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Infallible Pastel Gel Nail Duo Colour
Color Riche Brights Trio

Swatches & Review!

L'Oreal Paris Pastel Duel Ended Gel Nail Lacquers!

This new range of L'Oreal nail polishes are so great because you really get everything you need all 
in one place! With the The pastel duel ended gel nail lacquers which have the base coat and the top 
coat all in one! The duel ended packaging houses the two polishes in each end which come out easily 
and look just like the regular Le Vernis L'Oreal polishes you can buy individually.
I have recently been loving my 3 new shades in #42 "Unlimited Lollipink", #40 "Marshmallow Power" and #43 "Endless Candyheart" which are all pastel light shades and oh so pretty! My favourite being the Unlimited Lollipink!

#42 Unlimited Lollipink

#40 Marshmallow Power

#43 Endless Candyheart

The gel formula is quite thick so I like to apply two thin coats over the clear base first. However one single thick coat will also work well and either way the polish dries super fast which is fantastic for such a thick formulation!
These also do not have a hugely potent nail varnish scent which is handy when getting in close for a nice neat finish or when you're doing nail art! Personally the scent of nail polish barely resonates with my nose, however I am thankful with these are the hubby and cat aren't big fans! 
These have a nice thin to medium shaped brush and the long cubed shade makes them easy to store. Alternatively you can also just pop them out of each end and store them with the rest of your Le Vernis polishes of the same size to keep your collection looking uniform.

Each retails for $12.95 each available at Priceline stores & online.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Brights!

On the opposite end of the colour wheel are these stunning new brights in the shades #240 Pop Corn,
#242 Pink O Pop and #241 Cloud Wow. Like the pastels above, these too have a pretty thick formula
making them knock you out right away with one simple coat of lacquer.

The bottles are a cute 5ml each making them scarily easy to collect and store without taking up a ton
of space! These are a great new addition to the regular shades and glitter top coats already available.

Each retail for only $3.98 each available at Priceline stores and online.

#240 Pop Corn

#242 Pink O Pop

#241 Cloud Wow

Which shade from all of the above is your favourite?
Do you prefer to rock pastels or brights?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products have been kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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