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Natural Australian Cruelty Free Skincare

Rose & Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner
I love two in one products such as this one as cleansing my skin is probably the number one
priority in all of my beauty routine. Cleansing my face both morning and night is something I have
always done and will continue to do as this is the only way which works for me in keeping my skin
blemish free and clear of blackheads, excess oil and skin build up.

As much as I am well behaved with my cleansing I am more often than not slack with toning my skin
afterwards which is truly a flaw on my behalf and I know this because whenever I do actually
remember to tone my skin I notice a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin.
 Particularly my pore size and as the name suggests, it really does tone the appearance of my skin.

This 225ml is a fantastic large size which has lasted me months and still going strong! The scent is
gorgeous and natural and smells quite similar to the Lavender & Rose A'Kin Night Cream. - $24.95

Purely Revitalising Lifting Eye Cream
This natural beauty comes in a 15ml tube with a screw cap at the bottom with a small narrow opening
for the product to squeeze out. The white cream is medium thick with a light scent. I found only a
tiny amount of product needed to apply to the outer corners of the eyes where those pesky crows
feet are beginning to appear and also underneath the eyes.

The cream only takes a minute or two to completely soak into the skin and feels slightly firm and
lifting as it does this which I found to be a really interesting sensation. I like it when I can actually
feel a product working and not just taking it's word for it or having to wait weeks on end to know if
it is actually making a difference to my skin.

In saying that, after months of using this eye cream I can really notice my whole eye area appears to
be firmer and less tired looking. The skin just under the eyebrows also seems slightly elevated which
I am most happy about as I have felt as though my eyes can have that hooded appearance at times. - $29.95

Lavender & Rose Antioxidant Facial Night Cream
This 50ml night wonder if luxuriously thick and creamy with a gorgeous natural light scent which is
more prominent than both the cleanser/toner and eye cream, however not crazy over the top or very
noticeable at all once you have applied the product at night and gone to bed.  

I feel as though this cream has a nice thick consistency similar in colour and texture as the eye cream
Although this night cream is thick, it honestly does not feel heavy or suffocating at all like some
heavy creams can. My skin is neither oily nor dry so I feel like this cream has been of great benefit
to my skin as it is suited for the 'normal' types like me.

Over the past few months I have woken up to softer, brighter and well rested looking skin whilst
using all three of these products together. For me they go together hand in hand and compliment
each other with their gentle and natural ingredients. - $39.95

Since I began trying out these skin rich products A'Kin have re-done their product's packaging so
be sure to check out the new product designs on their website or in stores!

A'Kin products can be found and purchased directly online through their official website as well as
in Priceline, David Jones and selected pharmacies and health shops!

A'Kin offer a wide range of products for all ages and skin types which are Australian made and
owned and completely cruelty free!

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly been gifted to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & video are my own work & my opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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