was only slight, however I went for the smaller option as I didn't feel my mouth was really on
the larger size.. :)

Before inserting the mouth plate which covered both the top and bottom teeth, the whitening
treatment gel was to first be applied to the front eight teeth on the top and bottom. The pen appeared
similar to those at home whitening pens you can purchase yourself. However ended up being much
more powerful when activated underneath the led blue light for an hour! (See before & after images
at the end of this post). Veronika held up a mirror for me to apply this liberally myself.

Once my teeth were nice and coated the mouth plate was inserted into my mouth and I was given 
some very funky 70's disco large red glasses to wear to protect my eyes from the super bright led
light throughout the treatment. The whitening machine was then put up to my mouth and at the end
I was required to gently just hold onto it in between my teeth so the light could activate the gel 
throughout my four 15 minute sessions. 

After the timer beeped to conclude each 15 minute session, I again used the treatment whitening pen 
to apply some fresh gel to my front 16 teeth. Pure Smile have thought about the impatient and easily
bored person here as there were also some headphones readily available to wear if I wanted to hook
my phone up and listen to some music. 

A few selfies and some precious alone time later (With two toddlers alone time is a precious a rare
thing!) it was time to take out the mouth guard and examine the results! I have to admit after just
over 60 minutes of having my mouth forced open it was a relief to finally take it out! If was a bit
difficult to conclude the results when I first looked into the hand held mirror right after taking off
the glasses I'd been wearing for an hour and only seeing red! However my eyes got to have a little
rest as the final stage of the treatment progressed.

To conclude the whitening treatment I was presented with a new mouth guard with some white
 squishy inserts in it which was a quick fluoride treatment which tasted minty, however I cringed
each time I had to swallow my saliva as there was nowhere in which to spit until the very end!
I can understand why we wear a nice large bib during this whole process and thank goodness for
all the tissues Veronika so kindly provided me with as well as a nice refreshing bottle of PureSmile
branded bottled water to rinse with and take home with me. :)

So in the end I couldn't wait to see how much whiter and brighter my teeth were! I was shown this
Bleaching Shade Guide below and as you can see, my teeth went from around an S28-S30 all the way
up to an estimated S10-S8! That's around 8 to 9 shades whiter! I am thrilled with this result and to be
honest, I knew my teeth weren't the best in terms of being bright and white, however I had no idea 
they were in fact this discoloured! I was slightly horrified and don't EVER want to go back to that
awful yellow tone again. And all mainly just from drinking coffee all these years. I have never 
smoked nor do I even drink any alcohol or wine! Coffee, why must you be so so bad but oh so good?

 BEFORE                                   AFTER

 If you are thinking of booking in for a PureSmile treatment I would highly recommend it as it is so
quick with sessions ranging from 30 minute ($127), 45 minute ($143) or 60 ($159) minute treatments and it is so affordable as well! Be sure to book online to gain this 20% discount offer!

PureSmile have locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide and you might be surprised to
know their treatments are 100% peroxide FREE and all natural. Completely and totally safe!

Have you ever had your teeth professionally whitened?

Let's follow each other! 

*Thank you PureSmile for this complimentary treatment
*All photographs are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. I'd love to do it, but my bottom gums have receded (and my gums overall are not in a healthy state) so I don't think I'd be the best candidate for whitening sadly.

    1. That is such a shame. :( My gums at the bottom front are slightly receded which I am currently in the process of getting fixed. Perhaps this may work for you another time in the future. :)

  2. Ohhh I see pure smile around ALL the time and always wondered if it's effective! Thank you for this great post :)

    Lily not Louise

    1. You are so welcome! :) I saw it around and always wondered about it as well. So happy to have finally got it done, the difference makes me feel so much more confident! :D

  3. What a fabulous result. I am mortified by my teeth and would love to have them professionally whitened (or veneered ultimately!) . . . that is certainly an affordable price too!

  4. I feel your pain. I am so picky with my teeth, there are so many things I would like to get perfected! You should go for it! :D