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Glammar Tangle Tie Packs of 3!
The evolution of hair elastics has evolved and now we have these colourful plastic kind. They are
great because they are snag free and don't leave that annoying hair elastic kink once you take you
hair out. They come in packs of 3 in a great range of colours including pink, white, blue, orange,
yellow, brown, clear and turquoise. SHOP! - $2.00

 Real Techniques x6 Miracle Makeup Sponge Pack!
I already mentioned these in my Teen Gift Guide article which you can read over here. I think they
also fit perfectly well into this category as stocking fillers because they're that good stocking kind of
size and easy to wrap shape. This is also one of those gifts that most women would love but not
necessarily have in their collection of makeup tools. These are so versatile and will have you
applying your makeup like a pro in no time! SHOP! - $49.99

Glammar Tangle Tonic Hair Brush!
Forget your regular hair brush, 2016 has been all about detangling hair brushes as well as all sorts of
different types for different hair reasons which you can read up on in my article over here. :)

This metallic Tangle Tonic is so on trend in terms of it's appearance and will have your Christmas
morning hair looking smooth and sleek in no time and not like you've been up half the night 
wrapping up last minute gifts or stuffing Santa sacks at 3am because the kids have finally given up
waiting to see Santa and have finally fallen asleep! ;) SHOP! - $5.95

Glammar Tangle Tonic Brush in Rose Gold

Gilded Cage Beauty Makeup Products!
This brand is new to me and already I am impressed! These two products alone are the perfect
Christmas treat! First of all you can never go wrong with a classic red on Christmas day and this one
is simply gorgeous with just the right amount of moisture and pigment. It has an orange under tone to
it which compliments my olive skin really nicely.

Then we move onto the liquid shimmer eyeshadow! Omg, so pretty and perfect for that inner 
highlight! Unlike a lot of products I have used like this, this one does not budge once you apply it! It's
staying power is very impressive and dab and blend a tiny bit to your cheek bones and Santa has no
excuse not to see you from his sleigh! SHOP! - Lipstick $30.00 Eyeshadow $28.50

Unleashed Lipstick in 117 True Orange & Revelation Eyeshadow in 25 Sheer Platinum

OPI Mini Packs!
There are a few reasons I love mini nail packs. Not only do they make great gifts and are a great
quality nail polish. The mini bottles mean you can try a few shades and then go out and purchase the
full size if you find one you really like! These are also perfect stocking stuffer size or why not open
them up and pop a few in singly into your friends & family's stockings! SHOP! - $24.95

BotanicES (Eye Creme/Body Creme/Face Creme) Gift Trio!
I am quite a strong believer in this brand and have reviewed their range before. The main there are 
a few main reasons for this and the main one being how effective their products really are. I thank
the fairy gods everyday for my morning coffee because without it I'd surely be even more of a mess
than I already am! My life is so busy between two young kids, working from home and helping out
with my husband's business sleep isn't something I get a whole lot of!

Anyway! Caffeine in these skincare products are also super effective at keeping the skin looking 
nice and youthful, strong and healthy! In addition to that these are Aussie made and owned, cruelty
free and do not contain any nasty harmful ingredients! Newly available at Priceline! :) 

Harvest Garden Natural Australian Beauty Products!
I am honestly not that fussy when it comes to beauty products, however it's hard to ignore a brand
as beautiful as this which is all Aussie, all natural and all things just GOOD! 

I have reviewed some of their other products here & here. They have the most amazing soaps, soaks
and skincare products which all smell absolutely beautiful, I cannot even tell you! I highly 
recommend picking up a sample pack of their soaps to try out and them purchase a full size of the 
ones you fall in love with. (Warning there is going to be more than one!) You can get a good range to

SHOP! - Hard Lotion Bar $20.00 & Beeswax Candles (Not currently available on their website, 
however you can check one of their stockists closest to you!)

Hard Lotion Bar w/Rose Geranium & Patchouli & Hand Rolled Pillar Candles

Tinka The Label Jewellery!
Another great gift idea, stocking filler or gift idea you can rarely ever wrong is with some fun and
sparkly jewellery! These bracelets from Tinka The Label are from an Aussie brand from Melbourne
with a range of fashionable, bohemian and even up cycled pieces that will inspire and transfix you
with their sheer beauty and charm. SHOP! - $50.00

Stars In Their Eyes Collection in Pink & Blue (Also available in colours white or grey)

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Body Oil!
This product has been on my wish list for almost a year and when I finally saw it whilst browsing the
Beautorium window shopping over on Beautyheaven a few months ago I just knew where I was
going to be spending all of my hard earned points! ;)

This product is so pretty!! Can be used on the face, body and hair to a touch of shimmer whilst it
nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin and smooths the hair without leaving that greasy residue.
Contains Vitamin E and 6 precious plant oils! SHOP! - $29.95

Curious Grace Ceramic Tube Hair Brush!
This hair brush is great for everyone because weather you're looking for volume or prefer that super
straight look (like moi right here!) then this brush can create you either of these results!

Best used with your heat styling products as it is heat resistant and with it's ceramic tube will style
your hair all shiny and smooth and frizz free quicker than Santa can squeeze down the chimney!

SHOP! - $26.95

Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Hand Cream
If you have a grandma, aunty, mum or older sister who's stocking needs filling then something like
this Weleda Hand Cream is a lovely little gift! Even as something in their 30's I use this on my pre-
mature skin and find it works really well and is also a great ageing preventative!

The evening primrose scent is super relaxing and smells gorgeous! A great trick if your skin is
especially dry or you are concerned about it's ageing appearance is to mix a good thick hand cream
such as this with your favourite natural essential oil for an extra boost of hydration to keep the skin's
elasticity and strength. Some of my favourite oils are by Vanessa Megan, Sanctuary Spa and Sukin!

SHOP! - $17.95

Taylor Swift 'Wonderstruck' Perfume!
Perfume of any kind is always an appreciated gift to receive. It is especially awesome when it is a
scent you have been lusting for or an old favourite. As kids I remember my sister and I always
bought my mum Elizabeth Arden's 'Beautiful' which she always loved. 

The perfume pictured below is one of my favourites at the moment. I do love a lot of scents,
and my opinion and favourite change all the time! I am also a complete sucker for a cool looking
bottle and this one for me wins hands down! Shimmer and cute little trinkets get me good!

Do you have a Christmas stocking?
What are you hoping for for Christmas this year?

Let's follow each other! 

*Some of these products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
- I have included this article in Ingrid's Monday Makeup Madness blogger link up! Check it out! 


  1. I really want to try out that nuxe oil! Great post with some awesome ideas

    1. It looks like it would be heavily shimmery from the looks of the bottle, but it's actually really subtle on the skin and hair. :)

  2. i love the real techniques set ! it has such a great value.

    1. Yeah they are so handy and such fun colours too! :D

  3. Love the look of those Tinka bracelets, super pretty!

    1. They are even more beautiful in real life! They have incredible sparkle qualities!! :)

  4. Gosh Candy you make it SO hard to choose! Loving the bracelets, especially that blue one ♥

  5. So many good stocking fillers! I'd love to receive any of those!

    Laura ||