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Goodie Bag!

(Gift with purchase over $60+!)

This has got to be in my opinion one of the best GWP offers I have seen from Priceline or anywhere
else for that matter for quite some time. Usually, even though I would love to buy every single goodie
bag which comes along, I am pretty good at controling myself and keeping my spending habits under
control. I am after all on a strict culling with my Project Pan trying to de-clutter the masses which
have completely taken over every inch of space in my bathroom. Oops!

However, when I saw this GWP advertised I was instantly drawn to the baby pink make-up bag with
the super cute, adorable white & gold bow! Completely and utterly my taste and I knew I simply
could not resist this time. Dammit, I have been SO good, I deserve this treat!

So with Mother's Day just gone, on the lead up I made it clear what I wanted to be gifted. ;)
My hubby was very clever in convincing me he couldn't get it saying he went to Priceline and they
were all sold out. Trying not to get my hopes up I tried not to think too much about it as he had come
home with a beautiful bunch of Tulips (my fav flower) instead.
So I was happy with that. Who doesn't love been given fresh flowers?!

Then Mother's Day morning came and with the four of us in bed (we have a almost 4yr & almost 2yr
old) I was given a massive, stunninly wrapped in pink with silver butterfy tissue paper and clear celo
complete with 2 balloons. One saying 'Happy Mother's Day' the other a bright pink star and two
cards. One from the hubby and one written by my eldest, from her and my youngest. Too cute!

Anyway, needless so say I was so surprised and overwhelmed as this busy SAHM does not get to be
spoilt like this often. So I was very grateful!

On with the goodies!!!

Apparently hubby thinks I have a nail polish obsession or something. Whatever could have given him
that idea? Could be the 1756384,85400 bottles I have which I have absolutely not need/room for?
Thanks for not understanding but loving me enough to buy me 10 bottles more anyway! lol
(Polish Names - Left to Right!)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in #340 Scale Up
Sally Hansen Xteme Wear in #610 Rock Chic (Buy!)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in #220 Celeb City (Buy!)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #423 Blue Boom (Buy!)
Essie Nail Lacquer in Trophy Wife (Buy!)
Essie Nail Lacquer in Jamaica Me Crazy (Buy!)
Essie Mini Nail Lacquer in Mademoiselle
Essie Mini Nail Lacquer in Fifth Avenue
Essie Mini Nail Lacquer in Mint Candy Apple
Revlon Perfumerie in Pink Pineapple

Once he thought he had stocked up on enough nail polish to last me the century, he told me he didn't
want to just get me nail polish but was lost on what else to get. So the sales assistant at Priceline
lead him over to the Natio stand and recommended these two items.
Natio Mineral Eyeshadow Trio in 'Illuminate' (Buy!) & Natio Heavenly Eyes Mineral Eyeshadow in 'Jade Diva' (Buy!)

Overall, I am so happy with everything, however if I am honest I would have picked out completely
different items for the qualifing $60 spend, but who cares, I love everything and it was so sweet of
him to go shopping by himself in Priceline with no shame and purchase a basket full of cosmetics for
me! (Love him!)

Oh and this gorgeous pink body sponge! (Buy!)

Here is an overview of what you actually get in the cosmetic bag once you've spent a minimun of
$60.00 on the selected brands worth more than $200!

Eyes -
Glam Eyes by Manicare Beyonce Lashes (Buy!)
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves Mascara (Buy!)
Savvy Clear Brow Gel
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara

Face -
L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in W3 Golden Beige (Sample) (Buy!)
Innoxa Satin Sheen Buttermilk Natural Finish Makeup (Buy!)
L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Smoothing Primer (Sample) (Buy!) (Review!)

Lips -
Models Prefer Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tint in Pink Frosting
Nude By Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Flirty (Buy!)
Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in #130 Tease Seductrice

Nails -
Glam by Manicare Express 3 in 1 in Midnight Black (Buy!)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in #190 Slick Black (Buy!)
Essie Nail Lacquer in Need A Vacation (Buy!)
Natio Nail Colour in Rapture (Buy!)
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche in #915 Top Coat Matte
Nail Rock Nail Caviar in Pluto Pink

Aaaand that finally concludes this massive blog posting!
I hope you enjoyed and made it happily all the way down here to the end!

Do you always pick up Priceline and other stores goodie bags?
What did you think of this one?

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  1. Your husband is just too cute for words going into Priceline by himself and buy beauty items! Love it.
    I stayed away from Priceline as I have a cupboard full of products that I need to use and while I wish I had of gotten this I was quite proud of myself for being good!

    Love the items your hubby picked out and must say he did quite well and I wish my hubby would do this! Love the baby pink bag as well and think this is the best by far beauty bag that Priceline has released in a long time. Enjoy your goodies. :)

    1. Thank you DD! Yes, he is pretty sweet and loves to spoil me when he can and make me happy. <3
      Good on you for resisting!!! I don't think I could have this time around, I think I'm getting weak! haaha! xo

  2. Wow you are going to be set for nail polish for life! Love the shades you got in the beauty bag too :)

  3. This looks like a good makeup goody bag. I didn't get this one though as I already have lots of products I need to use up first. I love the Priceline skincare bag, I get it every year, so I'm really hoping it's a great bag again this year.