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~  SNAKKU  ~

Japanese Snack Subscription Box

November 2015 Unboxing!

Watch unboxing video! - Click here! :)

I love subscription boxes! I have reviewed quite a few varieties both here and over on my Youtube
channel and not all about beauty. I enjoy them no matter what the topic. I have also thoroughly 
enjoyed a few kid and all natural boxes and now I am so excited to share with you a snack box all the
way from Japan!

Snakku is a monthly subscription box which consists of a variety of 10-15 full size tasty snacks from
different areas in Japan each month for $38.95. There were well over 15 items in my box so I am
very impressed and would highly recommend checking out this box if you're after some new and 
different fun snacks to try and to have whilst on the go as they are all perfect handbag size! :)

Because I am Australian and do not speak nor can read a word of Japanese at all I was relieved to find
a trusty info card (in English!) as soon as I opened the box to guide me through each and every
product with info on what it was, how it was made and where it is from. Pretty awesome and
  interesting stories and I love how Snakku supports the small snack stores which produce amazing
 delicious foods!

Tokyo Banana x2
These cuties are a banana flavoured fluffy sponge cake consisting of banana maple custard in the
centre. Yum! I just love how cute these are with the little hearts printed on the outside. Aw!
They also taste delicious and are super soft and creamy. These are apparently very popular in Japan,
let me know if you have tried them!

Tokyo Banana Pie x2
These crisp cookies have a banana shape to them which makes sense since they are in fact banana
flavoured and made with real Tokyo bananas! I actually shared these with my 2yr old son who
happily munched away on them and then was asking for more! Poor little man, I may have to
source some more! Really yummy, I almost wish I hadn't shared them! ;)

Mame Yakko x3
These came in three different flavour variations. Spicy Dashi Broth, Edamame & Traditional roasted
Kinako soybean. This have a light crisp crunch to them and are very tasty! Perfect for a quick pick
me up snack throughout the day when you only have a few seconds to spare! (My life!)

Kinesha x3
These three flavours - Chocolate, Plain & Maple are oh my gosh so moreish I think out of the whole
box I enjoyed these the most! These have come from a small boutique snack store in Ginza, Japan.
If word gets around about how yummy these snack are they won't be small for long! These folded
butter biscuits are folded in very thin layers making them very light and crisp when eating.

Sweet Sake Soft Candy x5
These soft chewy sweets are not as sweet as your very common sugary snack. These seem more
grown up and are actually very addictive! Five did not survive very long at all! I can't believe these
are literally just rice sake! A flavour very different to what my Aussie palate is used to. A
refreshing change. 

Seasonal Meiji Horn x1 Box
These delicate biscuit sandwiches made with real purple jam were quite unique in their make up with
their ends being sealed with chocolate. A nice sweet snack to have in between meals. Both my 4 and
2 year olds gobbled these up in no time! I had to make sure I at least kept one for myself! I wonder if
these come in other flavours? Very nice packaging and I liked how they were individually wrapped.

Nidoage Mochi x2
Initially I thought these looked like Churros, however upon closer inspection and taste testing these 
are actually nothing like them! These have a much more savoury flavour and are quite hard to bite 
into although being very light and crispy on the inside. These snacks have been double grilled and
soy glazed. Soy glazed...Mmmmmm!

Mukashi No Senbel x2
These too had more of a savory taste with a hard crisp exterior. Grilled in a clay fire kiln, these rice
crackers were a yummy snack to have in-between meals and was easy for me to eat whilst still 
running my mad self around the house trying to get everything done. My 2yr old son got hold of one
at some point and proceeded to throw it down after attempting to bite into it saying "Ah rock!" So 
maybe too hard for little 2 yr olds! haha!

Double Anzutsumi x2
Sometime after filming my unboxing/first impressions video of this box I discovered that I had
actually guessed these two flavours incorrectly! The one on the left is actually Red Bean and on the
right is Sweet Potato flavoured. Not the kind of flavours I would usually eat here in Australia,
however I am always open to trying new foods and so this was exciting for me! The exterior was a
soft sponge and surprisingly the gooey texture in the centre was quite sweet for the savoury
flavours. Interesting, not bad, just interesting to the palette, I would have to get used to these.

The end! :)

(Please Subscribe!) Thank you! :) xo

Do you have a favourite subscription box?

Let's follow each other! 

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*This box was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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