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You might remember a few posts back I recently reviewed for you Maslow & Co's previous
New Zealand beauty box in addition to reviewing and demonstrating each product in the box
on video. (WATCH HERE!) Well, get excited because Maslow & Co have been kind enough to
supply me with their latest USA West Coast box to review for you as well! Yay!

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Watch the unboxing below!
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So let's now delve into what's hot in the USA West Coast Box!

Milani Baked Blush in Corallina
This is the first ever Milani product that I now own and omg it is so beautiful! The terracotta textured
appearance is simply stunning! This is a magnificently flawless shimmery highlighter I know I am
going to be wearing to the death!

Fig & Yarrow Complexion Water in Yarrow, Immortelle & Rockrose
This product is great for the skin and can be used as a mixer with the Clay Mask (see below).
This is a great little facial toner in a easy to use mess free pump and travel sized. It doesn't contain
any harsh ingredients so it can also be used as a hydrating, toning and refreshing facial mist. (I am
loving facial mists right now for my tried face throughout the day!)

Ingredients include - Water, essentials oils including; Immortelle, Rockrose & Yarrow.

Fig & Yarrow Clay Mask Black
This mask is also available in white, red and green variations, however I am happy to have received
the black for my acne prone more oily kind of skin.

I have already used this a couple of times. Once just mixing through water and the other two with the
Fig & Yarrow complexion water (see above). Both worked really well actually. I really loved the
complete clean and soft feeling after each mask. Especially though with the complexion water, it
just seemed to tone and tighten my skin that little bit more as well as really getting in and clearing
out every speck of dirt and excess oil from my pores.

Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave In Nourishing Treatment
If you follow my on Instagram or watch my Youtube videos then you would have noticed my hair
getting lighter and lighter. This means lack of moisture and damage done to my hair, which goes
without saying really that I have been putting anything and everything I can get my hands on into it to
try to restore back in the moisture and repair the damage that bleaching can unfortunately do.

This product really is an anti-frizz miracle! The fly aways which I am working hard on no getting any
more by being extra careful with tight hair ties and gentle brushing. Just a few sprays and this tames
those hairs right back into place. My hair feels much smoother and soft when I use this as well.

Marula Foaming Cleansing Oil
Since I have been using the cleansing oil from last month's box, I was intrigued to find another
cleansing oil in this box to try! Cleansing oils are ultra hydrating and are great for anti-ageing as
hydrated skin as opposed to dry skin is less likely to develop wrinkles and who wants those?!
Not me!

This product is doing quite well at giving my skin that lovely youthful plump and brightening effect.
Whilst is also cleanses away all of my makeup from the day as well as any excess oil and dirt. I
barely even need to follow up with a moisturiser after using this!

Earth's Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil
My scalp has no problem producing oil so I am unsure weather I will use this honestly. It does smell
lovely though! My ends do get quite dry, so I wonder if using this on them will do any good?

My husband however does get a dry scalp so I will see if I can get him to try it! :)
The packaging is nice and manly in appearance so it just might work!

Which product takes your fancy?

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*This box was kindly sent to me for review 
*All photographs are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own


  1. That clay mask seems really interesting! Love the look of this box - so gorgeous.

    Jacquelyn | hey there jacquelyn

    1. Hey Jacquelyn, Yes! It's a really fun product, I just love using and experimenting by mixing thru different skincare liquids into it instead of just water. :) The toner works a treat too! x