Thursday, May 8, 2014

Solids Journey With Cerelac!

My Son's Solids Journey With Cerelac!

As part of being a member of Soup, where if selected you get to
Trial and review various products,
ranging from beauty products, household items,
food, pet food, etc.

This time around I have been trialing Cerelac Cereal 
for my now big 7 month old, so far he's loving it 
and in my opinion, growing super fast on this stuff!

From 4 months old we started him off on the
plain Rice flavour, which comes in a powdery form. 
I wasn't sure how he'd react, as with my first baby,
she was and still is super fussy with her food and I 
found/find is exceptionally difficult to get her to try
new foods. My son, however can't seem to get enough!
I have upped to feeding him this 3 times a day with 
snacks and breast milk in between.  My boy
is always on the hunt for a feed and if you're eating something,
no matter if you're mum, dad, sissy or the cat! 
If you have food, he will be watching you waiting for more
than a crumb to drop! 

Now that he's 7 months and we've long gone through all of the
Rice Cerelac, we've moved onto the Weat flavored one. 
Rich in iron and vitamins C & B6 with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavour.

There are also a range of other flavours available.  
I tried him on the Oats with Prune flavour for ages
6+ months, I'm not sure if it's the sweeter taste, 
but he screwed up his face and was not keen. 
He is the same with fruit in general, even mashed 
banana at the moment, so I'll just
wait and try him on it again in a month or two.

Soon he'll be 8 months old and ready to try
The Multigrain with Pear flavour which is recommended
from 8 months. He'll reach this age by the end of the month,
so I'm looking forward to his reaction to a new texture and flavour.


Have your kids ever tried Cerelac?
Let me know how you found them trying different flavours
and any tips or advice you have. I would love to hear it.

Thank you! xo

*I was fortunate enough to receive these products to trial and Review
as part of being a Soup member.
*I was not required to write this blog post as part of the trial.
*All opinions and photos are my own.

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