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M  A  K  E

Haircare Review!

When it comes to haircare products, I mainly stick to the popular well known budget brands. This is
probably because I am on a mummy budget and luxuries like spending hours on end in hair salons
has long become a thing of the past.

Every now and again a different kind of brand comes along which is completely refreshing, new and
different. This modern brand with it's geometric shaped logo and simplistic packaging is all Aussie
and their website and social media give off that strong laid back, holiday beach vibe. Who doesn't
love that! Sounds relaxing right? I love the whole theme as my hair always needs relaxing and feels
beach dried! Since using this new product range over the past few months my hair looks as though
it has had a bit of a holiday pampering.

Now for the rest of me.... !

M a k e  Hydrated Shampoo

375ml - $21.95

Hydration and moisturise are two words you'd see a lot of if you dare looked into my bathroom
cabinet. These are the kinds of specialities I lean toward when shopping up on hair products.

This slim 375ml bottle is packed full of natural wheat and silk proteins which work to deeply nourish
 hair and bring it back to life. The formula itself lathers up nicely without having to use a massive
amount which I tend to do usually if I find a product not lathering as then I don't feel as though it is
really washing all that oil off the top of my head!

Since using this with other nourishing products from the brand below, my hair is stronger, smoother,
softer, shinier and doesn't smell half bad either!

Now I am just dying to discover the conditioner from the range to complete my  M a k e  collection.

M a k e Sleek Cream

150ml - $21.95

This Sleek Cream is a rich leave in protein treatment for stressed, worn out and split end hair.
With ingredients like Sage, Silk amino acids, Linden, Birch, Yarrow and Hydrolysed wheat protein
which work together in healing damaged, dry hair.

I like this kind of versatile product because I can use it whenever I want no matter if my hair is wet
or dry. No need to think about it, just whenever you feel your hair needs some extra TLC, is feeling
dry or sad you can just work a little bit of this through your hair or even just your ends any time of
the day. This will gives a quick long lasting shot of nourishing protein into your hair follicles
instantly making your hair feel smoother, moisturised and smelling fresh!

M a k e Salty Spray

250ml - $21.95

Growing up on the beaches of FNQ, using this kind of product takes me back to days walking my
dogs along the beaches with crystal clear waters and sand between my toes. Living nowhere near a
beach now a days I really miss it when I think about it! Back then beach hair was my everyday
hairstyle. No product required!

Fast forward about 15 years and to achieve that same look and feel requires a little help from some
great smelling, texturising spray form hair liquid!

Just a few sprays of this throughout my hair and scrunching it through with my hands does the trick
in about one minute. To get even more volume and killer waves the trick is to bend over and throw all your hair over your head then spray the product through and scrunch whilst up-side-down.

 WA-LA! Killer M A K E hair for dayz! :)

M A K E haircare products can be purchased from Hairhouse Warehouse Australia.
How do you maintain the health of your hair?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products have been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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