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Who doesn't just love new makeup? With so many brands releasing so many new products all of the 
time it can become overwhelming and difficult to keep up and decide what the purchase and what to
give a miss.

Luckily there are plenty of bloggers and vloggers like myself all over the world wide web to at least
give you our honest opinions and demos so you can decide for yourself what you think before you
even see them in the shops!

This time around I have four newbies from Rimmel London. One unique mascara and three liquid
eye liners. It's all about the eyes, the windows to the soul today! :)

First up is this Volume Colourist mascara which claims to tint and darken your lashes over time. So
each time you wear it the clever little formulation which sits on your lashes is working it's way into 
them making them darker and darker the more you wear it. In a way this is kind of a negative for this
product as if everyone who tries it ends up loving it will no longer need it in the end and will not need
to re-purchase... interesting!

As you can see from my eye images below, my eyelashes as I have mentioned many times before are
nothing to brag about. They aren't all that light in colour, but there aren't really a lot of them and they
are not very long. Boo to my DNA! :( However this mascara does lengthen them a bit, not as much as
some others I have in rotation, but this mascara is all about the volume and tinting!

I'll let you be the judge. Here is my take on it. I can see the formula is quite thick and has in turn 
fattened up them up giving them volume. However it appears from this close up that it does clump
a little bit and make my lashes stick to each other rather than separating. This picture was taken 
before combing them out, so I feel like they appeared a bit better after doing so.

In terms of tinting my lashes, I have been using this mascara for over a month and I am pretty sure I
can see a slight colour change, however it isn't obvious and I still just prefer the look mascara gives in
general and I think I am just going to keep on wearing them, this one included until it runs dry.

Onto some new favourites! These new Colour Precise liquid eyeliners come in the three shades you
see below. Black, white and blue! I wear black liquid eyeliner all the time as my go-to fav I am
always reaching for it and I am loving this newbie! The colour is deep and intense, but what makes
me the most excited is the super fine tip. Just like a fine tip texta, this design makes it SO easy to
draw a super thin line giving you complete control to then build upon it as thick as you like. The tip
won't stab you and is in no way hard or scratchy. It's actually quite soft yet still firm enough so it isn't
flimsy when you use it. 

The bold blue shade is just beautiful and incredibly pigmented! It gives an amazing pop of colour on
more daring days or special occasions. I just love how it draws attention to the eyes and brightens up
and seems to give life to my otherwise sometimes dull looking boring brown eyes.

When it came to using the white, I was a bit lost as to where and how to use it. I mean I have a white
pencil liner which I use every now and again along my bottom lash line for that wide eyed doll effect.
However the liquid formula is a whole other ball game! 

After some browsing around the web it seemed to me this would be a great product for makeup
artists to have in their kit for those cut crease and fancy runway looks they so cleverly create. I on
the other hand am no makeup artist, I am very amateur when it comes to makeup artistry no matter
how much knowledge I have about the actual products, which I seem to know a lot about. 
(Because I am makeup obsessed, obviously!)

So as you can see below, I ended up using the white along the top of the blue, which actually turned
out looking quite striking in real life. Does it look that way here? It's hard to tell. I like it anyway. 
It did not however work on my bottom lash line, like how I usually use my white eye pencil, but
I may just have been doing it wrong. 

The black on the right is a sure fire winner. An old classic look which I always go for and never fails
me. Loving these pens! I have been using them for probably about a month and none of them are
showing any signs of drying out yet which is awesome!! In the past I have found this style of liquid
eyeliner to not last very long, so I am very happy thus far. :)

These and all Rimmel London products can be found in Priceline, Coles, Woolies, Big W, Target
and Chemist Warehouse. 

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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  1. They're good aren't they? Mine haven't dried out either, although I'm mainly using the black. I can't find a use for the white, lol.