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Sun Shimmer Instant Tan

BB Skin Perfecter 

Medium Matte Review!

Recently I reviewed as similar new product also by Rimmel London which you can read all about here. This particular product however has been a great addition to my at home self tanning routine which I haven’t seemed to be able to stop doing since the beginning of Summer. This has been a bit of a bronzed obsessed holiday period for me and I have enjoyed every second of it!

One of my favourite things about the ever changing, growing and evolving products and innovations from the beauty industry is their ability to come up with product for not just one single purpose but several and in this case an impressive nine.

1. Softens Skin
2. Smooths Skin
3. Moisturises
4. Instant Tanning Results
5. Gives A Healthy Glow
6. Evens Skin Tone
7. Covers Skin
8. Protects Skin
9. Lasts Up To 24 Hours

This BB ‘wash off’ formula means I can experiment with as many layers of products as I want to determine the shade I am feeling that particular day and if it turns out too dark or not looking right I can just wash it right off and start over again instantly! No waiting around for days or up to a week for a dodgy tan application to fade here. Too often I find I haven’t exfoliated my skin enough and my fake tan can look much darker and a bit dirty on my knees and around certain areas on the tops of my feet. Definitely NOT a good look!

At just $13.95 this Sun Shimmer Instant Tan has barely any shimmer actually in it, yet it gives your skin a certain glow and the slimming illusion of the deep chocolate matte shade does a super job on my otherwise naturally not at all very toned thighs.

Available in both Medium Matte & Light Matte! (Shop Now!)

What are your thoughts on instant wash off fake tanning?
How dark do you like to fake bake?

Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
*Not sponsored!

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