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Skincare For Men


When it comes to my husband, our skin types couldn't be any more different! My skin is pretty
tough. It can take pretty much any kind of product, natural, organic or not and I will never break
out, get a rash or itch or anything like that. He on the other hand has quite sensitive, dry and fair
skin. So I don't really blame him for being a bit fussy when it comes to his manly products and he
pretty much just sticks to what he knows and what works for him. Completely fair enough!

That's not to say I don't try to sway him here and there with other products I come across from time to
time like these German manly skincare products by Speick which has specifically perfect for if you
have dry and sensitive skin made with a range of natural ingredients including Speick plant extract!

SPEICK Plant grown high in the Alpine region & Nock Mountains
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Speick Men Active Shampoo
With ingredients like caffeine from guarana in it this product is sure to wake you up in the morning!
Not only that, these products also help to strengthen the hair naturally. Other ingredients also include
fair trade argon oil to give the hair shine. Other plant oils in this product moisturise a dry scalp which
prevents dead skin build up and irritation.

This 150ml tube like all Speick products are made in their home factory in Germany and contain no
synthetic fragrances, colours, silicons, parabens and mineral oil based ingredients.

This is available to purchase directly off the Speick website with international shipping available.

Speick Men Rasier Creme (Shaving Cream)
Interesting fact about the Speick plant used in these products. It is said to be both calming and
stimulating at the same time which I think is amazing and a great benefit at the same time. To be
able to relax the body whilst still keeping it alert and revitalised is just amazing to me!

In saying that this shaving cream also contains a soothing boost of lavender which we all know is
known to also be calming and relaxing to the body. This cream has a gorgeous natural scent to it and
appears as a white pearlescent texture which when applied to the skin and rubbed in forms a nice soft
creamy thick layer ready for shaving. I have used this myself on my underarms and legs and found it
to leave my skin beautifully smooth and somehow give a closer shave than usual. I love how I smell
afterwards! Think I may just keep this one on my half of the shower... ;)

Speick Men Active Intensiv Creme (Intensive Cream) 50ml
This intensive cream is a protective daily moisturiser for the face. With ingredients including the
obvious Speick plant as well as Aloe Vera gel, Shea Butter and natural Q10, this cream is also perfect
 to use after shaving to calm and soothe the skin.

The white cream is naturally scented and smells divine! Speick products are both dermatologically
and allergologically tested and completely vegan. The cream is non greasy and keeps your skin
hydrated and free from irritants all day long. No need to re-apply.

Speick products can also be found to purchase online in Australia at &

Let's follow each other! 

*These products have been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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