Wednesday, October 12, 2016


My Top 5 Beauty SECRETS!

Sssshhhhh LOUDLY!

ONE! - Soak in Epson Salt!
Epson salts are sold by many brands these days and can still be purchased very cheaply from your
local supermarket or chemist. Epson salts are magnesium sulfate which looks just like large rock
salt you buy for cooking. However this powerful stuff when mixed with your warm bath water will
help draw out the toxins built up inside your body, relaxes your muscles and as it soaks into our skin
also produces more of our energy cells. This is also a winner to relieve cramping during that time of
the month!

Soaking your feet in a nice warm epsom salt bath is also a great way to relax tired and tense feet
which have been holding up your weight all day long or if they have been in high heels. The salts
are great for scrubbing away all that dry tough skin as well as reducing foul foot odour!
Bathefex Products available now from Priceline stores & Chemcorp online!

TWO! - Drench yourself in Bio Oil!
Bio Oil has got to be one of the best staple items you can own in my opinion. Like Epson Salts it has
so many benefits primarily to the skin which can't be ignored. With powerful and natural ingredients
including - Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Calendula Oil and
the more powerful of all PurCellin which work together as a powerful combination which helps with
uneven skin tone, stretch marks, scaring, anti-ageing and moisturising.

My skin needs help with all of these things about once a week I will give my daily moisturising after
showing from head to toe a miss and instead I will lather up generously in Bio Oil! I honestly believe
it works as I am often being told I look much younger than I actually am!
Bio Oil available to purchase online & in store at most chemists, supermarkets & major retailers.

THREE! - Scrub Often!
I love the feeling of scrubbing away the stress of the day in the shower each night. It feels so good
and it is so good for you by not only letting your skin make way for new skin cells underneath
giving you a renewed, youthful glow. The scrubbing is also a great way to promote circulation around
 your body by getting the blood flowing from all of the scrubbing. For me this is a great way of also 
waking myself up in the morning especially with a good facial exfoliator. 

Not to mention dry body brushing is also great for circulation and reducing the appearance
 of cellulite by breaking down the larger fatty cells into smaller ones making them less noticeable. 

I remember reading years ago Cindy Crawford massages coffee beans into her thighs to reduce
cellulite. Seems to work for her!
FOUR! - Sunscreen!
I don't think many people really regard sunscreen as being much of a beauty product, however in my
experience it is one of the most powerful beauty products you can own!

Protecting your skin from the sun is serious. We should all know by now how dangerous sun baking
and staying out too long in the sun can be especially without any kind of protection. Not only should 
you be wanting to protect your skin from pre-mature ageing and painful sunburn. You should be slip
slop slapping to save your life from some very lethal and scarily common skin cancers.

There really is no excuse these days with so many great brands creating different kinds of SPF.
Don't like the greasy feel or the classic sunscreen scent? No problem! There are plenty of products
available these days which know these consumer pet hates and have catered their products 
Great daily sunscreens for the whole family used regularly in my house include - Banana Boat Ultra 30+ / Neutrogena Beach
Defence / Neutrogena Wet Skin

FIVE! - Hydration Gives Life!
When it comes to appearing youthful and as good as you can for your age. I have found water and
keeping my body hydrated to play a gigantic part in this process. I am of course guilty of not always
drinking enough water each day and over the years I have learned to really notice and see the
difference this makes to how my skin appears. When I don't drink enough water my body is has
less energy, I can't think as sharp, my skin is dry and my face looks puffy, tired and old!

With water making up on average 70% of our whole bodies is makes perfect sense to keep those
 levels topped up for us to stay on top of health at all times. Whilst water does the majority of the 
work, some moisturising beauty products also play a key part in keeping the outside of our bodies 
looking youthful. In the long run hydrated skin is healthy skin which will hold it's elasticity and 
strength longer as we age which is prevalent to preventing our ageing skin from being prone to
 breaking open and bleeding easily from a simple bump or graze as I have seen in some of my close
loved ones as young as their mid 50's!
My stash of moisturisers are the largest of all my beauty products! These are just some of my current most used ranging from facial, hair, skin and hands - Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron / Avene Tolerance / Weleda Evening Primrose Hand
Cream / Oblepikha Siberica Hair Repair Oil / Dirty Works Coconut Body Butter

I would LOVE to hear your beauty secrets if you have any to share!

Let's follow each other! 

*Some of these products have been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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