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Mirror Nail Wraps


Racing season is well and truly upon us and on November 2nd marks the famous annual and much
anticipated Melbourne Cup day in Australia! Even though I won't be attending the event as I live in
Brisbane, you'll be sure I'll be watching the race and getting dressed up where ever I end up and 
having a good time!

Metallics are huge this season and weather it's with your clothing, accessories, makeup or nails, you
can bet you'll be seeing a lot of shiny golds, silver, bronze and rose gold come race day!

I tried out these Jamberry Metallic Mirror Nail adhesives recently and the amount of compliments I
received was crazy! If you want to make a statement, then these are a great place to begin!

I have heard mixed reviews when it comes to these kind of stick on nails, and for me they lasted
more than two weeks before I decided to remove them and change up my nails to something else.
There are some tips and tricks to applying these to getting the most out of them to last and to look
smooth and professional. Below I will share a few with you!

How To!
- You want to make these stick and stay stuck, so make sure your nail is completely clean, free from
any polish and wiped over with either a Jamberry prep wipe or you can also just use any rubbing
alcohol which will ensure there is no natural oils on the nails which can make the adhesive not want
to stick well.

- Next you want to prep your nail sticker. Rather than just sticking them straight onto the nail. Peel
the first adhesive off the plastic sheet you want to use, grab your hair dryer and get some warmth
onto it. This softens the sticker making it more pliable and will apply smoother and stick better to
your nail. Use a cuticle pusher to smooth over and stick down the design and set again onto the nail
with your hair dryer again.

- Trim off the excess adhesive on the end of your nail with some small nail scissors, then file until
smooth and even. No need to finished with a top coat. Nails will look all shiny and new! Slay!

Jamberry Nails come in a wide variety of colours and designs (More than 300! So you're sure to find
 something you like!) and also include nail lacquer, gel enamel system, bottles of mixed metal 
embellishments and next on my list are some absolute cute as ever Mum & Me designs!

Will you be attending this years Melbourne Cup?
What colour/design are your nails right now?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product has been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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  1. I have some Jamberries waiting for the time to apply them and get them on properly, they look so good when done well!