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JUNE 2015



Ah don't you just love subscription boxes? Fun little boxes filled with hours of play for us beauty lovers!

This month Bellabox are offering new members a very special limited edition box filled with
products from Aveda, Burt's Bees, Jean Patou, Original Source and Universal Beauty Cosmetics
for only $17.95 and includes 3 full size products! One of the full size products, the Original Source
was so large they had to ship it in a larger box! (The brown one. See pic below!) Normally Bellabox
ships their monthly goodies in the well known classic blue box. (Also pictured below.)

Having my own beauty blog, of course I must be obsessed with beauty and try a lot of new products
all the time. However I would be stone broke if it weren't for subscription boxes who make it so 
convenient to be able to try a variety of newbies each month in the comfort of my own home in both
sample and full size for such an affordable price. I am a firm believer in the 'try before you buy' philosophy!

I couldn't wait to tear open the tissue paper of this month's box and see what was inside!
Bellabox always seem to have useful as well as fun products inside which is great and the smaller
size products make perfect travelling companions because I can still pack everything without
weighing down my bag and making it heavy or bulky! Yay!

As you can see below this month's special limited edition box for new members only comes with
a total of 5 products! I am particularly excited to try the Original Source Skin Quench All In One
Moisturising Shower Gel in Blackcurrent & Moringa Oil. It smells so yum! :)

Let's get into the rest of the products! Squweeee!!

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment (SAMPLE)
I have used this and a few other Aveda products in sample form in the past and have always been
happy with them. This one is going to be great for my hair at the moment as it has had a bit of
damage done to it recently with my massive dose of blonde highlights! I am looking forward to
some hair care repair! (10ml)

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint (FULL SIZE)
Straight away you can smell the peppermint in this product. You can also feel the minty sensation
on your lips once you have applied it and BOY can you taste it! haha What? I had to try it! ;)
It isn't unpleasant though and I actually think it could work well to help keep my breathe fresh as well! Win, win because it also moisturises and soothes your lips which has been great for my wind
chapped lips lately! (4.25g)

Jean Patou '1000' Eau De Parfum (SAMPLE)
Mmmm peeeeeerfumee! A luxury I rarely get to treat myself to since becoming a mummy.
I used to purchase a new fragrance about once a month back when my life was simple and I would
drown myself before heading out the door. These days I usually only get to try the odd sample here
and there which actually works great because I don't often do anything fancy enough to wear it!
This one's scent is lovely and mature and to me smells a little musky. It contains Chinese Osmanthus,
Rose & Jasmine from Grasse. (1.5ml)

Original Source Skin Quench All In One Moisturising Shower Gel in Blackcurrent & Moringa Oil (FULL SIZE)
Shower gels seem to be the main product I run out of the most. If the kids run out of bubble bath then
I just squirt whatever I have in the shower that I am using at that time to get them through and when
hubby runs out of his man soap he uses whatever I have. Usually cringing at the fancy scent! (Men!
Seriously why do you not love candy & cupcake scented things?) ;) 
This shower gel contains solf yellow oil beads and is 100% naturally fragranced. I can't wait for this
delicious blackcurrent scent to overtake my bathroom tonight! (250ml)

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Tint Stick in Siren (FULL SIZE)
I am mostly drawn to pink lip shades, however I have quite a few classic reds in my collection
which I have to admit probably suit my skintone and overall look more and I love how timeless
red lippy is. Now matter what red lips have and always will be in style. 
This lip product is actually a tint! You would never guess it though as from my swatch below the
shade is so pigmented and vibrant! This is the first time I have heard of this brand before and I am
so impressed! The formula does not smudge off or smear. It doesn't even fade throughout the day!!
The applicator is like a soft texta and the thin shape makes it so easy to apply neatly. I'm a fan! (1.4g)



Don't forget if you want to get your hands on this very special limited edition June box especially just for new members make sure you sign up now so you don't miss out! 

Boxes are limited and only available until June 17th 2015 so hurry!

(Don't forget to please SUBSCRIBE!)
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*This product talk was bought to you by Nuffnang and Bellabox
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. I tried giving that Burts Bees Lip Balm to my son to use, forgetting the peppermint and he was like "too minty, Mummy!". Oops! I've since given him a more kid-friendly lip balm. lol x

  2. Hey! These prods look great! I love Original source gels, as do my boys (the big one too ;)) Im going to have to investigate subscription boxes- I feel like I'm missing out on some fun and fab prods!! Great review, as always! :)

  3. the tint stick looks BEAUTIFUL on your lips!! xx

  4. I love receiving new perfume samples! I feel naked leaving the house without a fragrance on! The shower gel sounds deliciously scented also!

    Thanks for linking up to the Monday Makeup Madness link up party again! :)

  5. This looks like a tempting box. I found my last view boxes from BB to be disappointing, so this is a nice change!