Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NEW Colgate Toothpaste


When it comes to toothpaste, I usually just grab whatever is on special,
or if it claims to whiten my teeth, I'm there!

So a few weeks ago we ran out of the paste and so in
our usual state of rush shopping on a weekend with
two impatient kids in tow, I rushed down the beauty isle, 
(I'd much rather have taken my time to drool for at least a few minutes!)
and just grabbed a large tube of a different brand that looked like
pretty good value. 

Now, it isn't the brand or the poor toothpastes fault, 
but I cannot for the life of me stand anything artificially
orange flavoured! 

No matter if it's toothpaste, Vitamin C tablets, lollies, ice blocks,
Etc, I just hate the taste. So of course out of all the
multitudes of minty toothpastes I go and 
pick up the only orange flavoured one! Doh!

So for the next week following I was stuck
concentrating on blocking out my taste buds
each and every time I brushed until we 
had a chance to get back to the shops.
(We are very busy people you know!) ;)

The following weekend finally rolled around 
and as we were going about our usual shop
there in an end isle, staring me in the face,
was a toothpaste that ticked all the boxes for me.

Cheap, $2!
Minty flavoured! 
Pretty packaging. 
(Because that is so important!)

Being the chocolate, sweets, ice cream, coffee with cream....
(need I go on?) lover that I am, it is lucky for my
teeth that this contains a sugar acid neutraliser
or I'm sure I'd probably be paying for it before too
long. And we all know how costly that can add up to fast!

Fast forward two weeks and I no longer
need to force my taste bubs to take a hike 
each time I brush, I am loving the minty taste!
Makes my breath fresh for hours,
my mouth feels clean and the whole 
process is back to its pleasant even 
pampering feeling again. 


Have you tried this yet?
What is your toothpaste of choice?

*This is not a sponsored blog post! 

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