Tuesday, May 19, 2015


~   GOOD  THINGS   ~



I always moisturise at least once daily and one of the newer products I have been trying out and
using a lot lately is this Manuke & Honey Daily Moisturiser from Good Things Beauty which is
so moistusing on my skin and smells good enough to eat, it is so so yummy!

This power facial moisturiser works to help keep your skin nice and clear whilst still hydrating it
without leaving it feeling like an oil slick! Natural Manuka Honey is becoming more and more
popular in skin and body care these days as we are becoming more aware of the healing and
nourishing powers it has over our skin and also helps to keep us looking young and youthful!

This Good Things moisturiser also contains skin benefiting ingredients including - Bee Venom, 
which sounds a bit scary but actually boosts the collagen levels in your skin!! Okay, I'm impressed!
A natural, less invasive alternative to Botox perhaps? Echinacea extract which not only nourishes
your skin making it look renewed and refreshed it also prolongs the life of your skin, meaning less
energy your body has to use to constantly produce new skin cells. Propolis along with the Manuka
Honey both have antibacterial benefits and Royal Jelly plus Beeswax work together deeply locking
a pack load of moisture into the skin which lasts the whole day!


The delicious, white, creamy formulation smooths over and is quickly absorbed and disappears into
the skin leaving it super smooth, soft and smelling like a honey pot! Cute! :)

Good Things Beauty, is just that as it only includes good ingredients into it's products!
As shown below - Free From Sodium Laureth, Sulphate, Parabens & Mineral Oils.

Suitable for Vegitatians & 100% Cruelty Free!
Make in the UK!

Aside from their gorgeous Manuke Honey skincare range. Also available are their Superfruits and
Argan Oil ranges!

Currently available to purchase in Australia from Target! RRP: $14.95

Do you like natural products which have more of a honey scent rather than popular floral ones?
What are your thoughts on Bee Venom as a skincare ingredient?
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. Ohhh this sounds very nice! I love that i's suitable for vegetarians too! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    1. Totally, I'm a big believer in cruelty free beauty! :) Just have to stop myself from wanting to eat it! lol :P

  2. I bought this a couple of weeks back! Just waiting for my current moisturiser to run out before opening it up. I'm a big fan of deliciously scented skincare so thanks for confirming I made the right choice :)

    1. You have definitely made a great choice! This stuff will have you smelling delicious and your skin feeling like silk! xx