Thursday, January 29, 2015




  FOR HIM!  
I am 99.9% sure the majority of my readers are female, so I figured it would make the most sense to
create a (hopefully) helpful gift guide for your man this Valentine's Day!

Here is a little run down on the items I have picked out below which I believe would make perfect
gifts! I will begin by stating the obvious. Men are more creatures of need rather than want unlike
us females, who want (ahem I mean neeeed) everything!

So on with the list!
(From left to right! Clickable product images at the end of this post!)

Claytan Secret Kisses Cup (Set of 6)
If the special guy in your life is anything like mine and loves his coffee, then he will surely
appreciate these manly looking mugs. I just love how they're so cleverly called 'Secret Kisses'
with the red hidden inside.
Heeello? Adorable! (I mean manly! They're totally MANLY!!)

Roselli Black Resin Canister Set
Chances are if you're not already living with your man or he lives alone he probably doesn't
have his toiletries neatly organized in the bathroom as us woman have down to a fine art.
I love the look of this classy black set. The pieces in the set can also be purchased individually.

  Holeproof Men's Socks
 I don't really think if matters what gender you happen to be. Socks always go missing!
We are forever wearing odd socks in our house and toes pocking through holes happen
daily! Picking up a pair of holeproof socks is a no brainer!

Jerry Garcia Scales Tie
If you man has confidence and often wears a tie, then this is perfect to get him into the
Valentine's Day spirit! He would look very stylish and this would look amazing paired
with either a plain black or white business shirt.

Saint Laurent Heart Print Shirt
If your budget has no limitations, then I highly recommend this super romantic, handsome shirt.
I could see my hubby in this! Perfect for Valentine's Day dinner or date night out.

Sant And Able Clives Eye Men's Sleep Shorts
Slik boxers went out about 10 years ago! Upgrate your men's sleepy time attire with this
sexy Aussie label. 100% Cotton, so they'd be comfortable to sleep in and excellent quality at
a bargain price!

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom Fragrance
I was fortunate to recieve this in my Blogstar award prize pack so passed it onto my very
lucky husband. He seems to like it and I love the brand and the scent too!

Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit
Hands up if you're sick of your tweezers/nail scissors/nail file mysterious disappearing only
to find it in some random place later because your man has 'borrowed' it!
Yep, time to get him his own to do gross things with!

Baxter Of California Chrome Plated Safety Razor
Almost all men shave or groom their facial hair in some way so how about a nice razor?
Comes in a stylish black gift box with extra blades. 

Knomo Lincoln 13
Man bags are still cool right? At least I think they are! I love seeing men with 'man bags!'
I think it shows style, organization and class. This one is great as a laptop bag alternative too.

Diagonal Line Cuff Links
Every now and again my man will put some cuff links on for work. They just add that put 
together 'I make an effort' finishing touch. I think they make a man look more
desirable with a bit of an edge as well.

Euro Floral Trim Slim Fit Shirt
Team this shirt with some dressy denim jeans, for a more casual look for your night out on
Valentine's Day, I think this would suit any man!

Nike Solarsoft Li Thongs
Every Aussie needs a pair or two of thongs. It's Summer and it's HOT!
This stylish pair can be easily slipped on in a second! Fuss free shoes are a mans best friend.

Smythson Panama Cross-Grain Leather Notebook
Help to keep your man organized with in life and/or work with this gorgeous leather
notebook! Now he has no excuses not remembering important dates or events because
he can write it all down in here. ;)

Won Hundred Pocket T-Shirt
Nothing screams sexy, Aussie bloke to me more than a guy in a plain white tee!
Am I weird? There is just something about a man in white. It just looks clean and fresh
and well, inviting to put it honestly and bluntly! haha!

Baxter Of California Full Size 4 Piece Shower Set
Not many men I know love shopping let along shopping for beauty products!
They're an everyday essential, but it all seems just a bit too feminine to pop into
somewhere like Priceline where there is makeup at every turn! Why not save him
the nightmare and pick up some kind of gift set like this which has everything he needs
so he can spend more time doing the things he loves. (Like spending time with you!) ;)

What are your plans this Valentine's Day?
Are you hoping to be treated to anything special?

Let's follow each other! 

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Monday, January 26, 2015


~ New Year ~

New Skincare Routine! 

Paula's Choice
RESIST Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser
Cleanser for Normal/Oily/Combination Skin!
RRP: $30.00 (190ml)
To begin with I will just let your know straight off the bat one of the most convenient aspects
of this product which I enjoyed the most and that is that this Foaming Cleanser not only
cleanses your skin without stripping it of it's natural oils and pH balance, it also removes makeup!
I usually remove my makeup before cleansing, however with this product I get to skin a step and
save a bit of time, oh so precious time! :) (Where does it all go anyway?!)

This generous size pump bottle contains a creamy, white liquid which quickly lathers into a
non scented foam when applied to your face which should be dampened with luke warm water
prior to activate the product and open up the pores for best results whilst cleansing.

I found this product very easy to use and very effective when followed up with the Pore-
Refining Treatment and Daily Mattifying Fluid.

My skin has remained clear and looking smoother, more radiant and a whole lot less tired than
it really is! 

Paula's Choice 
RESIST Daily Pore-Refining Treatment
2% BHA
Exfoliant for Normal/Oily/Combination Skin!
RRP: $38.00 (88ml)
This is a very interesting exfoliating product because not only do you use it more like you would
a toner. It also does not contain any kind of visible exfoliant beads or scrub!

I have always struggled with the size of the pores on my face and have tried many products promising to diminish them. Some have worked well while many haven't. This product actually does
wonders for reducing and tightening my pores, plus it also aids in the anti-ageing aspect of my skin
as well as making the whole surface feel smoother and look youthful again!

I am amazed that such a strong working product as this is actually fragrance free!
Paula's Choice products also do not believe in animal testing which I am more than happy to
help support!

So then how do you actually use this product?
As I mentioned earlier. You simply do as you would with a facial toner. (I love toner btw, they
are great for tightening pores and clearing acne!) Simply take a cotton ball, apply some of the
Daily Pore-Refining Treatment to it and swipe all over the face and neck. This stuff is gentle enough
to use around your eyes, but not over them of course or you risk getting product into your eyes which
is never a good thing! Make sure your skin is clean before using and it is recommended to follow up
and apply your favourite moisturiser afterwards before applying makeup.

Taking this extra step into my new year's skincare routine I believe has really been worth while
in nurturing my skin into it's early 30's!

Paula's Choice
RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Mattifying Fluid
SPF 15
Moisturiser for Normal/Oily/Combination Skin!
RRP: $35.00 (60ml)
Being Summer in QLD, it is imperative to protect your skin from the harmful sun's UV rays daily!
I have always been sun concious and rarely ever suffer from sunburn. I once burnt quite badly when
I was about 14-15 and living in Cairns, the sun was as you would expect in TNQ, completely
unforgiving! So I in turn learnt my lesson the hard way as it make me feel quite physically ill 
and I never let myself burn like that ever again!

Products such as this which contain some kind of SPF in them are quite common how a days
and so really there is no excuse not to slip, slop, slap when it is so easy.

This product is easily applied after cleansing and toning and before makeup and absorbs quickly
without leaving a greasy residue. I appreciate the mattyfying effect as even though I classify my
skin as being 'normal', it can still gain that a little more than a 'dewy' effect by the end of a long, hot,
Summer's day! I have found my skin to remain looking matte and fresh throughout the day when
I've applied this in the morning. So it is quite amazing that it moisturises and protects your skin
from the sun whilst still not feeling heavy or slick!

Fragrance free and non irritable, this whole Paula's Choice RESIST skincare range helps to
prevent the visible signs of aging and minimise pore appearance. Two of my top skincare
concerns sorted!

Check out the massive range of Paula's Choice products here to find a range
tailored to your skin type and concerns.
(They've thought of everything!)

What are you main skincare concerns?
Have you heard of or tried Paula's Choice before?

Watch my skincare routine using these products below!
Feel free to like, comment & subscribe! :)

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*These products were kindly sent to me for consideration
*All opinions, experiences & photographs are my own!

Friday, January 23, 2015




If you missed my review on last month's Bellabox, you can read all about it here.
I signed up for a 3 month subscription through a voucher I had for iSubscribe. :)

So here is my second box! Hooray! Overall, I think I preferred last month's box.
However I'm not hating this months as it's quite good and I am already looking forward
to next months which comes with a bonus free magazine!

Downside - I am missing the turquoise blue polka dot box which last month's came in as
it is a nice book to keep to store randoms in. However this month they have skipped a nice
looking box as the post post it arrived in was the 'box'! Guess they are trying to cut costs,
perhaps so they can provide every box with a more equal share of products as I am aware of
a large number of subscribers who have been jipped and are quite fed up and I don't blame them!
I think I have been lucky with my boxes so far!

Interested in a subscription? You can sign up right here!

Laqa & Co Lip Lube in 'Menatour'
RRP: $24.95
I love these kinds of lip crayon type of product as they're so much fun to apply as it makes me
feel like a kid again playing with my crayons. Only on my face! ha! :)
This has a minty scent to it similar to that of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains!
I am really happy with the colour I received. This is purple with pink undertones so it isn't too
ott purple like the straight up purple Velourlips in Tok-i-o! It actually just gives a light tint to
your lips with a minty feel.

Exclusive Bellabox Makeup Pouch
RRP: $7.95
This is quite compact and cute with the polka dots. I can see myself using this when I go
on weekends away. Now as I sit here looking at it, I think it is actually the perfect size
to pack the kids toothbrushes and toothpaste into! :)

Skinnymint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox
Full Size RRP: $54.90 (28 Days)
I seem to see this 'Skinny Tea' stuff everywhere and to be honest it has never interested me.
However, after reading over this pack, it does seem worth trying as it is mean to do a whole
lot of good for your body. I don't need to loose weight, however an increase in energy would
be quite beneficial to me, so I will give this a go.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid
Full Size RRP: $33.00 (118ml)
I am actually using a very similar exfoliant by Paula's Choice at the moment which I am
working on featuring in an upcoming post very soon. So this will have to wait it's turn.
I do like the sound of it though and it seems like the kind of product I like to use on my skin.
Contains Salicylic Acid, which always keeps my skin clear and it says it deminishes enlarged
pores and I am always trying to find ways to make my pores smaller. So looking forward to this!

Wen By Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner
Full Size RRP: $34.99 (350ml)
(SAMPLE) 60ml
I have never tried a Wen product but heard they are amazing in terms of quality and results.
The packaging reminds me a bit of a scary movie or book cover. However this is no big deal
so long as I like the product itself. Sweet Almond Mint sounds like an interesting combo which
I haven't seen around a lot. I am looking forward to trying out this generous size satchet!

Natralus Paw Paw Pure Gel
Full Size RRP: $10.65 (75g)
I had something recently bite me on my leg when I was hanging the washing out and it
left quite a decent size bruise! I have no idea what it was, but I was quite shocked at the bruise
it left! There have been heaps few bugs and insects around in the steamy weather lately so I am
sure I will be able to put this to some good use in no time!

What subscription boxes are you signed up with?
Let me know if you have a Bellabox unboxing post for this month!
I'd love to read it! :)

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Aussie Day long weekend!

Let's follow each other! 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015



The Elixir Lip Glosses!

Today I feel like talking about one of my favourite obsessions - lip colours!
These ones by Maybelline have been on the market for a while but they're still one of my
favs in terms of packaging, formula and shades.

If you'd like to see some makeup looks with me using some colour Elixir's
then be sure to watch the video below! :)
You can also find more info on all of the products mentioned in this video over on
M:Edition here!

These Elixir lip glosses come in 12 yummy shades.
I have these four below which I am going to now
share with you in more detail.

Blush Essence
Now if you're not into bold lipstick you might initially skip right by this shade as it appears much
darker and pigmented in the tube than it actually applies on the lips.
This is one of my all time favourite lipstick shades for everyday wear as it barely appears to show
that you're even wearing a lipstick. The shade is so natural. It just gives a bit of life to your nude
lips by adding a touch of pink colour to them. Blushing them as the name suggests is an accuarte
way of describing it. These Elixir glosses do have a mild odd scent to them. I don't mind it though.
It's definitely not floral or a yummy smell, it is very unique. I cannot think of anything I could
compare it to to try to explain it. I suggest just having a whiff of a tester before purchasing just to
be sure it doesn't put you off. Also, I wouldn't recommend licking your lips whilst wearing these.
They do have a slight flavour to them which isn't all that nice.
I mean, they're not food, they're designed to look amazing (which they do!) not taste amazing!
Just sayin'!

Petal Plush
This shade is similar to Blush Essence, however the tint is slightly lighter.
It reminds me of pale pink fairy floss. It is so light and pretty with a touch of shimmer and shine.
This is also an ideal shade for your casual everyday look as it looks so natural and pretty by
enhancing your lips natural shape and colour. I like to quickly pop a bit of this on my lips
on days when I've just chucked on a pair of demin shorts and a casual top and I'm heading out
to grab a few groceries or visit my sister. I feel like this would make a good first lip product
for anyone just starting out with makeup or are still quite young and don't want to over do it.

Signature Scarlet
This Elixir shade is probably out of these four that I own the only one which actually
appears as vibrant in terms of it's shade on your lips as it does from just looking at the tube.
It definitely has that 'Signature' classic vibe about it being as it is classicaly red.
What I love about this particular shade though, is you can just apply a touch of it to your cupid's
bow and then smudge it out a little for a just bittin tint. Or you can totally build it up for an
all over bombshell, seductive look.

Caramel Infused
This is a sneaky one as the name Caramel Infused has be thinking this shade must be some
kind of brown colour. However, even though it appears that dark, brownish, caramel tint
from the outside. Once applied it actually just lightly tints your lips into a shiny, medium
dark rosey pink! Actually, it is quite close to my natural lip colour. This shade doesn't contain
the tiny shimmer particals that both Blush Essense and Petal Plush have. The formula is very
smooth (Not that the others with the shimmer are gritty at all, they're not!) and the unique shaped
applicator makes it easy to apply as it glides from side to side along your lips.

Have you tried these Elixir's?
What is your favourite Maybelline product?

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*These products were kindly supplied to me as part of the MNYCREW
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015



 I have to say I am quite in love with my Curl Secret!
Never before have I seen or used a curling tool quite like this!
The design is so different and unique and it works so incredibly well at creating strong,
defined and lasting curls in three different sizes.
You can create soft, medium or loose curls depending on the setting you choose.
 It provides you with two heating setting levels to cater for fine or thick, course hair.
I personally prefer the heat setting on my styling tools in general to be the hotter the better!
I know this is not ideal for any hair type, however it just saves time and makes my hair easier to tame.
My hair type is long, (not as long as it was though as I got sick of it last night & gave myself a DIY chop!)
 thick and prone to be frizzy and just generally difficult to manage, however I found it really easy using this tool!
The Curl Secret comes with it's own small cleaning tool which helps to keep the inside of the hair roller dust
hair and product free. The small pads attached to it can be easily removed to be washed and re-used easily.
When it comes to the overall design of the Curl Secret, I think it has been quite cleverly done.
 It is unlike any other curling tool I have ever seen. The heating rod is completely tucked away so it is
 pretty much impossible to burn yourself!

It comes complete with a dust/travel draw string storage bag to keep your wand safely in. 
This comes in very handy when travelling or just to help keep it looking good as new when stored away safely.

You can honestly get away with using the Curl Secret without any extra hair products.
 (Apart from a good heat protectant!) Hair sprays and gels are not required.
 When using the Curl Secret I find my curls stay bouncy and barely loose their shape throughout the whole day! 
If you're a Curl Secret first timer, then I highly recommend reading the instructions provided before you begin!
 As this is not just your average hair curling wand, you might be thinking - "Wow! This looks complicated!"
 However, practice really does make perfect because once you know how to use this it really is so simple
and quick to get amazing lust worthy curls! :)

Current RRP: $169.95
(According to Priceline's website at the time of this post!)

Watch My Demo/Review Video!
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Monday, January 19, 2015


I was one of a lucky group of 20 to recently win one of these absolutely beautiful Physicians Formula

Thank you so much Karina!! :)

This product gives itself 4 ticks of approval for being;

Stain Free
Streak Free
Orange Free
Odor Free

Completely essential when using any bronzer!
It also isn't really dry or powdery, so you literally get no fall out at all.

In this picture below you can see how I have just lightly swatched the intricate detail of the
sun embossed powder. It is hard to deny how incredibly beautiful the tone and shade of
this is and you can only imagine how lovely this would look brushed onto your cheek bones,
d├ęcolletage, shoulders or even used as a summer shadow on your eyelids.

To touch briefly on the packaging. I don't feel like I really need to point out how elegant and
classy it is. Not to mention cleverly functional as it has an inbuilt compact mirror and applicator
brush inside to make life easier. This is especially ideal when travelling or on the run so no need to
worry about finding or packing mirrors and brushes. It's all here in one place!

This bronzing powder can be used for tanning, contouring and highlighting.
It has a subtle shimmer to it, however the results appear natural and sun kissed.
                                                                    Physicans Formula Bronze Booster                                        Light to Medium
                                                                                      RRP: $29.95                                                                          #7853

If you'd like to learn more about Physicians Formula you can visit their website here!
Have you tried this product or brand before?
Recommend me some of you fav Physicans Formula products below!
I would love to grow my collection!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Important Info! - Please Read!
Competition is open from 14/01/15 and closes 14/02/15
Enter via the Rafflecopter above!
You must be following this blog either via GFC or Bloglovin
Leave a comment below telling me your fav Scunci hair accessory or one you'd like to try
If you are under the age of 18 you must have parents or guardians permission to enter
 as I will require your address to post your prize!
Bonus entries for following me on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube!
(Let me know how you are following me in the comments!)
Repost the giveaway image on any of your social media sites to gain one extra entry
per share using the hashtags #CandyFairyScunciGiveaway & #Giveaway
(Let me know you have done this below and via which SM outlet. Eg. FB, Twitter, Insta, etc!)
Include your email in the comments so I can contact you in case you win!
Open to Australian residents only!

x1 Scunci x300 Brunette Polybands
x1 Scunci Expandable Headband in Brown Leopard
x1 Scunci Expandable Headband in Grey Leopard
x1 Two Pack Super Comfy Soft & Flexible Headbands (1x Plain Black & 1x Brown w/Black Spots)
x1 Topsytail Tool Kit
x1 Pin Twirls Kit
x1 Perfect Pony Kit
x1 Bun Maker Kit

Total Prize Value: $69.60!

Good Luck!

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Monday, January 12, 2015



Fuse gelnamel in 'Gone Fission'
This is one of the prettiest pink glitter polishes I've tried. Tie that in with the fact that it has a
gel finish and you have yourself a double whammy! I love that the glitter appears to be rainbow
coloured too so it looks extra sparkly!

Fing'rs Heart 2 Heart Glitter Nail Art
Anyone who is glitter obsessed and who likes to dabble in nail art will love these cute little
tubes! They make such a pretty statement nail which is what I love using these for in particular.
Stay tuned for some nail arty posts coming soon using these! 

Lush 'So White' Shower Gel
Ok, so this looks, smells and feels gorgeous! It has a subtle shimmer throughout it and contains
apple infusion, rose water, bergamot and neroil oils which combined make a luxurious mix!
I love to use this both in the shower or bath!

Sukin Facial Moisturiser
This is a moisturiser you can count on to use any time of the year, day and night!
It just always feels good, no matter what mood my skin is in! I also like to use this every now
and again on my knees which can sometimes get quite dry and it softens them up beautifully!

I am obsessed with facial and body oils at the moment and bonus points if it has a dropper!
Makes it all that more fancy and I love using the product in this manner. I like to use this both
morning and night before applying my Sukin Facial Moisturiser as it makes my tired skin appear
less puffy in the morning and relaxes it at night.

MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Red Lip Gloss Set
Luck was clearly on my side when I was fortunate enough to win this divine foursome
from the super generous and gorgeous Hailey from 'The Beauty In Life'. If you don't already follow and read her blog, you are seriously missing out!! She has a raw, honest and funny as heck way
 of writing which I can't get enough of! Her posts always make me smile, laugh and 
nod in agreement, as I can relate to her in many ways. #bloglove

Maybelline Color Whisper in 'Oh La Lilac'
After receiving this in my Girlfriend edition of 'The Parcel' I have been using this non stop!
It just gives a slight, almost Barbie like tint of colour to my lips which I love, without looking
too plastic. It's like a nude pink is that makes any kind of sense?! Gah, I just adore it!!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Barely Branded'
I picked this up not that long ago when Coles had Maybelline at half price because I was
sick of hearing how amazing this shade was everywhere I turned and wanted to see for myself!
Turns out everyone had good reason to go on and on about it because it is the bomb dot com
people! Well and truly! It is the perfect eyebrow and cheek highlighter and even works incredibly
well as an eyeshadow base and inner corner eye brightener. Go get it!!!

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in 'Blackest Black'
Also picked up this for half price and now I've been using it I would happily pay the full
price because it is awesome! Believe it or not, this is my first experience with a gel liner.
Yep, I was a gel liner virgin until recently having been so comfortable in my relationship with
good old trusty liquid, I needed to step out of my comfort zone and see what all the fuss was about.
So fun to work with and hasn't shown signs of drying out, so hopefully this will last until I use
it all up!

Yep, another Maybelline product! Whoops, I honestly really just love their products!
They just seem to never fail me. This one was recently sent to me to review from Beautyheaven
and despite hearing a lot of dislike around it, I can't see what the big problem with it is.
Works like a dream for me on my skin. Makes everything look smooth, matte and flawless.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in '#102 Light Nude'
Before trialling the Dream Wonder, I was using this baby a lot and it's pretty great!
It doesn't give flawless coverage, however it does a good job to use for an everyday foundation.
The colour match is perfect for my skin and it lasts from early in the morning till late at night
without the need to touch up. Has a dewy finish and a nice pump which makes it super easy to
use as I am constantly applying my makeup in the car whenever we go out somewhere as it is
my way of multi-tasking. So with the kids strapped in the back seat, I am free for a while
to put my 'face' on in peace! ;)

This is perfect for the everyday eye and so handy because all the shades I need are all in one place!
They are also great if you want to make your look more intense as they are easy to build the 
shades up to make them appear more bold and smokey! I have especially been enjoying a new
to me technique of applying the bottom shadow to line around my eyes. It makes your eyes
appear more defined, yet still totally appropriate for your simple, everyday look.

Do we have any of the same favs?
Let me know yours below! :)

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*Not sponsored
*Some of the products mentioned have been sent to me for review or by pr companies
*All photos & opinions are all my own