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My husband has been DIY-ing his own hair cuts at home for quite a few years now for a number of
reasons. It saves time, money and you get the exact results you are after because you are in complete
control of the whole process from start to finish!

However in saying that he has struggled through a few different products and tools never being 100%
satisfied with what he was using. The tool being either limited in it's range of choice, too blunt, too
complicated, not holding charge or just plain poor quality. So when I got him onto this VS Sassoon
'The Crew Cut' he was pretty wrapped to finally be able to try something new and different!

As you can see The Crew Cut is the perfect kit for your man to invest in if he likes to cut his own hair
(or have you do it) at home. This kit comes complete with absolutely everything he will need to 
achieve a no nonsense clean, precise and tidy look each and every time and it is so quick to do!

You get -

Storage Bag (Black & manly looking!)
Sleek red & black Crew Cut 
Sleek red & black Timmer (for ears, neck & side burns)
Comb Guide
Lubricating Oil
Cleaning Brush
Barber's Comb
Sharp Cutting Scissors
Long charging cord
Steel Blades & Adjustable Comb Guides (For 1-4 Style Cut)

The Crew Cut
How unique and stylishly cool does this crew cutter look?! This is so different and innovative than
any other kind of hair grooming tool I have ever seen. VS Sassoon have really thought out side of the
box with this one and I think they have nailed it on the head (no pun intended!) so to speak in terms 
of design, precision and what the 'every man' needs and wants in their own do it yourself at home,
easy to use, fast and reliable hair groomer at an affordable price and secure 3 year guarantee.

Distinctive in appearance and operation, the circular blade cuts the hair whilst you gently move it
around on your head in a swirling motion, stopping every now and then if a lot of hair begins to
collect in the centre of the blade, then continue on until you have an all over even result.

The clear plastic comb guide can be placed on and adjusted to give 3mm, 6mm, 9.5mm or 12mm
lengths. If you are after a super short 'O' grade style cut, then you can safely use the Crew Cut
without the comb guide attached. (See pic below).

The Crew Cut Trimmer

You obviously cannot use The Crew Cut to get to those more hard to reach places where all that
unwanted hair seems to consistently want to grow. This is where this handy brother to The Crew Cut
- The Trimmer comes into play!

Flawlessly crafted especially for trimmer of hair on the ears, neck and sideburns, this Trimmer gives
you the option of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm or 15mm trimming lengths when using the 5 position
comb guide.

Both The Crew Cut & Trimmer have been finely crafted using top quality Japanese steel blades and
Lithium-ion technology.

This Trimmer requires 2 AA batteries to
operate which are supplied to you in your
box. As with both the Crew Cut and the
Trimmer, both should be cleaned using the
cleansing brush to remove any excess hair
after each use and the blades lubricated
with the oil provided to help prolong the
life of the appliances.

My husband usually cuts his own hair then
gets me to finish up tidying around his ears
and neck where it's harder for him to see
and then make sure all the hair on his head
has been cut evenly with no spots missed.

It's safe to say with The Crew Cut because
it is guaranteed to give a perfectly even
result there was no going over or tidying
up for me to do. It was all even and looked
like a professional salon cut. The Trimmer
which I am usually reluctant to use as
previously they have been quite rough and
hard to use on my husband's sensitive skin.
However I was able to trim up around his
ears and neck without too much fear of
cutting him or snapping the hair out as this
Trimmer literally just glided right around
those tricky areas with ear and smoothness.

I highly recommend this Crew Cut kit
for any DIY man who wishes to save time
and money. It is even perfect to take
travelling as everything fits neatly into the
storage bag included.

Keen to see how The Crew Cut works in action?
Watch VS Sassoon's demo video below!

VS Sassoon The Crew Cut is currently available to purchase from The Shaver Shop for a
RRP: $119.95

How does the man in your life maintain his luscious locks?
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. My hubby goes to one of those old style Barbers, lol. I don't think he'd trust himself with this, even though it does look pretty snazzy! xx

    1. I'll admit, I love going to the salon to get someone else make my hair look great, but for guys I think they just want to get in and out so this saves the trouble and money in the long run. :) I love those old style barber shops, it's so nice to still see them operating. xx