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Like many, subscription boxes are one of my many weakness'! That little surprise package you
signed up for and then forgotten about suddenly arrives when you least expect it and suddenly your
day is just that much better as you've received a little gift just for yourself for no apparent reason
other than for being your amazing gorgeous lil self! ;)

As sub boxes are a secret little obsession of mine, I always have my eye out looking for more boxes
full of new and exciting things, whatever the theme may be.

My latest discovery has me kicking my butt back into gear as I am reminded of one of my top new
years resolutions. - To look after my body on both the inside & out! Now, I do do quite a good job
already of taking care of my body, however the main areas I need to work on is eating healthier and
exercising more!

This box has inspired me like it's the new year all over again!

Watch My Unboxing Below!

First of all The Fit Girl Box like
myself, has it's very own Youtube
channel which you should go check
out and if you want to really get
an inside view of the lovely girl,
Brittany who is the brains behind the
 box, she also has her own channel
full of fun and interesting videos
which you can watch HERE!

So on with the box! This healthy
subscription gives you more than
$200 worth of product and between
6-8 products for just $39.99.

If you sign up annually which gives
you 4 boxes you can save yourself
10% and pay just $144.

I really enjoyed discovering each and every product in this box, beginning with this bonus NW

"You Won't Believe It's Sugar-Free!" magazine full of healthy, inspiring and really easy to follow
recipes! I am not the best cook, however sweets are difinitely my weakness so to be able to create
some delicious AND healthy desserts is a mega win for me!

As you can see here there are also
some quick and easy meal options
inside which give detailed and
step by step instructions to easily
follow for your lunch and dinners.

I especially find fresh salads like
these super convenient to take to
work with me so I'm not tempted
to grab fast food on the run!

This magazine can be purchased
for current RRP $9.99.

First up in the box is this PT grey sports towel. I was instantly drawn to this in the box as not only
 was it the largest item in the box, I was also curious to what it was inside the draw string storage bag!

I adore grey and neutral colours at the moment so that was an instant 'Like' by me. The micro fiber
material is that quick absorbing and quick drying kind which would be perfect to take to the gym,
yoga, running or any sport in general to keep you fresh and dry. This towel is huge by the way,
100 x 40cm in fact! I am surprised it fits into such a small bag! Very cool indeed.

 Available in a range of colours including - Blush, Citrine, Mint & Pink at your local Pillow Talk
store for current RRP $14.95 each.

Pillow Talk Energize Sports Towel in the shade 'Dove'.

Vigour Skin Therapy is an Australian company which specializes in natural goodness for your skin.
This products have been made by two Aussie skin theropists with more than 25 years experience in
this field. Their products are so healthy for your skin and really let your best skin shine through!

I originally discovered this brand through my Schkinny Maninny pressed juice subscription (You can read all about my 3 day juice cleanse HERE!) and fell in love with their Treatment Cleanser so I am
allll over this Collagen Eye, Lip & Line Fix!

Just as the name suggests, this product is a hard working, time saving, multi tasker! Not only smooths
out your fine lines, it also hydrates, soothes and plumps up the skin fading wrinkles and giving your
lips that extra bit of pout which most of us desire as thin lips can quickly age you!

Current RRP $39.00

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars are one of those products I have seen around but never purchased. Just for
the plain fact that chocolaty and sugary treats win me over in the sweets isle without me ever thinking
about it and that fact that I should probably choose something to snack which is better for my body
and won't stick around on my thighs forever!

As you can see below, these come in a range of flavours (If this seems up your ally, keep an eye out
for their latest 'Sour Cherry', 'Banana Bread' & 'Blueberry' flavours!) with the one which I received in
 my box being the 'Ginger Nut'. Have no added sugars and contain just 5 natural ingredients!
(Make sure to watch my unboxing video to find out the 5 ingredients!)

Current RRP $2.90 each

I am beyond excited to try out these Amazing Magnesium 'Pain Relief' & 'Recovery' wipes!
Not only has my back taken a hit to the sudden cold here and tensed up and is now doing that
awful 'click' and 'crunch' sound every time I move my shoulder blades but I also get aching feet
at the end of the day since returning back to work this year. (Hence the lack of blog posts lately,
sorry!) Also, my husband gets really intense back and neck pain from working 24/7 on his laptop,
so if these work out well, I'll be jumping online to purchase a box or two!

Current RRP $15.60 (Pain Relief) $19.50 (Recovery). Per box of x25

Hydration is sooo important and during the cooler months I forget even more often than ever to
drink enough fluid throughout the day! Let's face it water can get boring real quick and when you're
already dehydrated is can be hard to down a good litre your body is probably needing in one go!

This is where Pure Electrolyte Hydration comes in to make life just that little bit more exciting and
easier! Available in a range of flavours (I got the Lemon one!) including Lemon, Raspberry,
Pineapple and Super Fruits. I cannot wait to try this! Sounds absolutely delish!

Current RRP $29.99 (500g)

To continue to help me with my sweet tooth and quick sugar fix addiction, is this enrGIsustain
dark chocolate, coconut and cashew bar. Yum! This not only sounds delicious (Hello chocolate!)
but I love this companies punch line as well. - "Bite Me. I'm Good!" :D

High in protein, gluten free and containing 18 essential vitamins and minerals. This is the kind of
snack bar I need to help me through my busy days! #happyenrGIpeople

Current RRP $4.95 each

Another natural, healthy snack alternative you could go for is this Go Natural Active Protein Choc
Acai bar! With a 4.5 star health rating, this gives me confidence in what I am putting into my body is
a good choice! I love that this not only provides me with a good old choccy fix, but it is actually
giving me the natural unrefined version filled also with sunflower seeds, honey, almonds, pepitas,
peanuts, brazil nuts and whey protein to help sustain my energy throughout the day and keep me full
for longer between meals.

Current RRP $2.41 each OR $40.00 (Per box of x16 bars)
Also available in 'Super Berry' flavour.

I am pretty proud of myself for completely cutting sugar out of my daily cups of coffee, however
when it comes to baking cookies, cake and other sweets, sugar is an unavoidable main ingredient
of these delicious dishes! Having a healthy and all natural sugar alternative to use like this Natvia
100% Natural Sweetener is genius!

I have actually used this product before which also comes in the canister form, however these little 2g
sachets are brilliant because it makes hopeless cooks like me look like pros by already having the
portions measured out for me to easily add together when mixing ingredients together when baking
cakes, etc.

Current RRP for this box below $4.49

This is one of the things I love about this subscription box. It has a good variety of products to help
us look after ourselves on both the inside and out. Moving on from that food related items, are these
x2 sample sachets of Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin Bondi Wash Body Wash!

Be sure to take advantage of their 15% off offer when you sign up to their newsletter!

Current RRP $1.00 per sample sachet (You can purchase pretty much any or all of their products for
just $1.00 each contains 10ml each) or $35.00 (500ml bottle)

So there you have it, a great mix of products in this Autumn "Mix Box!"

Do you treat yourself to any subscription boxes?
Which ones are your style? - Beauty, health, lifestyle, pets, etc!

Let's follow each other! 

*This box was kindly gifted to me for consideration/review
*My opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

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  1. Great video! I'm a fellow subscription box addict receiving a box of surprise goodies in the mail! I hadn't heard of Fit Girl Box before but I'm very impressed with the products and the selection included. Those snack bars sure are handy for a healthy snack on the go ♥