Monday, December 28, 2015


~  So...?  ~

S u p e r s t a r !

Far from being a real life Superstar it is nice every now and again to spray on a sassy scent and
just pretend. Even if it is just singing into my hair brush whilst picking up dirty clothes and toys
around the house.

I am addicted to this scent lately. It is so nice and fresh and works for both day and night.
With top notes of passion fruit orange, pomegranate & passionfruit, middle notes of freesia, lilly of
 the valley & heliotrope and base notes of cedarwood, almond & musk. This unique blend makes me
 a little nostalgic as both the brand So...? and this particular scent reminds me of my youth and being
a teenager.

This 30ml bottle has a secure round dome cap and is easy to spray. I found the scent to linger
for a good few hours before the need to re-spray. A nice size to travel with and fits nicely into my
average size handbag.

A cool, sassy scent perfect for bringing in the new year!

Other fragrances available from the So...? range include -
 So...? Kiss Me
 So...? (Original)

 Currently RRP $14.95 available to purchase from Priceline and
Big W.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015


~  SNAKKU  ~

Japanese Snack Subscription Box

November 2015 Unboxing!

Watch unboxing video! - Click here! :)

I love subscription boxes! I have reviewed quite a few varieties both here and over on my Youtube
channel and not all about beauty. I enjoy them no matter what the topic. I have also thoroughly 
enjoyed a few kid and all natural boxes and now I am so excited to share with you a snack box all the
way from Japan!

Snakku is a monthly subscription box which consists of a variety of 10-15 full size tasty snacks from
different areas in Japan each month for $38.95. There were well over 15 items in my box so I am
very impressed and would highly recommend checking out this box if you're after some new and 
different fun snacks to try and to have whilst on the go as they are all perfect handbag size! :)

Because I am Australian and do not speak nor can read a word of Japanese at all I was relieved to find
a trusty info card (in English!) as soon as I opened the box to guide me through each and every
product with info on what it was, how it was made and where it is from. Pretty awesome and
  interesting stories and I love how Snakku supports the small snack stores which produce amazing
 delicious foods!

Tokyo Banana x2
These cuties are a banana flavoured fluffy sponge cake consisting of banana maple custard in the
centre. Yum! I just love how cute these are with the little hearts printed on the outside. Aw!
They also taste delicious and are super soft and creamy. These are apparently very popular in Japan,
let me know if you have tried them!

Tokyo Banana Pie x2
These crisp cookies have a banana shape to them which makes sense since they are in fact banana
flavoured and made with real Tokyo bananas! I actually shared these with my 2yr old son who
happily munched away on them and then was asking for more! Poor little man, I may have to
source some more! Really yummy, I almost wish I hadn't shared them! ;)

Mame Yakko x3
These came in three different flavour variations. Spicy Dashi Broth, Edamame & Traditional roasted
Kinako soybean. This have a light crisp crunch to them and are very tasty! Perfect for a quick pick
me up snack throughout the day when you only have a few seconds to spare! (My life!)

Kinesha x3
These three flavours - Chocolate, Plain & Maple are oh my gosh so moreish I think out of the whole
box I enjoyed these the most! These have come from a small boutique snack store in Ginza, Japan.
If word gets around about how yummy these snack are they won't be small for long! These folded
butter biscuits are folded in very thin layers making them very light and crisp when eating.

Sweet Sake Soft Candy x5
These soft chewy sweets are not as sweet as your very common sugary snack. These seem more
grown up and are actually very addictive! Five did not survive very long at all! I can't believe these
are literally just rice sake! A flavour very different to what my Aussie palate is used to. A
refreshing change. 

Seasonal Meiji Horn x1 Box
These delicate biscuit sandwiches made with real purple jam were quite unique in their make up with
their ends being sealed with chocolate. A nice sweet snack to have in between meals. Both my 4 and
2 year olds gobbled these up in no time! I had to make sure I at least kept one for myself! I wonder if
these come in other flavours? Very nice packaging and I liked how they were individually wrapped.

Nidoage Mochi x2
Initially I thought these looked like Churros, however upon closer inspection and taste testing these 
are actually nothing like them! These have a much more savoury flavour and are quite hard to bite 
into although being very light and crispy on the inside. These snacks have been double grilled and
soy glazed. Soy glazed...Mmmmmm!

Mukashi No Senbel x2
These too had more of a savory taste with a hard crisp exterior. Grilled in a clay fire kiln, these rice
crackers were a yummy snack to have in-between meals and was easy for me to eat whilst still 
running my mad self around the house trying to get everything done. My 2yr old son got hold of one
at some point and proceeded to throw it down after attempting to bite into it saying "Ah rock!" So 
maybe too hard for little 2 yr olds! haha!

Double Anzutsumi x2
Sometime after filming my unboxing/first impressions video of this box I discovered that I had
actually guessed these two flavours incorrectly! The one on the left is actually Red Bean and on the
right is Sweet Potato flavoured. Not the kind of flavours I would usually eat here in Australia,
however I am always open to trying new foods and so this was exciting for me! The exterior was a
soft sponge and surprisingly the gooey texture in the centre was quite sweet for the savoury
flavours. Interesting, not bad, just interesting to the palette, I would have to get used to these.

The end! :)

(Please Subscribe!) Thank you! :) xo

Do you have a favourite subscription box?

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~  Beautorium  ~

Beautyheaven Rewards

(December 2015!)

One of those little things which make your day just that little bit better and more exciting than bills
arriving in the mail is when Beautyheaven open their (virtual) doors to their online shopping event
that is Beautorium. Where loyal members (such as moi) can redeem their points accumulated
from participation on the site for beauty products available in the 'shop'! Hooray!

As usual I have absolutely NO self control (I did try, really I did!) and spent all of my points.
Yep my balance is back to literally zero! Time to get busy again with reviews, comments and
referrals for the next event rumoured to be held in April 2016. Too exciting! :)

Enough babble, onto the items I spent all my points on...

If you know me than you know I am Kora obsessed! I love the range of certified organic products
and ingredients. They feel so nice on the skin. I am so happy to have been able to pick up this
body wash for 750 points. It is a good 150ml and retails for $37.50. On the pricier side for a body 
wash so very happy to have picked it up for free! There were also a few other Kora products in
the shop, however I didn't have enough points to splurge on them all. Hopefully they will still be
available in April. This one has been added to my Kora collection of Day & Night Cream &

MOR Pepperberry & Cardamon Hand & Body Wash
Ah MOR is such a luxury brand to me. I have always found their products to be ultra rich and
always smell ah-mazing! This one is no exception with the blend of Pepperberry and Cardamon
smelling very sweet and like black berries! Reminds me a little of Lush Snow Fairy. :)
On the steep side at 500 points, however quite a large 350ml which should last a while.

Schick Intuition Coconut Milk & Almond Oil Razor
This product is no stranger to me having first used it in a trial for Beautyheaven and then continuing
to stock up on it in a past few Beautoirums. This is my all time favourite razor! The smell is so
yummy and creamy as it the formulation of the moisture block which makes shaving so smooth and
gentle and easy! I just love it! This cost me 260 points. (Review!)

T.B.N. Nail Colour in Little Miss Mila & In The Nude
There where quite a few other shades to choose from in the shop but I ended up settling on one of
my fav classic hot barbie pinks and a nude as I am slowing creeping into liking that kind of neutral
hue. Only 50 points each, a complete steal and I cannot wait to paint with these!

Romantic Colour Eyeshadow Palette by T.B.N.
I almost didn't get this last product, however I spent all of my points on the very last day of
Beautorium and thought what the hell why not? At only 100 points I couldn't resist. There was also
another colour variation available which were all black/greys which I feel would be a little too 
dramatic for me so I decided to go with these gorgeous soft pinks, burgundy, charcoal and white
highlight. I have not tried any products from TBN before so I cannot wait! So much fun to be had I 
am sure! 

Bonus FREE Samples!
If you are a regular BH member or Beautoirum alumni then you would be well aware Beautyheaven
always throw in a few free samples with your order and this time around these are the ones which 
came in my haul. So very happy with them and of course super excited to try some newbies! Woo!

Watch my Beautorium Haul here! :)

What is the best product you have redeemed in Beautorium?
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*These products were redeemed via the Beautyheaven points rewards program
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


~  November Empties  ~

Previous Months - January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August / September / October 

Velvet Moisturising Beauty Bar (Review!)
This had a nice classic clean scent which was lovely to use and lasted ages! Really affordable and
the whole family helped me use them up. Even the kids seemed to enjoy, so gentle enough for them.
Very moisturising and non drying to the skin as well. :) 

QV Gentle Shampoo
This was a great little sample tube which I used on both my 2 and 4 year olds hair. It had a mild scent
and foamed up well and was very soft feeling. I liked how shiny and smooth it made my kids hair. :)

Organyc Regular Tampons (Review!)
Not much to say here, great product, does the job and the kind which are better for the environment
get my tick of approval!

Sealicious Hand & Nail Cream
Received both this and the the Sealicious Foot Cream little sample pots in my gift bag from The Doll
Connection blogger event recently. This was my first time trying the brand and even though they 
were small amounts to try, I liked it after just a few applications.

Sealicious Foot Cream
This was one of those slightly minty foot creams which felt soothing on my skin. I really liked this 
and by morning my feet felt really soft and smooth!

Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes
I loved these lashes. They were slightly more bold than my usual choice, however still looked really
good, especially on camera where it's less noticeable. I would buy/wear these again!

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser (Buy!)
There are only a few facial cleansers which keep my skin looking clear and free from spots and this 
was one of them. Of course I have to use it twice daily which fits perfectly into my regular routine.
It didn't dry out my skin and kept it looking fresh as well.

Organic Care Summer Mint Body Wash (Review!)
This was a huuuuuge pump bottle which I actually picked up in a previous Beautorium. I have finally
finished it up! It sure took a good while, which I don't mind because it also made great bubbles in my
kids bath and the scent was very mild and the formula gentle on both my and my little ones skin. :)

How are your empties going coming toward the end of the year?
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*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration/review
*All photographs & opinions are all 100% honest & all my own

Tuesday, November 24, 2015





Unless you have been living under a rock then I have no doubt you have probably head all about
the famous Jamberry craze that seems to have swept the beauty community of late.

Jamberry is a US based nail wrap company which has just recently launched right here in Australia!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to sample these new nail wraps and I have to say honestly, they are so darn cute!

I much prefer to have my nails painted than not however being time poor and my priorities focused
95% of my time of my two little ones, it is almost impossible to comprehend sitting around for an
hour or so to give myself a mani/pedi.

What is so great about Jamberry Nail Wraps as you have probably already figured out is that they are
pretty much just like a sticker for your nails, and they look amazing, have zero drying time and last
just as long (if not longer) than some regular nail polishes!

As you can see Jamberry Nail Wraps come in a huge variety of patterns and colours. There really is
a style for everyone. They are such great quality and value, I think they would make some great
stocking fillers this Christmas, especially for young girls, teens and time poor mums like me. ;)

The super lovely Erin Steffan, an independent Jamberry consultant can be contacted through and has kindly supplied me with x2 sets of Nail Wraps
to GIVEAWAY to two of my loyal readers/followers. Hooray!

To enter the GIVEAWAY be sure to be following me either on Instagram or Facebook or both if
you'd like to increase your chances of winning & good luck!
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Monday, November 23, 2015


Pamper & Indulge
A Look At Natural Skincare!

Coconut Body Polish 150gm
I am so good when it comes to completely cleansing my body head to toe each day in the shower,
however honestly I don't often use a body polish or scrub as I just own a bundle more cleansers and
so that is what I reach for most often. In saying that I do notice the build up of dead and hardened
skin when I leave it go too long and my skin can begin to appear dull and less than smooth.

This Coconut Body Polish smells EXACTLY like a day spa! All natural and super relaxing!
Contains - Epsom Salt, Virgin Coconut Oil, Australian Pink Clay, Dried Rose Buds, Dried
Calendula Flowers, Sweet Orange Essential Oil & Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

How cute and handy is the little scoop in the jar?! I have been using between 3-5 scoops per shower
depending on how much I feel I need that day. This leaves your skin smelling gorgeous and I love
the soft feeling from the moisturising coconut oil and smoothness from the other ingredients blended
together. I don't even have to bother moisturising afterwards as it has all been taken care of in this
polish, clever little guy!

Harvest Garden Coconut Body Polish - RRP: $15.00AU (Shop!)

Gentle Facial Scrub 70gm
I love facial scrubs and always notice a significant difference every time I use one! Somehow I find
my skin tends to build up more on my face than on my body, that I notice anyway! So regular facial
scrubbing is a must for me otherwise the surface of my skin becomes rough, super dull and tends to
break out more frequently with blackheads being more noticeable than usual. Ew!

What I like most about this all natural, all Aussie made Gentle Facial Scrub is it's unique dry blend of
ingredients. These include - Powdered Goats Milk, Ground Oatmeal, Sodium Bicarbonate, Ground
Calendula Petals, Folic Acid & Olive Leaf Extract.

So you may be wondering how to use a dry facial scrub as opposed to a wet one? Well it's actually
really simple and you can even mix in pretty much any wet mix you like to suit you own personal
flavour. Harvest Garden recommends using water, honey, floral water or apple cider vinegar. I
personally find just using water to be the most convenient, however I have also tried using Manuka
Honey which is nice and thick and makes it really easy to apply.

I also have tons of Aloe vera growing in my back yard which I haven't tried mixing in with this yet,
however I am thinking about it as I figure it would feel quite soothing and add to the lovely natural

Harvest Garden Gentle Facial Polish - RRP: $15.00AU (Shop!)

Intensive Facial Cream 60gm
This Intensive Facial Cream can be used both day and night, however as it is rich in intensive hard
working skin loving ingredients it is recommended to use more as a night cream for best results as
our skin works it's hardest healing the skin and regenerating new cells as we sleep.

This smooth light, whipped, creamy blend smells divine and is a dream on the skin with ingredients
including - Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose
Geranium Essential Oil & Patchouli Essential Oils.

Like many other Harvest Garden products you will find your own little scoop inside to use to scoop
out your product to minimise contamination and prolong the life of the product.

With the weather being so hot lately (I am sure many of you can relate!) sometimes Harvest Garden
products can melt a little as they aren't bound together nor contain with any toxic chemicals, synthetic
fragrances, artificial colours, parabens or palm oil. However popping then into the fridge will quickly
being then back up to a less runny consistency. :)

Harvest Garden Intensive Facial Cream - RRP: $20.00AU (Shop!)

Herbal Balm 110gm
This Herbal Balm is one of those clever little must have multi-use products which come in handy for
the whole family for different reasons and you find yourself thanking your lucky stars you own it at
times when you need it the most.

With a solid melt in your hands creamy natural oil based consistency this balm does a whole
multitude of things including healing the skin from nappy rash, minor burns, scabs, dry skin, minor
cuts and grazes as well as dry chapped lips!

Ingredients include a blend of all 100% natural Australian Virgin Coconut Oil, Calendula Infused
Olive Oil, Calendula Infused Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Beeswax and
Vitamin E.

I have been using this mainly as a dry skin and chapped lips moisturiser and even used it on my son's
cheeky little butt-butt with no irritation or flare ups. This stuff is so gentle to even baby's skin!
I have found this to also deeply moisturise the dry brittle ends of my hair, so really you can go to
town experimenting with what works for you with this multi-use product. I highly recommend
having a jar in the house. I keep mine in the fridge as it gives an ultra cooling effect to the skin this
way and feels super refreshing on hot days like the ones we've been having lately!

Harvest Garden Herbal Balm - RRP: $20.00AU (Shop!)

If you're interested in Harvest Garden products either for yourself or someone else this Christmas,
I suggest first signing up to their VIP club for 10% off + special member only benefits.

Harvest Garden provide FREE gift wrapping & FREE shipping with orders over $60!

Will you be gifting any Harvest Garden products this Christmas?
Did you know they also have some fabulous gift packs?
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


2 Day
40% Makeup Sale!

By now every beauty lover on and off the land of social media knows by now that Priceline is 
having another one of their annual 40% makeup sales this week beginning tomorrow!

Of course this always seems to happen around the time when I am completely strapped for cash
and ahem... may have already had a bit of a spending spree over the past couple of weekends so I
really cannot justify heading to this very temping sale, even if it is at the top of my guilty pleasure list!

Anyhow, whenever any kind of sale comes along I like a lot of other people tend to flock to Google,
 Youtube videos or blogs for ideas, recommendations and inspiration on what to put on their
shopping lists. So here is what I would get if I were to go on a splurge as well as products I already
have or have tried which I think are worth picking up to try! Hope it's helpful lucky ducks! ;)

I Want!
I Recommend!
Be quick! Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th November only!

Will you be doing any shopping at this sale?
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