Sunday, December 20, 2015


~  Beautorium  ~

Beautyheaven Rewards

(December 2015!)

One of those little things which make your day just that little bit better and more exciting than bills
arriving in the mail is when Beautyheaven open their (virtual) doors to their online shopping event
that is Beautorium. Where loyal members (such as moi) can redeem their points accumulated
from participation on the site for beauty products available in the 'shop'! Hooray!

As usual I have absolutely NO self control (I did try, really I did!) and spent all of my points.
Yep my balance is back to literally zero! Time to get busy again with reviews, comments and
referrals for the next event rumoured to be held in April 2016. Too exciting! :)

Enough babble, onto the items I spent all my points on...

If you know me than you know I am Kora obsessed! I love the range of certified organic products
and ingredients. They feel so nice on the skin. I am so happy to have been able to pick up this
body wash for 750 points. It is a good 150ml and retails for $37.50. On the pricier side for a body 
wash so very happy to have picked it up for free! There were also a few other Kora products in
the shop, however I didn't have enough points to splurge on them all. Hopefully they will still be
available in April. This one has been added to my Kora collection of Day & Night Cream &

MOR Pepperberry & Cardamon Hand & Body Wash
Ah MOR is such a luxury brand to me. I have always found their products to be ultra rich and
always smell ah-mazing! This one is no exception with the blend of Pepperberry and Cardamon
smelling very sweet and like black berries! Reminds me a little of Lush Snow Fairy. :)
On the steep side at 500 points, however quite a large 350ml which should last a while.

Schick Intuition Coconut Milk & Almond Oil Razor
This product is no stranger to me having first used it in a trial for Beautyheaven and then continuing
to stock up on it in a past few Beautoirums. This is my all time favourite razor! The smell is so
yummy and creamy as it the formulation of the moisture block which makes shaving so smooth and
gentle and easy! I just love it! This cost me 260 points. (Review!)

T.B.N. Nail Colour in Little Miss Mila & In The Nude
There where quite a few other shades to choose from in the shop but I ended up settling on one of
my fav classic hot barbie pinks and a nude as I am slowing creeping into liking that kind of neutral
hue. Only 50 points each, a complete steal and I cannot wait to paint with these!

Romantic Colour Eyeshadow Palette by T.B.N.
I almost didn't get this last product, however I spent all of my points on the very last day of
Beautorium and thought what the hell why not? At only 100 points I couldn't resist. There was also
another colour variation available which were all black/greys which I feel would be a little too 
dramatic for me so I decided to go with these gorgeous soft pinks, burgundy, charcoal and white
highlight. I have not tried any products from TBN before so I cannot wait! So much fun to be had I 
am sure! 

Bonus FREE Samples!
If you are a regular BH member or Beautoirum alumni then you would be well aware Beautyheaven
always throw in a few free samples with your order and this time around these are the ones which 
came in my haul. So very happy with them and of course super excited to try some newbies! Woo!

Watch my Beautorium Haul here! :)

What is the best product you have redeemed in Beautorium?
Let's follow each other! 

*These products were redeemed via the Beautyheaven points rewards program
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. You picked up some great buys!
    I sat this one out.

    1. Thank you lovely! You should have a good stash saved up for the next one then? I hope you'll pick up some things you really like. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. :) I am using both the body washes already!