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So you probably own at least one set of makeup brushes. You have your favourites, you know those
3 or 4 you reach for every single time you put on your makeup? How great are the quality of your
brushes though? Could be better? Softer? Less hairs falling out of them? I know personally for me
that stray hair which falls out of my blush brush every! single! day! I could definitely live without!

Using a fresh, clean, brand new makeup brush is always a nice feeling and if you're after that kind of
satisfaction in your daily makeup routine at the moment, then let me temp you with these modern,
gun metal grey, shiny new, sooooft good quality brushes, available ever so conveniently as you do
you grocery shop at where else but your local Woolies!

There are 5 of these beauties in the Platinum collection and each with it's own essential role to play.
Let me run you through each of the 4 which I have been using in my collection over the past few

Contour Eye Brush
This tapered brush is perfect for creating definition and shadows to your eye's crease. Blend your
shadow into this area and blend with these super smooth, soft hairs. Within a few strokes I have
found my shadow to blend effortlessly, even when I use my cheaper branded makeup!
RRP $10.00

Eye Shadow Brush
Aside from the Blush Brush (which I will talk about soon!) this Eye Shadow Brush is my most used
brush! If your budget is tight, then you could probably get away with skipping on the Contour Eye
Brush and just using this one to complete your all over eye look. I still prefer to use both of these for
creating a more defined eye and precise definition, however this brush with a little practice can do it

The hairs on this brush are slightly shorter and the shape is more rounded. This makes it easy to pack
on your desired shadow shade all over the base of your lid. Then using your Contour Eye Brush (or
this one if you brush off the excess shadow shade before changing colours for contouring) blending in
your usual slightly darker shade into the crease and then highlighting along the brow bone, inner
corner of the eye and where ever else you feel helps you eyes to really pop and look larger and more
awake. RRP $10.00

Base Blending Brush
We all have our own preference when it comes to how we choose to apply foundation. For years I
just found it so much quicker and easier to just use my (clean!) fingers. This method works amazingly
well because there is no chance of leaving behind brush strokes and everything is blended and spread
out well and evenly from the warmth in my fingers. I do still use this method on occasion, however
since discovering the magic of the trusty makeup sponge, I pretty much apply my liquid this way.

So how does this Base Blending Brush come into it? Well generally I will use this brush with my
loose powder to set my liquid foundation as it seems to blend the powder out all over my face instead
of it just sitting where it lands so to speak. However this brush is also designed to use with liquid
foundation to blend everything out nice and smoothly and gives quite a flawless finish in the few
times I have given this method a try. RRP $15.00

Blush Brush
This brush is super light and nicely fluffy and just perfect for applying blush! The hairs on this brush
seem to just pick up the right amount of product to apply to the apples of my cheeks which I then
sweet slightly upwards towards my cheekbones. Then naturally following up with a little bit of
highlight. Everyone loves highlight right now! Including me, obvs! RRP $19.00

- - -

The 5th brush in this collection which I haven't yet had the chance to try is the Platinum Power
Brush. As the name suggests, this is to use to apply your powder foundation, setting powder and
banana powder, etc! RRP $20.00

Platinum Makeup Brushes are available exclusively at selected Woolworths stores Australia wide.

How do you apply foundation? Brush, sponge, fingers or another method?

Let's follow each other! 

*These products were kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*My opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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