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Cream Cleanser 
Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm


Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm 
80ml $38.95
This kind of product is completely new to me! Can you believe this beauty blogger has never before
used a Cleansing Balm?! Needless to say I was very intrigued to try this one out as Trilogy is a brand
I have used quite a bit in the past after winning a huge hamper of their products a few years ago on
Facebook. (Thank you Trilogy!)

This product is unique in a few ways. Firstly you have your very own organic cotton cleansing cloth
 included in the box. The ingredients are all natural and the scent is a mild yet deliciously satisfying
 blend of mango seed butter and coconut oil. This New Zealand, all natural, cruelty free brand is
 middle of the range affordable, gentle on the skin and supports ethical trade practices.

This cleansing makeup remover is a thick, solid oily wax in a jar. To use, I place two clean fingers
onto the balm and as it quickly begins to melt beneath my fingers I dig about a twenty cent size
amount out and divide it between two fingers on my other hand and begin to massage it onto my face.

This really is a wondrous product as it removes even the most heaviest of my makeup wearing days.
As I massage the product into my skin, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lipstick all
melt away with ease. No need for excessive rubbing and all of this is then wiped away with the
organic cotton cleansing cloth leaving my skin so soft and hydrated. After doing this, I still feel a
small amount of residue on my face, so I follow afterwards with my usual facial cleanser, serum
and night cream, etc! The most impressive and quite surprising part of this routine I would have to
 say would be how easily this balm removes even my waterproof mascara and colour stay 24hr liquid

The cleansing cloth can just be rinsed out with warm soapy water, left to dry and re-used again
and again.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser 
100ml $22.95
To see how these two products would go working together. Whilst testing out the Make-Up Be Gone
Cleansing Balm, I decided I might as well use this cleanser after it and then also use this cleanser in
the mornings before applying any makeup. The results have been really quite good actually!

With ingredients including rosehip, which Trilogy are known for using in so many of their products.
Works to hydrate, strengthen and repair the skin. There is also evening primrose seed oil which treats
 dry and damaged skin repairing the cells and looks after the new ones. Carrot is full of powerful
 antioxidants and also works in protecting the skin from everyday elements. This product is suitable
 for all skin types including those highly sensitive.

The cleanser is creamy and milky on the skin. It leaves my skin gently cleansed yet still effectively
 cleansed as well as feeling soft and visibly refreshed and brighter.

The official Trilogy website where you can shop the products directly online offer an easy and
generous rewards program. So if you are interested in stocking up or trying out this brand be sure to
CLICK HERE to sign up and go shopping!

You can also find Trilogy products in store at Priceline, Myer and some pharmacies and health food stores.

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*These products have been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. I've been a devotee of the Cream Cleanser for over 10 years now, but having become a recent convert to cleansing balms via Pixi's Nourishing Cleansing Balm, I think my devotion to it has quickly eroded! I'm keen to try the Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm, to see how well it stacks up...and because I can't easily access Pixi in Australia.

  2. I haven't tried the Cleansing Balm but do have some of the Cleanser and love it too. And it was Trilogy that introduced me to rosehip oil which is now one of my absolute must haves!