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Going through my teens, like most I suffered from acne. It all began at age 11 and since then has
been an on off relationship which I just can't seem to break away from. Even heading into my mid
thirties! I wouldn't have though I'd still be suffering from breakouts at this age, but yep, it still
happens, thankfully nowhere near as bad as when I was a teen, however still just as un-welcome and

Recently I have been using Real-U products as my main source in my everyday routine. They are
Australian and not just for teens as my skin has been benefiting from their range too! :)
The three products I have been using twice daily are these ones below which I will talk about more,
but if you're interested in the details of each product you can check out my image below of the back
of each product. All of their products are hypo-allergenic, free from harsh ingredients such as ones I
have been guilty of using in the past including benzoyl peroxide ad salicylic acid.


CLEANSE - Gentle Foaming Wash!
The first product I want to chat to you about is Real-U's Gentle Foaming Wash. This is the first step
in my new routine which I start with each morning when I wake up. You can really feel the difference
when you use use this product especially afterwards when drying your face. The ph balanced formula
which also contains Aloe Vera keeps your skin at a healthy moisture balance, so it cleanses without
drying whilst still being effective at removing the excess oil, dirt and built up polluteons from the air
which has a tendency to stick deep into the pores making them look black, large and gross! Like with
most cleansers you just add a splash of water to get the cleanser foaming up ready to work onto your
face. Rinse well and pat dry.

CONTROL + Face Gel!
This next step is interesting to me because normally I would use a toner now before moisturising.
So to use a Face Gel (similar to a Serum) was quite cool for a change and might I add very effective!
This Gel is specifically formulated for non teenage skin (that's me!) which still breaks out or is just
persistently naughty! I have used a product like this in the past and I don't know why I ever stopped
because to me, I feel like this product was the most beneficial to my skin when it came to killing my
nasty monthly spots. I especially noticed a big difference first thing in the morning after applying this
at night after a few days. My skin had really calmed down considerably!

HYDRATE - Lite Moisturiser!
I am actually not opposed to a thick, heavy moisturiser especially for a night cream. However this
Lite Moisturiser is perfect is you skin is normally extra greasy or oily and the last thing you want to
do is add even more moisture to it making you feel like a shiny egg. This moisturiser feels so very
light on your skin and it soaked right in that I even considered applying it again on a few occasions to
make sure I was really getting enough! This product is awesome because after applying I can go
straight onto starting my makeup routine without having to wait for my skin to dry and at night I can
go right to bed without feeling like my moisturiser is going to transfer onto my pillow.

These products are available to purchase from the Real-U website and currently retail for the prices
listed below!

Gentle Foaming Wash 100ml $15
Face Gel 100ml $50
Lite Moisturiser 100ml $20

The Face Gel is also available in smaller 50ml or 10ml sample size tubes which are priced below.

Face Gel 50ml $30
Face Gel Sample 10ml $5
How cute are the little Control+ Face Gel samples? Adorable! If you want to try anything from the
range this is the one I recommend the most and for just the cost of postage ($5) you can't go wrong!

Real-U is a thoughtful brand who really just want the 'Real You!' as the name suggests to shine and
have the confidence to be yourself without having acne holding you back from living your fullest life.

This is a topic I think most people male and female can relate to at some point in their lives and it
definitely rings true to me. I highly recommend these products since using them over the past month.
I only wish I'd known about them sooner especially when I was in my awkward teen years and when
I was very shy and my acne was just killing my confidence and making it worse.

Check out the rest of the range below! This is just a sneak peak, I suggest you head on over to their
website to learn more. :)

Do you or have you ever suffered from problematic skin?
How did you overcome it?
Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review. 
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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