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Demo & Review!
Having just turned 32 last month, I am becoming more and more aware and dedicated to my skincare
routine like never before. Since my early 20's I have always taken care of my skin mainly to help
keep my acne under control. Now a days I still very much stick to my twice daily skincare routine,
changing up the products and trying new ones whenever I get the chance. I have come to know
through trial and error what works for my skin and what doesn't.

Within the past 3-4 years I have come to notice a few little crows feet appearing and the bags under
my eyes are ever more present then they once were post having my 2 kids and sleeping like a regular
person. Now that I am busy looking after them full time as well as helping my husband run our
business, my Youtube channel and this blog amongst all the other responsibilities of everyday life,
sleep has become about a 6 broken hour a night luxury.

Now that you have the low down in short of my skincare history let me introduce to you a device I
have been using over the past few months which I believe has made an significant difference to the
appearance and age of my skin.

Newa is a skin rejuvenation system has been recommended by dermatologists from all over the world
 and is designed to lift, firm, smooth and tighten your skin, re-creating collagen within the skin.
Results can be seen as quickly as after the very first use with results being more obvious after a

The instructional DVD included with you Newa is great to watch before starting with the treatment
and gives you in depth detail on how to best use the Newa for ultimate long term effective results.

It is essential to use the Newa with the recommended Activator Gel for 5 sessions per week for one
 month and then twice weekly there after. The Activator Gel not only helps to protect the skin, it
 provides it's own facial treatment within itself giving your skin the ultimate at home spa collagen
 facial completely un-invasive and pain free!

Once you apply the gel directly to the device you then turn on the Newa. The indicator light will turn blue and once you have pressed the lit up button again it will begin to start flashing. This indicates it is ready to go. It is important not to exceed the maximum four minute treatment session once a day. You will know you are done as the device with light up from blue to green & give you a little buzz.

Apply the Newa device to the skin in and rotate in small circular motions. The Newa device is
designed to be used upon six sections of your face. The upper and lower cheek area or each side and
 then under the chin to help lift and firm the skin underneath on each side. There are two heating
levels. Newa recommends starting with the higher setting, however if it begins to feel too warm for
 your liking, you can always just switch it down to the low heat setting. Slowly you will begin to feel
your skin warming up, however it did not get hot or uncomfortable for me. Moving the device in
 larger circular motions on your face will tone down the feeling of heat a little if it does start to feel a
 bit too much.

Just like most facial treatments upon the end of each session you
skin will appear slightly reddened but shouldn't be sore, burning or irritated which mine was not.
I found the redness to not appear too bad on my face (I think my skin is pretty tough) and the redness
only lasted about half an hour before settling down again.

What I love most about the Newa Skin Rejuvenation System is that it does all of this in just four
minutes per session once a day! Being such a busy bee, this fits into my life with ease and has
 definitely been worth the extra time spent.

Has your skin developed any wrinkles?
Do you include any anti-ageing skincare products in your skincare routine?

Newa Rejuvenation System - $499.00 (Buy!)
Activator Gel - $59.95 (Buy!)

Let's follow each other! 

*This product was kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own
*Not sponsored!

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