Monday, July 27, 2015





Oh ma gaaaa! Priceline is having yet another sale! This time with 40% of skincare! Woot woot!

Sale begins Tuesday 28th July - 29th July 2015!

You must know by now how obsessed I am with my skincare with me having featured many brands
and shared with you many of my various skincare routines over the past two years.

Now I am going to share with you what I recommend picking up at this mega quick 2 day sale and
what's on my wish list to get!

ANTIPODES Ananda Antioxidant Rich Gentle Toner
I recently reviewed this gentle toner and have been using it on and off in between testing out
new products which land on my desk here at CandyFairy HQ. ;) It's beautiful and very relaxing
and uplifting. Well worth taking a chance on for such a bargain with the 40% off.

CLEAN & CLEAR Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub
I can definitely vouch for this product as I recently finished it up and will feature in my empties
at the end of the end. So having gone through a whole tube of it, I can say I did not tire of it once!
It feels so nice with the bursting beads which are soft and smell a-mazing! (Review!)

SUKIN Purifying Facial Masque
After trying out a whole range of Sukin products which I have review here. This facial masque was
a stand out favourite. Deeply cleansing my pores and removing all of the yucky stuff. You can really
feel this masque working and it feels great and very satisfying!

SUKIN Hydrating Mist Toner
Mist toners have been a new regular part of my daily beauty routine only over about the past year or
so and I have never looked back. They are so hydrating and refreshing to use throughout the day,
especially when it is humid or you skin is feeling wind swept of particularly dry. Love it first thing in
the morning most though.

DR.LEWINNS Ultra R4 Ultimate Lift Serum
I have found serums to be so essential to my routine now a days with my skin beginning to noticeably
age. Noooo! So sad, but evidently true and virtually un-stoppable. Serums such as this one
particularly does help slow down or at least appear to slow down the process some what. My skin
looks a whole lot more youthful when I use this continually over a period of at least a week or more. (Review!)

NEUTROGENA Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser
Fast approaching my mid thirties, my skin still suffers from occasional acne and it drives me around
the bend! If it weren't for products like this one to keep my skin in check I would be a mess. Love it
and the pore refining is a nice added bonus. (Review!)

NIVEA Pure & Natural Cleansing Toner
This traditional cleansing toner I love using after cleansing and before moisturising to remove any
excess makeup my cleanser might have missed and it also tightens up my pores and doesn't dry out
my skin like some toners can do. (Review!)

CLEARASIL Oil Free Daily Gel Wash
This is a good old fav! Having first tried this thanks to Beautyheaven quite a few years ago.
You can catch my review here. This gel wash is great for acne prone or oily skin. It it so light and
foamy and just works - full stop! Love it!

PURETOPIA Sensitive Care Soothing & Comforting Facial Moisturiser
I have been loving this facial moisturiser this Winter when the elements and air can be extra harsh on
my skin. Created especially for sensitive skin types, it feels very loving and soothing on my skin.
It keeps my skin feeling soft and looking dewy and fresh all day even in the harsh chilly air. (Review!)

YES TO CARROTS Daily Facial Moisturiser
This is the most recent addition to my skincare routine and so far a stand out winner for me.
It smells amazing and I cannot wait to share my full review of it with you. Coming soon!

DOVE Go Fresh Facial Cleanser w/Cucumber & Green Tea
I have been a Dove consumer for as long as I have been washing my face! For as long as I can
remember I have always had Nivea products in my bathroom having caught the addiction from my
older sister who used them first. This one is especially delicious and enjoyable with it's cucumber
and green tea scents and ingredients. (Review!)

This is one of my all time favourite facial perfecting skin primers. It does an unbelievable job at
smoothing out my skin and concealing any imperfections. I find it easy to work with and totally
worth every cent! (Review!)

What are your recommendations?
Will you be picking anything up during the sale?
*Some affiliate links used. All opinions are 100% honest & all my own!


  1. I'm a bit to scared to go to this sale! I love buying skincare - over spending is a definite possibility!

  2. I'm a bit to scared to go to this sale! I love buying skincare - over spending is a definite possibility!

  3. I feel like I need to skip this sale, purely because I have so much skincare to try already and I really don't want to waste money haha but on the other hand, so many things I want! xx

  4. Hey Candy! My cupboards still chockas from the skincare gift bag!! Love your pics! Swisse Face Argan Oil is tops too, highly recommended!! Xoxoxo