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I have been a loyal Beautyheaven member since the very beginning and if you haven't yet discovered
the No.#1 beauty website around, then you are seriously missing out because not only do they keep
you up to date with all of the latest beauty trends, budget buys, giveaways, sales, how-to's and
products, they also regularly support and reward their lucky members such as myself with little gifts
like the one I recieved recently above. :)

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This is a great way to add a little something extra to your plain old pony tail. I like that the colour I have in the black isn't too in your face and adds a subtle girly touch to my look.

The bow seems to be made really well and doesn't flop or droop once I have it placed in my hair. It's nice and firm and holds it's own. The black elactic is also nice and strong and doesn't appear or feel as though it is going to snap or lose it's elasticity any time soon.

A great fashionable piece which can be worn from day into the night straight from the office to the town. Very nice I love this and suitable for all ages and most hair types. :)

I have used Dr.LeWinns moisturiser for years after first discovering it in my early twenties. After using up my first tub I was hooked. It is such a good moisturiser to use daily and it really delivers. My skin always feels lovely when I use this as oppose to when I don't. I can really see and feel the difference as this daily moisturiser makes my skin feel softer and it just looks healthier and more youthful and alive!

The white creamy formula isn't too thick or runny and soaks into my skin like hydrating a desert! It is virtually scent free so it doesn't irritate my skin or nose and the contents inside the tub don't turn a weird colour or consistency as some others have in the past when I've had them open for a while. This seems to just stay nice and fresh!

I recommend seeing if you can pick up one of their little sample tubs to try out if you can to see how great it really is. If not, I would just purchase the full size, you won't regret it! :)

Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil
Having used this once before and now just receiving another sample of this to try I am seriously considering purchasing it full size! I have used quite a number of different Rose Hip Oil's but nothing compares to how quickly I saw actual results in the scaring on my stomach from having two kids. I have tried just about everything to try and makes those annoying stretch marks go away and nothing does much. I moisturise daily which has helped them to fade quite a bit, but when I used this Kosmea oil at night after my shower, by morning after inspecting my belly, I actually could see a significant fade in the appearance of my stretch marks and that was only after the first use!! 

I feel like this Rose Hip Oil is very concentrated and pure as you only need a tiny few dops and it will spread out onto your skin and go a long way soaking in and making you skin feel a soft a dough. 

With the added benefits of being highly moisturising, a wrinkle fighter and an aid in sun damaged skin, I don't know why I haven't purchased this yet! It's a must for me and I will be sad when my sample runs out! 

I have used these wipes previously and recently received a few more samples to try and since it had been a while since I first tried these with negative effect, I decided to give them a second chance since there are quite a few positive reviews, I thought perhaps I should try these again.

I don't feel like these are a product I need to use daily. However I can see the possible benefits of having these on hand for days after being at the gym, working out, traveling or staying overnight somewhere or camping.

The sensation the formula from these wipes gives is not really comforting for my delicate area, however someone else mentioned these after having a baby and having had two myself, I can say that I would agree, these would be great to have to take to the hospital with you and to have afterwards to help keep that area clean and smelling fresh again, especially if you had had stitches, they were a nightmare! 

Overall I feel like these a great for certain situations, just not as a daily wipe. :)

Al'chemy Lavender & Anthyliss Leave-In Conditioner
I have long, dry and highlighted hair which needs a little extra TLC on a regular basis. Based on other reviews from this product and from researching it I realised it only works best it used sparingly as a little bit of this product distribues evenly though your hair without having to use a whole dollop of it.

The 10ml sachet I am currently using is a very generous sample size considering I am onto my 3rd wash with it and am seeing positive results. My hair and in particular the ends are so much softer and less course and dry.

As with conditioner in general, be careful not to apply any of it to the roots of your hair or you will instantly feel it weighing you down and once dry your hair will feel oily which is scary if you already have oil prone, thin or flat hair.

I find the way I use it to be a winner. It really works wonders and the scent it uplifting and relaxing as I shower.

Durex Real Feel Condoms
I used these previously after having my babies and they work great!
Do the job and you can't even feel them. Durable and don't break or dry out. Are super thin so I did
worry a little that they might break, but they didn't. Phew! Now more babies just yet thank you! ;)

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*These products were kindly sent to me as a giveaway prize. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. great samples!! congrats :) xx

    1. Thank you! Can't get enough samples hey!? :D

  2. These are great samples! Beauty Heaven truly is an awesome website :)

    Shannon xx |

    1. Absolutely! How could you not love them when they spoil you all the time. xx

  3. Yes, but I didn't win. LOL. Congrats though, great samples to play with! x

    1. Aw, never mind, I hear Beautorium is just around the corner!! So pumped for it again! x